She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 70 - I Already Have A Spot

Chapter 70 - I Already Have A Spot

Chapter 70 - I Already Have A Spot

Chester grew up with Justin, so his elder brother had always inspired awe and respect in him as though he was his father.

Therefore, he actually felt very guilty about hiding the truth from Justin.

If Justin didn't ask, he wouldn't say anything. But now that he had, he mustn't lie!

As such, he stammered, "I-it's your daughter…"

His daughter? Well, the little streamer had called him Daddy for two hours, but he was indeed her true blue Sponsor Daddy.

At this time, a calm voice reached them. "What live stream are you talking about?"

Pete sat with his back straight. Although his voice still had a childish quality to it, it nevertheless gave off a calm and steady feeling.

Chester replied, "My team leader in the game hosted a live stream today…"

Justin snorted coldly. "You're actually acknowledging a five or six-year-old girl as your leader? How promising of you."

Pete, "…"

Uncle Chester's team leader in the game was Cherry.

He stilled his expression and started spouting nonsense with a straight face. "Uncle Chester, you must have been tricked. A lot of people use voice changers these days."

Chester, "?"

However, Justin said, "It didn't sound like she was using a voice changer."

He didn't dwell on these, though. Instead, after casting a glance at Chester, he asked dispassionately, "Are you intending to play games for the rest of your life?"

Chester shook his head. "Actually, I want to be a professional e-sports player and start my own team, but I don't have that much money. I—"

"Is eight million enough?" Justin's voice was cool and crisp as he casually cut a piece of his steak.

Chester was stunned.

As he looked at Justin, his eyes suddenly reddened. It was just like back when he was still a child. When he said that he didn't want to study, no one in the family had supported him. Everyone had called him a good-for-nothing. Justin was the only one who had asked, "Then what do you want to do?"

Justin had always respected his dreams.

Chester lowered his head. His voice sounded a little choked as he replied, "Yes."

"Well, I think that little girl has a bright future ahead of her," Justin said, "You can recruit her into your team."

Chester, "?"

All his emotions from just now evaporated in an instant.

If Justin knew that was his daughter, he probably wouldn't think so anymore!

He stammered, "Justin, you s-seem to like my team leader quite a bit?"

"She's fine, I suppose."

Justin speared another piece of steak and said, "This tastes pretty good."


At the Smiths.

Before one knew it, it was already noon. Joel entered the room and saw Ian staring at the screen of the live stream that had already ended.

After a moment's hesitation, he asked, "Is there anything you would like for lunch today, Uncle Ian?"

He had initially thought that he wouldn't have any appetite as usual and would just patronize him a little, but unexpectedly, Ian actually answered, "Steak, I suppose."

Joel was taken aback.

His uncle hadn't had meat for several years. Because he had lost all will to live, he had lost interest in everything, including eating.

What had happened?

Joel couldn't figure it out, so he simply decided not to think about it anymore. It was fine as long as Uncle Ian was willing to eat!



Cherry put a piece of steak into her mouth, which was stuffed so full that her cheeks were bulging. Her lips were all greasy and her big black eyes were filled with a rich sense of contentment. Her speech was unclear as she said, "This ish delicious!"

Her adorable appearance gave Melissa, who had cooked the meal, a sense of satisfaction. She patted her on the head and said, "If Cherry likes it, Grand-aunt Melissa will make some for you again!"


Cherry nodded repeatedly as she dished out compliments generously. "Not only is Grand-aunt Melissa pretty, but she's also kind and a great cook! Aunt Sheril is so blessed to have a mommy like you!"

As soon as she said that, she spied Nora coming downstairs. Cherry blinked and added, "But my Mommy's also super awesome!"

Nora raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Which part of me do you think is awesome?"

Cherry thought hard for a while. Then, she tilted her head and answered, "You're awesome at sleeping!"


Nora decided not to hold it against the little fellow. After stretching and yawning, she walked over, took a seat, and finished her meal in just a few bites.

There was a rare guest at the table today—Logan Anderson.

He ate slowly and gracefully. When he saw Nora wolfing down her food, he inadvertently curled his lip.

The way his cousin ate as if she had never eaten anything in her life before…

He lowered his beautiful almond-shaped eyes. However, there wasn't any disdain in his eyes but just a thoughtful look.

After lunch, Nora went upstairs and packed Cherry's school bag for her. By the time she went back down, Cherry was also almost done with her lunch.

At the sight of the schoolbag in her hands, a dazed Melissa asked, "Where are you going, Nora?"

Nora replied, "For an interview."

"At the International Golden Sunshine Kindergarten?"


Melissa said apologetically, "But we don't have any interview spots. Give me some time; I've already asked my family about it, though they haven't given me any answer yet…"

As soon as she said that, the piercing sound of the chair dragging against the floor rang out.

Logan stood up abruptly. "Mom, did you go back to the Woods and let them bully you again?"

As though she was afraid that Nora would realize something, Melissa frowned at Logan and said, "Logan, shut up!"

Logan snorted. "Mom, have you forgotten what you told Sheril and me in the past? Does attending that kindergarten even bring any meaning?"

Melissa had never been one to care about superficial formalities like that.

When Sheril and Logan didn't get places for the interview to enroll in the kindergarten, she had told the two children, "Enrolling into the kindergarten doesn't make one noble. What gives you a noble character is when you value and respect yourselves."

Melissa, however, frowned.

She grabbed Logan, lowered her voice, and said, "Nora is different from the two of you! She grew up elsewhere. If Cherry can't even attend that kindergarten, I'm worried that Nora won't be able to hold her head up high in the circle in the future!"

Logan understood all of this.

But the moment he thought of his elegant and graceful mother returning to the Woods to be mistreated by others…

He said in an unruly manner, "Do you really think she can enroll Cherry into the kindergarten even if she has a recommendation letter? There's no way she'll pass the interview!"

Melissa patted him on the shoulder and said, "That's why I got you back here. I want you to take them there and accompany Nora for the interview."

Logan was stunned.

He clenched his jaw. His features, which were similar to Nora's, carried an air of unruliness and defiance. He said, "But the Woods haven't sent the recommendation letter yet!"

Melissa sighed. She knew that her sister-in-law must be making things difficult for her again. She said, "I'll call them and urge them."

Rather than saying she was 'urging' them… It was actually probably more like she was begging them instead.

Logan's expression turned even colder. It was at this moment that the two of them heard a cool and indifferent voice: "You don't have to beg them for one. I already have an interview spot."

Taken aback, Melissa looked at Nora and asked, "How did you get the spot, Nora?"

Nora was about to give her a simple explanation when her cell phone rang.

When she picked up, she heard the voice of Lisa, her cousin in California, reaching her through the phone. She said, "Nora, I suspect you aren't Uncle Henry's daughter at all!"