She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 724 - The Hunts Who Plot Against One Another

Chapter 724 - The Hunts Who Plot Against One Another

Chapter 724 The Hunts Who Plot Against One Another

Nora was standing upstairs and watching the intense discussion downstairs.

She clearly saw that Justin had trembled lightly when Mrs. Hunt walked out.

Nora sighed silently.

Justin might never have ever thought that his grandmother, who had raised him into an adult, would also be part of the group of people plotting against him.

How sad and lonely must that man surrounded by his so-called family members be right now?

Justin was a man who had always been scheming and inscrutable, so he didnt say anything

Iris, however, stared at the group of people. The woman, who now knew the truth, was suffering quite the mental breakdown at the momentnot for herself, but for her son!

Her entire body shook with anger, and she rushed up to Herman, stretched out her hand, and slapped him across the cheek.


She had put all of her strength into the slap, causing Hermans head to turn to the side.

Nora saw that Herman could have avoided the slap, but he didnt. Instead, he chose to take


Iris screamed, Herman Hunt, you are so despicable! Never mind that you plotted against me, but how can you plot against even your own son?!

Hermans head was turned to the side. The handprint on his cheek quickly swelled up visibly, which went to show just how furious Iris was.

He looked at Iris calmly. Iris, I dont mind if you blame me for this. Its all because I am too incapable. Twenty years ago, I didnt have the ability to keep you by my side; twenty years later, I still dont have the ability to keep you with me. When we got married, we had clearly vowed that we would never abandon each other for the rest of our lives, but unfortunately, you have offended someone you should not have.

When Herman said that, there was sorrow in his eyes as he gazed at Iris.

To be honest, hadnt he also loved Iris when he was young?

In fact, one could even say that he still did.

At that time, he and Ian had both courted Yvette. Later, after Yvette chose Ian, he had also been envious of the beautiful love between the two of them.

Afterward, he had met Iris.

When he saw how gentle Iris had been to the poor lad Philip, his heart had skipped a beat.

Thus, he had gotten the Hunts to approach the Evanses and propose marriage.

Everyone said that he had married Iris because he could not manage to take Yvette as his wife. The only person in New York who was comparable to Yvette at that time had been Iris.

But nobody knew that he had only courted Yvette back then just to fight with Ian. Towards Iris, however he had truly fallen in love with her.

He hadnt expected Iris to agree to the proposal, either.

Before they got married, Iris had told him honestly that their marriage was a political one, that she had no feelings for him.

However, Herman had still insisted on getting married. At that time, he was already in love with her. Hed even vowed that he would treat her well for the rest of his life.

He just never expected Philip the pauper to suddenly transform into the head of one of the mysterious families of the world.

Back then, when the Hunts were suppressed by him, just how tormented had he been? His father had spent his entire life turning the Hunts into a big and powerful family, but before the company and family were even handed over to him, he had already implicated them

Herman had indeed deliberately betrayed Iris, but at that time, he had also suffered great emotional torment.

Iris didnt understand the complicated look in Hermans eyes. She merely felt that the man in front of her was simply too shameless!

She stared at him. If that was the case, then you should have made things clear to me from the start! Even if I have to leave with Justin, I would never drag the Hunts in this!

How could Herman possibly bear to let them leave, though?

He clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes. You want to take Justin away? Justin is my, Herman Hunts, son! He is a descendant of the Hunts! Are you planning to take him with you as you turn to Philip?! I wont allow it!

Iris really couldnt understand him.

He was the one taking full advantage of her and her son, yet he was also the one saying that Justin was his son, so they mustnt leave.

She felt that Herman must be schizophrenic.

She smiled in resignation and asked, Herman, what do you mean by that?

Herman cast his eyes down and sighed. What I mean by that? Couldnt you have just behaved yourself, accepted your fate, and stayed in that suburban villa for the rest of your life? This way, I would never have returned to the family, and would never have fought with our son for the position of the head of the family! But look at you You had already stayed there for the first twenty years, why did you let everything go to waste in the end?!

