She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 706 - Showing Off?

Chapter 706 - Showing Off?

Chapter 706 Showing Off?

Cherry had switched on her webcam during her live-stream that day, so the live-stream was relatively more formal this time.

Every time she live-streamed, her Sponsor Grandpa would definitely be online. Sponsor Daddy occasionally came in to visit, but it was not as frequent as before.

It was probably because he could now see her in person every day.

Cherry wasnt bothered about these things, though.

However, a Sponsor Grandma had joined the live-stream recently.

Of course, she wasnt addressing that person as Grandma; rather, Sponsor Grandma was that persons username. Sponsor Grandma was currently ranked second in her virtual gift rankings.

The one in the first place was always Sponsor Grandpa. No one could surpass him.

The one in third place, Sponsor Daddy, no longer cared about the ranking these days, so his score had been slowly dropping. Cherry first greeted Sponsor Grandpa. Then, when she saw Sponsor Grandma enter the live-stream, the little fellow immediately called out sweetly, Hi, Sponsor Grandma! How are you doing?

Sponsor Grandma wrote in the comments: Not well.

As the big boss ranked second in her virtual gift rankings, her comment was highlighted in the live-stream.

Cherry saw the comment right away. Puzzled, she asked, Why? Did someone make you angry? Beat them up then!

Iris looked at the live-stream. She wanted to say, Youre the one who made me angry, you little brat.

To think she was actually having fun with someone like Lauren

If Lauren had gotten into a relationship with Herman after the two of them had divorced normally, then Iris actually would not have prevented Lauren and Cherry from having fun with each other.

After all, it was good for her to have another person who loved her.

But Lauren was not a good person at all. She was afraid that Lauren would lead Cherry astray.

Iris was terribly angry and frustrated. When she was about to send another comment, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a princess dress on the sofa behind Cherry.

Was that the gift that Lauren had spoken of? The one that she had delivered to Cherry early in the morning?

Iris suddenly felt very discouraged.

She put down the phone silently and stood up.

To be honest, when she agreed to that condition back then, she had already left the family. It was destined that she would no longer have much of a relationship with her son for the rest of her life.

In that case, why bother disturbing his life?

Iris lowered her head and turned off the live-stream.

She didnt want to ask Cherry about Lauren anymore-after all, she was the one who had pushed Cherry away with her own hands the night before.


Since she had already made her choice, then what right did she have to demand that Cherry be close to her?

Iris was caught in a dilemma and internal struggle. Mrs. Landis, who was looking at her from the side, was terribly anxious. However, she also knew that once Iris made up her mind, no one would be able to convince her otherwise.

She heaved a silent sigh and changed the subject. Maam, the pot of Jade Orchids you wanted to buy will be delivered soon, right? Where should we put it?

Sure enough, Iris finally perked up a little when she heard this. She stood up and walked one round in the greenhouse with Mrs. Landis. At last, she said, That pot of Jade Orchids is very rare and very difficult to take care of. We must treat it with great care.


As the two chatted, they got busy in the greenhouse.

Seeing that she was finally no longer so listless anymore, Mrs. Landis breathed a sigh of relief.

An hour later, the two finally made room for the new pot of orchid. Only then did they sit down again.

Night had almost fallen. The sky had gradually darkened, and the surroundings were quiet. Apart from the chirping of birds, there was no other sound.

When one looked up, through the small courtyard, they could see the skies of New York that were hazy all year round.

Iris had lived like this for a whole twenty


Mrs. Landis had left to make dinner. As Iris sat in the greenhouse, her gaze fell onto Mrs. Landis cell phone again, hardly able to stand the itch in her heart.

Suddenly, she really wanted to hear Cherrys voice.

She opened the live-stream again. At once, she heard Cherrys clear and pleasant voice: Jungler, have you gone invisible? How come I never see you during team battles?

Iris couldnt help but smile at the way she spoke when she dissed other players, and she almost laughed out loud.

As expected, Cherry was still the same bundle of joy she knew her to be.


At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang

Iris picked it up casually, the smile still on her face. She saw that someone had sent her a short video. She opened it casually, upon which Laurens face immediately appeared. She was speaking to the camera with a smile on her face, Iris, I am going to go and play with Cherry now. Cherry has always been a very polite and adorable child~

Iris: !!

She stood up angrily. Lauren must have been afraid that she wouldnt believe that they had a better relationship with Justins family, so she had deliberately sent that to provoke her, right?

Iris was jealous and envious, but even more helpless and sad.

She stared at the video. She could see that it was Cherrys room that Lauren was about to enter.

The next moment, in Cherrys live-stream, the sound of someone knocking on the door, as well as Laurens gentle voice rang out: Cherry? Grandmas coming in, okay_?

Iris clenched her fists.

She looked at Mrs. Landis cell phone and stared at Cherrys live-stream.

She wanted to close it so that she wouldnt see their interaction, yet at the same time, she wanted to open her eyes wide and take a good look at what exactly she had lost

She felt as though a big invisible hand had closed around her heart tightly. Her chest felt stuffy and tight, and she felt awfully aggrieved.

Just as she was in a dilemma, she heard Cherrys young and tender voice become impatient: Who said you could come in here?