She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 73 - Hello, Miss Smith

Chapter 73 - Hello, Miss Smith

Chapter 73 - Hello, Miss Smith

Logan hadn't said a word since they left the kindergarten.

He simply couldn't figure out why they hadn't gone through an interview.

When Miranda was speaking just now, the look in his eyes had turned cold. His cat-like eyes were slightly downcast, his long eyelashes hiding the chilly look in them.

He was about to say something when Cherry's childish tender voice rang out. At once, the corners of Logan's lips curled upward.

When he saw Miranda's smug smile freeze, he felt even happier.

At her question, Logan raised his good-looking and delicate eyebrows and replied, "We didn't go through an interview."

"You didn't?" Miranda quickly reacted and said, "It must be because the recommendation letter you got from someone else didn't work, right? Well, that makes sense. After all, where is your cousin going to get a recommendation letter from when even the Andersons can't get an interview spot?"

She turned around, took out a piece of paper from her bag, and handed it to Melissa with one hand. "Here you go, this is the Woods' recommendation letter. Just go to the interview again tomorrow and it'll be fine."

Melissa reached out to take the letter with a look of gratitude. She said, "Miranda, thank yo—"

Before she could touch the recommendation letter, Miranda's grip loosened and the piece of paper dropped onto the floor.

Miranda immediately covered her mouth and exclaimed, "Oh dear, would you look at that, Melissa! Why did my hand let go in advance? I'll have to trouble you to pick it up."

After speaking, she sat on the sofa, crossed her legs, straightened her back, and looked at Melissa with a huge sense of superiority.

The Woods were a big family. Over the years, thanks to them clinging on to the Smiths, they were starting to do better and better.

Back then, Miranda and Melissa were both members of the wealthy circle. Melissa and Yvette were well-known while Miranda was just an ordinary person looking up to them.

The men she liked back then had all revolved around those two women…

But later on, Yvette eloped and ruined her own reputation.

As for Melissa, she was blind enough to fall in love with a man as incompetent as Simon and had disregarded her family's objections and married him.

On the other hand, Miranda had married Melissa's elder brother and became the mistress of the Woods.

Miranda was very smug about it. What she loved doing most was watching the person who had once been high up in the air, and whom she had needed to look up to, begging her for help.

Melissa stood there, her hand still stretched out.

She clenched her fingers. She knew very well that Miranda had done it on purpose. Her pride also refused to let her bend over. But when she glanced at Nora…

The young woman was cool and distant. Beautiful and gracious, she bore an 80% resemblance to Yvette.

Her eyes, in particular, were exactly the same as Logan's.

However, that young woman had never had a mother. Her father disliked her, her stepmother abused her, and she had even become pregnant before marriage. How could her heart possibly not ache for a young woman like that?

Melissa retracted her gaze and sighed. She was about to squat and pick up the letter when a fair and slender hand held her wrist.

The young woman's voice was cool as she said, "We don't have any use for that recommendation letter."

The seated Miranda was surprised. "Why is that?"

Logan bent over, picked up the recommendation letter on the floor, and flung it right at Miranda's face. With an awful look on his face, he said stiffly, "Aunt Miranda, you can have the recommendation letter back! That woman… I mean Nora's daughter has been accepted without an interview."

Miranda was originally very angry when Logan flung the recommendation letter onto her face, but upon hearing what he said, she exclaimed sharply, "She was exempted from the interview? How can that be?! In all of New York, apart from the Hunts and the Smiths, the number of families eligible for exemption can be counted on one hand! Who did you ask for a recommendation letter?"

Logan also looked at her curiously.

Nora's indifferent gaze swept across Miranda. Then… She let out a big yawn.

Miranda, "…"

After a moment's hesitation, Melissa asked, "Did you ask Justin to give them a heads-up for you?"

Out of all the families that Nora was acquainted with, the only one who she could think of with that sort of capability was Justin Hunt.

Nora clicked her tongue inwardly at her question.

Of course not.

Getting someone to do things for oneself was the same as using up favors.

She wasn't going to let him return the favor of saving his grandmother and giving him the Carefree Pills so quickly. She was waiting for him to owe her enough favors so that she could ask for her son back in the future!

She had merely talked to the kindergarten's shareholders, that's all.

However, since her aunt had provided an explanation, she couldn't be bothered to say any more.

She gave Melissa a small smile as a response to her guess. Then, she took Cherry's hand lazily and went upstairs.

Starting the next day, Cherry would have to report to school at eight in the morning.

She had to get up at 7:40 am to see her off, so she had to have an early night tonight.

Seeing that the two of them had gone upstairs, Miranda frowned, looked at Melissa, and asked in a low voice, "Who exactly is your niece? How did she get to know Mr. Hunt?"

The few big families in New York were acquainted with one another ever since a few generations ago, so they all knew one another.

Even so, no one had the guts to trouble Justin with trivial matters.

Seeing how Miranda was always looking down upon others, Melissa decided to give her a vague answer and replied, "They met in California."

This way, Miranda, who was sycophantic toward those in power and bullied those who weren't, wouldn't dare to be rude to Nora anymore if they met again in the future.

Seeing that Melissa was disinclined to say more, as well as when she thought of that young lady who was so beautiful that her face was an eyesore to her; Miranda didn't say much anymore.

After Miranda left, a worried Melissa discussed the matter with Logan. "Actually, Nora has given Justin 5,000 Carefree Pills, but he was also already intending to help us out back then… Never mind, maybe I'll call him and thank him again."

Melissa and Simon were Justin's elders, so he had treated them very politely in California. Due to his good upbringing, he was a very polite man.

However, Melissa also understood that this was primarily based on the friendship between those of the previous generation. To be honest, given his status, it would actually make more sense if he ignored them instead.


Nora washed her hands and changed into her pajamas. She had only just laid down on the soft mattress when she received a call from Justin.

She picked up the call. "Hello, Mr. Hunt."

His voice rang in her ear. "Hello, Miss Smith."

Nora had heard many people addressing her as 'Miss Smith' before, but when his low, subwoofer-like voice uttered the two words, coupled with his clear pronunciation, there was actually a different kind of charm to it.

It made Nora feel like hearing him say a few more words.

She chuckled and asked, "Is something up?"

The man continued to speak seriously. "Oh, Aunt Melissa called just now to say that she wanted to invite me to lunch as thanks for giving you the recommendation letter for Golden Sunshine Kindergarten."


Nora felt a faint headache coming on.

This was so awkward that she wanted to die!

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling in resignation. Just as she was thinking about how she could gloss the incident over, the man's low voice rang out in the cell phone again. "May I know when Miss Smith is planning to invite me to lunch?"

Nora was rendered speechless.

She turned over on the bed and said, "Well, there's no time like the present. How about noon tomorrow?"

"Okay." After Justin finished speaking, he added, "Bring your daughter along."

"Sure.." Nora's lips curled up mischievously and she said, "You bring your son, too."