She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 708 - A Real Piece of Work

Chapter 708 - A Real Piece of Work

Chapter 708 A Real Piece of Work


What was trending?

Iris pretty much subconsciously picked up her cell phone. Right away, she saw that sweetcherry was trending on social media because she had called her grandma names out of anger in her live-stream.

To be honest, it wasnt really trending that high in the rankings.

It barely entered the top fifty in the rankings and had only just made the list. Mrs. Landis had only found out because her attention was on Cherry.

Iris hurriedly opened the article linked in the post, where she saw a video clip from the live-stream footage. In the clip, Cherry had driven her grandma out of her room and called her a wh*re.

Iris stared at the video clip in shock.

Although she knew that it was certainly not right of Cherry to call people names, for some inexplicable reason, she felt really good.

While she was looking at Mrs. Landis cell phone, Lauren was still talking to her over the phone. Iris, Cherry is really adorable. Are you sure you dont want to come over and spend some time with her? She really likes her grandmother. When she kept calling me Grandma, I felt really sad for you

As she listened to the woman, Iris lip corners suddenly curled into a smile. She turned on the cell phones speaker mode, and then she held the other cell phone with the video clip close to her own phones microphone. The sound of a girl scolding someone in anger rang out from it at once: Go away, you you wh*re!

Laurens voice came to an abrupt stop.

She was terribly stunned. She first glanced at her cell phone in confusion, and then looked at the villa at the side in surprise.

If she wasnt already sure that Cherry hadnt left the house, shed have thought that she was with Iris!

But if she wasnt, then why would her voice come from Iris call?

While she was still in a daze, Iris chuckled lightly and said, By the way, I forgot to tell you that Cherry loves playing games and also likes holding live-streams. Everything that happened between the two of you in the room has all been captured in her live-stream. So, how on earth are you so confident that my granddaughter would like you? You wh*re? Lauren: !!

She gnashed her teeth in fury!

When Cherry called her names, she had only cursed and ranted inwardly, and felt that the girl was awfully ill-mannered. However, she hadnt really bothered getting angry with a child.

When she came out of the room, she couldnt help but still feel irritated, so she had called Iris to provoke her.

But who would have known that everything that had happened just now had been captured in the live-stream?!

This was no different from her personally putting her face in front of Iris and letting her slap it!

This was simply so torturous!

Lauren took a deep breath at once. She countered and replied, Even so, I am finally living with the Hunts, whereas you have been driven out!

Iris scoffed. The Hunts? Ive already stopped caring about them all those years ago. I dont even want Herman anymore, so what would I still want the Hunts for? Things are no longer the same as before. Back then, Herman was the one in charge of the family, but the person-in-charge is now Justin! If you want to stay there, go ahead. Justin has always been bad-tempered ever since he was a child, though, so youll have to be more tolerant with him. Sigh, its simply not as comfortable as it is at my place, where I can grow my flowers, bask in the sun, and do whatever I want Tsk, Mrs. Landis, dont forget to sanitize our house later, in case the wh*re who came over today had dirtied it.

Iris had originally planned to talk to Nora about the child calling people names, but in this instant, she herself had been subconsciously led astray by Cherry.

Iris, who had always followed the rules and kept her nose clean her whole life, suddenly understood at this moment just how great it felt to call someone a wh*re.

Well, it wasnt like Cherry called people names that often either, so she would just let the matter pass.

With that in mind, Iris spoke into her cell phone again. Is there anything else, Mrs. Wh*re?

Iris Evans! Do you think that youre better than me just because of this? So what even if the Hunts belong to your son? Youre on bad terms with him anyway! I will show you that I am much better than you are now! You

Oh, so theres nothing else, right? If so, then Im hanging up. No one likes to listen to barking dogs.

Iris cut Lauren off and then hung up in a good mood.

This simply felt too good!

Mrs. Landis looked at her lady and shook her head. Maam was simply so childish, crying at one moment and then laughing the next

No, wait, she didnt come up here to talk about that. She said anxiously, Maam, dont just smile. Cherry is still being attacked on the Internet. Arent you going to do anything about it?

What am I supposed to do about it? Iris glared at Mrs. Landis. The glare from the woman, who was still charming despite her age, only made her look bewitching and alluring

The colors of the nearly fifty years old womans eyes were still well-defined, and her gaze was also clean and clear. God had really given her a good appearance.

After Iris chided her coquettishly, she stood up right away. If anything happens to Cherry, Justin wont just stand by and do nothing. By the way, Mrs. Landis, is there still any mushroom risotto left? Im hungry.

After saying that, Iris started walking downstairs.

Mrs. Landis:

Mrs. Landis still wanted to speak. She held up her cell phone to show it to her. She said, Mr. Hunt probably still hasnt realized, right? Look, the post is going up the rankings again Huh? Why is the post gone?

Mrs. Landis stood still in a daze.

Iris, who was walking in the front, waved. You just happened to see the post in time, and fortunately also showed it to me in time. If you were a step late, I wouldnt have been able to see it at all! Dont I know just how efficient Justin is?

Mrs. Landis silently gave her a thumbs-up in her heart.

As expected, no one knew a son better than his mother!

At the Hunts.

Lauren stamped her foot angrily after Iris hung up on her.

Iris and Cherry sure are real pieces of work!

Hearing her furious voice, Herman lowered his eyes. I told you not to provoke them, yet you simply insisted on doing so. See, youve been outgunned, havent you?

Lauren took a deep breath. I did it all for your sake, and for our family

When she said this, her eyes widened. Then, she walked up to Herman and took his arm. Speaking of which, though, why cant Iris come back to the Hunt Manor? Back then, when your family chose her and Justin over you and made you leave, the Hunts shouldnt have been so powerful that they could forbid her from entering the Hunt Manor, right?

Herman glared at her. Lauren continued to shake his arm. Come on, tell me why