She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 707 - The Face-Slapping Came So Quickly!

Chapter 707 - The Face-Slapping Came So Quickly!

Chapter 707 The Face-Slapping Came So Quickly!

At the Hunts.

Lauren entered the room with a smile on her face. Shed originally wanted to get along properly with Cherry-after all, she really did want to make Cherry happy.

Once she pleased Cherry, that would mean that she had also pleased Justin.

But she hadnt expected Cherry to always look so impatient whenever she saw her.

She didnt know that Cherry was live-streaming, so she smiled and said, Grandma misses little Cherry, so I came over to visit you

After speaking, as if she was on very good terms with Cherry, she walked over to the sofa next to her and picked up the princess dress she had given Cherry earlier that day. She asked, Dont you like the princess dress that Grandma bought you? Why didnt you put it on?

Cherry blinked with her big eyes and answered bluntly, Because I dont like it, of course!

Lauren looked at her hesitantly. Then what kind do you like? Pink ones? Purple ones?


Cherry tilted her head to the side, which made her look very naughty. Her grin made her look even more like a little devil. She replied, Its you I dont like.

Lauren was taken aback.

Cherry said, So, as long as it is from you, I wont like it. Dont waste your time trying to please me. Please go out! I dont have a grandmother like you!

The little fellows voice was crisp and clear, and she spoke loudly and sonorously.

Lauren flushed, but she didnt dare to bully Cherry, especially in this room. Thus, she said, Cherry, it is not right of you to speak to your grandma like this. Its very impolite behavior

Cherry suddenly stood up and walked straight towards Lauren.

The camera in her live-stream was facing the side right from the start, so it had captured part of the scene.

As a result, everyone saw Cherry pick up the princess dress and then push Lauren out the door. The little fellow was very strong. After she pushed Lauren out of the room, she stood there and said, Go away you you wh*re!

Cherry had never ever called anyone names.

Even when she was dissing people in her live-streams, she had never called anyone names. Therefore, when she tried to think of a word for Lauren, she had to think for a very long time before she finally remembered one of the insults that Xander frequently used.

After calling Lauren a wh*re, Cherry slammed the door shut.

Cherry continued her live-stream after she returned.

But at this point, she noticed that a lot of reproachful remarks had suddenly appeared in the comments:

Isnt the live-streamers behavior too crass? What did that gentle old lady do to you? To think youre actually calling her names?

Ive already found her an eyesore a long time ago. Shes only five, yet shes so skilled at dissing people in games. To think you guys claim that she has never called anyone names. Ha, didnt she do just that just now?

Some of her fans were also trying to correct her:

sweetcherry, thats your grandma. You mustnt call your family such awful names.

Yeah. Its very rude of you to just toss the dress that your grandma bought for you

A group of Internet keyboard warriors, who didnt even know anything about her family situation, started to leave comments in her live-stream.

A bad-ass Cherry replied, You are not me, so what would you know? She is a bad person! My mom told me to stay away from her!

The comments instantly became even fiercer.

However, Iris was no longer in the live-stream at this point.

She had closed the live-stream when Lauren knocked on the door. She didnt want to watch their heartwarming moments, which would only sadden her. She stared ahead of her blankly.

About half an hour later, Lauren sent her another text message: Sorry about that, Iris, I was playing with Cherry the whole time just now. I realized that the little girl is really very well-behaved. We had a lot of fun together. She also said that she likes me very much.

Little by little, Iris heart sank as she read the message.

Yeah, how would Cherry possibly not be lovable?

She had always been a good girl who was polite and sweet-talking. Every time she saw her, the things she said made her heart melt.

It seemed that no matter what, she just couldnt harden her heart towards the little fellow.

Everyone would probably like her, no matter who it was.

Iris didnt want to think about it anymore, so she straight-up blocked Laurens phone number. Then, she stood up and went to dinner.

Mrs. Landis had made mushroom risotto that evening.

The two of them had a plate each. However, the usually fresh and delicious mushroom risotto didnt taste right to her that evening. She said, Mrs. Landis, the mushroom risotto doesnt taste very nice today.

Mrs. Landis took a bite. It tastes pretty good, Maam. You only think it tastes bad because you are in a bad mood. Every time you are in a bad mood, you dont feel like eating.


Iris slowly put down her spoon. She sighed silently. Then, she got up and started walking upstairs. Im not eating anymore. Ill go to bed instead.

Mrs. Landis heaved a quiet sigh as she stared at her from the back.

Iris had originally thought that she would be fine after she went upstairs and had a good nights sleep. But after she lay down, she simply couldnt get to sleep.

The text messages that Lauren had sent to her kept appearing before her eyes, making her feel like there was something stuck in her chest, unable to get out.

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang.

When Iris answered, Laurens voice came from the other side again. Iris, why did you block me? Is it because you dont want me to send you those messages? Well, that makes sense. Im sure you dont want Cherry and I to be so close to each other, but the child wants a grandmother too!

Her words made Iris so mad that she was shaking all over. Right at this moment, she suddenly heard a rush of footsteps. Then, Mrs. Landis opened the door and entered her room. She said, Maam, Cherry is trending!