She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 72 - Exempted From The Interview!

Chapter 72 - Exempted From The Interview!

Chapter 72 - Exempted From The Interview!

Logan raised his eyebrows. "Tsk, you make it sound like you've seen him before."

Cherry grinned and said, "Yanci is—"


A warning reached Cherry and the words 'my Mommy' did a U-turn in her mouth and went back down her throat. In the end, she said weakly, "I'm not allowed to tell anyone."

Logan was rendered speechless.

His lip corners spasmed and he couldn't help but think the kid must be bragging.

Never mind, life was already hard for them. He wouldn't expose her little lies.

Since they didn't want to embarrass themselves, he would stop talking about it.

The kindergarten was very close to the Andersons' residence, so it took only ten minutes by car for them to reach.

It certainly lived up to its name of being the top kindergarten in New York. The International Golden Sunshine Kindergarten was like a palace, and the exterior looked magnificent and high-end.

There were parents there who had come early and were waiting to pick up their children. The cars they drove were either worth millions or were ordinary cars with flashy license plates.

When their jeep stopped at the kindergarten, sure enough, the security guard frowned and asked, "What's the purpose of your visit?"

Logan took a deep breath and replied, "We're here for an interview."

The security guard wore an expensive-looking uniform. He said gruffly, "You can't drive the car in, so enter on foot instead."

Logan parked the car at the roadside. As soon as they got off the car, they saw the security guard eagerly letting a Rolls-Royce Phantom in.


Logan's expression darkened. The slim young man was half a head taller than Nora. He lowered his head slightly and said a little unhappily, "Did you see that? Sometimes, a car is a status symbol itself."

However, the young woman instead took Cherry's hand and walked ahead as if she was taking a stroll, seemingly unaffected.

Nora scrutinized the kindergarten.

Although the security guard was judging people by the cars they drove, after one entered the premises, one would realize that the kindergarten had been designed very fastidiously with every detail highly exquisite. In terms of their facilities, they passed with flying colors.

Next to her, a displeased Logan complained, "A place where even the security guards are so judgmental isn't suitable for children at all, much less for your daughter! You don't have to prove yourself this way! There are many outstanding people in our circle who didn't attend this kindergarten!"

Nora knew that Logan was right.

In a place like this where the students were wealthy or of noble background, the children competed more with their family backgrounds instead, so they must already have been classified into different social classes in the school.

While a place like this didn't suit ordinary children, it suited Cherry very well.

Cherry had a high IQ and was someone who couldn't sit still. She was fickle and lost interest in things very quickly. On top of that, she was quick-witted and always found various excuses not to study when she was at home.

It was likely that only stimulation provided by an environment like this would be able to make her focus.

After all, she couldn't really let Cherry play games for her entire lifetime, right?

When Logan saw that the young woman didn't seem to have any intention of changing her mind despite him wording it so clearly, the usually reticent man simply decided not to say any more.

However, he let out a snort inwardly.

Did she really think she could enroll her daughter into the school just because she got an interview spot?

The two went all the way from the security guard post to the kindergarten's main building. The more Nora saw, the more satisfied she became. Before they entered the interview room, she squatted down, looked at Cherry, and said, "Cherry, if you can stay here for the full duration of three months without revealing your identity or using your family's power, Mommy will agree to a request of yours. Can you do it?"

A request…

Cherry's eyes lit up. She nodded and said, "Yes, Okie-Dokie!"

This way, she would be able to have Mommy agree to live with Daddy!

After they came to New York, things were different from when they were staying in a hotel in California. It wasn't convenient for her to switch places with her brother anymore!

Next to them, Logan scoffed softly.

'Without revealing your identity'…? Indeed, they mustn't reveal the fact that she is the child of a woman not from around these parts, lest the other children look down on her.

'Without using your family's power'…? The Andersons couldn't even get an interview spot. What was there for them to make use of?

How exactly did that woman bring herself to say such grandiose things?

Those who didn't know any better would have thought that Cherry was a Hunt or a Smith!

Light flickered in his cat-like eyes that resembled Nora's and he gave them a reminder. "It's time for the interview."

The three of them entered the principal's office together.

Logan frowned and subconsciously straightened his back when he thought of the intense barrage of questions he had experienced when his mother had brought him and Sheril for an interview back then.

However, what happened next was…

"This is Cheryl Smith's school uniform. You can bring her here for classes tomorrow. Do remember not to be late."

After the polite exchange, the principal personally sent them out and said, "Miss Smith, I'll see you off."

"No, it's fine."

After Nora's calm reply, she left the office with Cherry and Logan, who was feeling a little giddy.

After the three of them left, someone asked, "Sir, who's that? To think they're exempted from even the interview!"

The principal shook his head and replied, "The bigwigs specially called to leave instructions, and also said that they're their friends. I didn't dare ask about the specifics."

Logan frowned the whole way home.

Even after he got home, he still felt like he was dreaming.

Nora held Cherry's hand and entered the living room. As soon as she did, she heard two people inside talking. One of them had a very high-pitched voice and she sounded a little arrogant. She said, "Why didn't you wait for me, Melissa? I was only an hour and a half late, that's all. Don't you even have that bit of patience when you're asking for help to enroll in a good school?"

Melissa forced a smile and replied, "Sorry about that, Miranda. Nora said that she's already gotten an interview spot through someone else's help."

Nora, Logan, and Cherry entered the living room while the two of them were talking.

Melissa's sister-in-law was a woman of about fifty years old. Her name was Miranda Wood, and she was Melissa's elder brother's wife. A glance at her dressing and demeanor was enough for one to know that she was a wealthy housewife. Her chin was currently raised slightly as she scanned the people who just entered.

Nora was expressionless, so it was hard to tell whether she was happy or sad.

However, Logan, who had followed her in, didn't look so good. This made Melissa sigh inwardly. She stood up, walked over, and said, "It's okay. We can still look at other kindergartens."

Miranda came over. She sounded gloating as she said, "That kindergarten's interview questions actually differ depending on who the interviewee is! For families like mine, the interview is just a procedure. Most of the students are excellent children selected from average families…"

After saying that, she smiled and went on. "Oops, when I say 'average families', I don't really mean actual average families but mid-tier wealthy families. Those who have fallen into decline aren't counted because they won't even get any interview spots…"

She was obviously insinuating things about the Andersons.

Melissa's grip on her handkerchief tightened slightly, and even the smile on her face became somewhat forced.

Miranda smirked and looked at Nora. With a huge sense of superiority, she said, "It's normal that you failed the interview. After all, it's not just anyone who can get in even if they have a letter of recommendation."

As soon as she said that, Cherry looked up and said adorably, "Huh? Are there people who need to go through interviews?"

Miranda was taken aback. "What do you mean?"