She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 71 - The Hidden Big Boss Of The Andersons

Chapter 71 - The Hidden Big Boss Of The Andersons

Chapter 71 - The Hidden Big Boss Of The Andersons

Nora's cat-like eyes flickered when she heard her. Then, she raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why do you say that?"

By then, Lisa had already continued to speak angrily. Even so, her voice still sounded tender as she said, "Uncle Henry heard that I'm going to New York for my internship, so he came to our house today and told my mother and me to approach you for money! He even said that he won't make life easy for you if you refuse! Is there anyone who would treat their daughter like that?"

Nora chuckled softly and asked, "Are you coming to New York?"

Lisa sounded disappointed as she said, "Yeah… Both Angela and I are going to New York. I'm… going for an internship while she's applying for a postgraduate position at the New York Medical College. The reason why I'm calling is to tell you this."

She was probably worried that Angela would give her trouble after she came to New York.

Nora didn't take it seriously, though. Instead, she asked, "Do you need me to arrange accommodation for you?"

"No, it's alright. I've already made a hotel room reservation."

Nora didn't insist. "Okay."

It was almost time for the interview, so she didn't say anything else after telling her to look for her if she met with any trouble. After hanging up, her expression turned chilly. Her eyes were downcast and her emotions unreadable.

Henry had probably treated her badly because of her stepmother marrying into the family, as well as the fact that she had gradually gained weight, so it was embarrassing to bring her around, right?

However, Lisa's "I suspect you aren't Uncle Henry's daughter" couldn't help but keep echoing in her mind.

It seemed like she should find an opportunity to do a DNA test soon.

Logan walked up to her. He was wearing a set of black sportswear and white limited edition sneakers, and his short hair was tousled. He glared at her with his cat-like eyes that were so similar to hers and asked impatiently, "Are you coming or not?"

Nora took Cherry's hand and followed behind him leisurely. She dragged her feet lazily when she walked, giving off the feeling that she was a very sloppy person.

When the two reached the garage, she found a flashy yellow sports car parked there—it was actually a Ferrari!

Nora raised her eyebrows and subconsciously let out a whistle.

During the past few days at the Andersons, she had already figured out their financial situation.

The Andersons had already fallen into decline during the last two decades. Harmonia Pharmacy's monthly sales volume fluctuated around 1.5 million dollars. To large enterprises that dealt with funds amounting to as much as dozens or hundreds of millions of dollars, it indeed was lacking.

The market value of most of the cars that the Andersons owned also ranged from $300,000 to $500,000.

However, Logan's sports car was a limited edition. The value of the car was enough for one to buy a villa.

Neither Simon nor Melissa were people who overindulged their children, so they certainly couldn't be the ones who had bought the Ferrari. Besides, neither could the Andersons afford it, either…

Therefore, this unassuming cousin of hers must be the true hidden big boss of the Andersons, right?

"It's so cool!"

Cherry circled the sports car. She touched the headlights with her little hand, turned to look at Nora, and said, "Mommy, I also wanna buy a sports car when I grow up! I want a pink one!"

Nora smiled and casually replied, "Sure."

When Logan saw how both mother and daughter had the guts to say what they did, he couldn't help but scoff.

He slid into the driver's seat suavely and said, "Come on in."

Nora felt a little speechless. "… Are you taking us there in this car?"

Logan frowned impatiently and said, "Just get in if I tell you to. What's all that superfluous nonsense for?"

If he didn't drive them there in this car, how was she going to suppress those people in the kindergarten?

The car was exactly why Melissa had summoned him back home.

It was his precious treasure.

Even Sheril wasn't allowed to sit in it usually.

He turned to see that both Nora and Cherry had taken a step back. They said in unison:

"No way!"

"No way, yeah!"

Logan raised his chin slightly. The two of them had a pretty good eye for things, huh.

Indeed, not just anyone was qualified enough to sit in this car's passenger seat. It was understandable why they would be nervous or scared.

However, since his mother had made the request, he wasn't such a petty person, either. He was about to say something when Nora said, "This car is too ugly!"

A soft and tender Cherry agreed. "Mommy's right! Cherry hates poop-yellow, yeah!"

Logan was bewildered.

What the heck was 'poop-yellow'?!

He was about to speak when Nora took Cherry's hand and got into the back seat of a Mercedes Benz. Cherry opened the car window and waved her chubby little arm as she called out, "Handsome Uncle Logan, come and drive this instead!"

Logan, "!!"

Those two practically couldn't recognize something good when it was placed right in front of them!

His heart had initially been aching at the thought of someone sitting in Little Yellow, but now that they weren't getting into the car anymore, it just so happened to be exactly what he wanted.

In any case, no matter what car they went there in, they would still fail the kindergarten entrance interview anyway.

Back then, Melissa had been well-known in New York as a lady of talent. Even so, she had failed the interview due to her family background.

Logan got out of the sports car and walked over to the Mercedes. As he opened the car door to the driver's seat, he said, "You made the decision yourself. You'd best not complain that I didn't try making you guys look good!"

Nora found this cousin of hers rather stuck-up in a cute way. She rubbed her chin and stared at Logan.

Going by how old he and Sheril were, they likely just graduated from college. Sheril didn't come home often because she was always at the pharmaceutical laboratory. What was Logan doing, then?

Logan felt a little uncomfortable. He hopped into the car, closed the door, and said, "What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome guy before?"

Nora looked up a little at the Ferrari. Suddenly, she asked, "Are you into racing?"

At the mention of racing, Logan's eyes lit up.

He started the car and drove out. "Yeah."

Cherry's eyes widened and she said, "Uncle Logan, Mommy and I like racing, too! Can you take Cherry and Mommy with you when you're participating in a race next time?"

Logan subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Sheril had also begged him to take her to one before, but he had refused. These two, though… He glanced at Nora through the rearview mirror and saw that she was leaning against the seat, seemingly asleep.

Then, he thought of how hungry she had looked when she was eating…

The attitude his mom held toward them was also as if she was afraid that the two of them would be looked down upon, thereby hurting their self-esteem.

It wasn't like he couldn't take them there and let them have a look anyway.

The words at the tip of Logan's tongue ended up becoming "Okay."

Then, he heard Cherry exclaim, "Wow! All those men who drive racing cars are very handsome! They also wear super nice clothes!"

Logan was rendered speechless.

Why did it feel like they weren't going there to broaden their horizons but to check out hunks?

Cherry asked excitedly, "Uncle Logan, what's your placing in the race?"

The corners of Logan's lips curled slightly as he replied, "First place."

He spoke neither arrogantly nor impetuously but with strong self-confidence instead.

Cherry clapped and said, "You're amazing, Uncle Logan!"

This was a subject that interested Logan after all. Thus, he ended up talking a little more than usual. He said, "My achievements are nothing. The international racer Yanci is the one who's truly impressive. He's my idol!"

Cherry glanced at Mommy when she heard what he said. Then, she whispered, "Uncle Logan, I'll tell you a secret. Do you know who Yanci is?"