Iris stared at him, finally understanding what he meant.

It was because of Hermans selfish intentions that they hadnt let her go back then!

Since he had given up Iris, then he totally could have just let go and push her into Philips arms. Given Philips means, he would have been able to trick Iris into staying with him eventually. But Herman hadnt! Instead, he had used Justin to keep her captive, preferring to imprison her for twenty years in a suburban villa as though she was a canary in captivity, over giving her true freedom!

She clenched her fists tightly. Herman, you are such a despicable lowlife!

Herman lowered his eyes and took a step forward. I dont care whether you call me despicable or shameless, but Iris, you and your son only have two choices now.

Iris stared at him. Go on.

Justin also looked at Herman.

Herman sighed and said, Justin, you are my son, why would I do anything to harm you? If your mother goes to Philip and asks him to stop, then I will take it that this will doesnt exist. My business overseas is enough for me to support myself.

Iris took a step back.

Even now, Herman still wanted to sacrifice her.

While she was contemplating in a daze, she heard Justins firm and sonorous voice.

Thats impossible. Tell me the second option.

You! Herman was practically speechless towards Justin. He pointed at him, his finger in the air for a while.

The elderly Mrs. Hunt took a step forward and held Justins arm. Justin, my good grandson, just agree to it! Iris had already moved to the suburbs when you were five, and she has never taken care of you ever since. Besides, who knows if her heart had already been with Philip long ago? They are each others first love, so cant you just take it that youre giving your mother your blessings? Once she is gone, the will would be considered non-existent. All these years, it was only under your leadership that the Hunts could come this far, everyone can see that. If your father ever dares to fight with you for the position of the head of the family after your mother leaves, I will be the first to raise my voice!

Justin looked at Mrs. Hunt as she spoke.

It was not that she did not love him.

It was just that before loving him, the Hunts interests mattered more than anything else!

Justin then looked at Herman.

All these years, he had hardly ever called him, nor had he ever paid any attention to him. He had just been taking advantage of him all along

From beginning to end, Iris had been the only one who did things for his sake.

Justin looked at Herman coldly. Tell me the second option.

Seeing him like this, Herman said angrily, You are really so unrepentant! If you dont agree to it, then even if its for the sake of the Hunts, Ill have to come home and inherit the shares that your grandfather has left me! Justin, by then, I wont be able to guarantee that Ill be able to protect you and your mother! Also, the consequences of you going head-to-head with Philip will only be you overestimating your abilities.

However, it was as if Justin hadnt heard him.

He merely let out a contemptuous scoff.

Herman sighed. Justin, I did care about you all these years-after all, you are my son. As long as you are willing to take a step back and send your mother to Philip, and if your mother thinks of a way, Philip wont drive the Hunts into a corner anymore. Dont worry, Dad definitely wont fight with you. I havent been by your side all these years, sigh!

There was finally a bit of real emotion in those words of his.

Herman was not a good person, but he was not a total villain who completely disregarded kinship either.

Justin, however, looked at him and said, Im glad you werent with me when I grew up.

Herman was taken aback.

Justin said sarcastically, After all, they all say that like father, like son. If you had been by my side, I might have also become a despicable lowlife scum like you who betrayed women in for survival.

His sarcasm made Hermans face flush!

He pointed at Justin angrily. You! What right do you have to insult me like that?! Justin, since you refuse to listen, then dont blame your father for fighting with you! You must give me all the assets that your grandfather has left me! You also have to give me the position of the head of the family!

Herman narrowed his eyes. You are still too young and headstrong, so you are competitive over everything. In that case, I will take over as head of the family for a few years for you! You can inherit it again after I die! Its only right for a son to inherit his fathers legacy. Dont worry, I wont leave you with nothing.

As soon as he said that, Justin said coldly, Oh? I can give you all of Grandpas assets, but do you think that you can become the head of the family just because you have those shares?

Herman was taken aback. What do you mean?