She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 705 - An Unfaithful Woman?

Chapter 705 - An Unfaithful Woman?

Chapter 705 An Unfaithful Woman?


Iris had hidden the secret about what happened all those years ago in her heart for twenty years and had never mentioned it to anyone. Everyone in this world could criticize her, scold her, and hate her.

In fact, it was okay even if Justin refused to acknowledge her as his mother. However, the man in front of her was the only person who was not worthy of speaking about her relationship with her son!

She stared at Herman, though, there wasnt any anger in her. She merely felt that the man couldnt get any more thick-skinned than he already was. She sneered and slowly said, Its all because of the fantastic things you did back then!

Herman frowned when he heard this. What does it have to do with me? You were obviously the one who was unfaithful!


Iris really found his words ridiculous to the extreme. She stared at Herman. A short while later, she sneered, Its been twenty years. Your ability to reverse right and wrong and twist the truth has really improved!

Herman wanted to speak again, but Lauren walked in through the door and interrupted their conversation. She said, Thats enough. Dear, Iris, dont argue anymore. I know you still hold a grudge against Herman, but its already been twenty years now, so whats the point of doing that to yourself? Justin has already grown up. What Herman did for you back then is already good enough. He has already given up all of his inheritance to the family assets for the two of you He practically left the family penniless.

Lauren sighed. You dont know how difficult it has been for us to start from scratch when we were abroad all these years.

Iris: ?

What a clever way of phrasing things. Those who didnt know better might really have thought that Herman was a good man!

Iris was not a woman of forbearance. She said eloquently, How come I dont remember Herman leaving the Hunts penniless back then? Werent the company shares from back then his fathers? Just because his father had chosen Justin over him as the heir to the family, it somehow ended up becoming him giving the assets to me and my son?

A sharp look flashed across Laurens eyes. Sigh, you dont understand. It was Herman who took the initiative to withdraw from the fight because he felt that he had let the two of you down. Otherwise, why would the old sir have chosen a child, who was only five years old, over him?

Iris was really rendered speechless by her shameless remark. She sneered and said, So, am I supposed to be thanking the two of you then?

A sullen Herman said, You can skip the words of gratitude! What was that way of bringing up the boy, though? Just because I was forced into leaving and couldnt see Justin anymore, you really left him to fend for himself?! And ended up causing that boy to become so perverse and domineering?!

Seeing that he was criticizing her again, Iris was so furious that she actually laughed. I have never stopped you from visiting him, but have you ever taken the initiative to contact him all these years? Your son had probably already stopped existing in your eyes when he was lost back then!

Herman frowned. How can you say that, Iris? Isnt it obvious that I didnt contact him because I was afraid that you would feel uncomfortable about it? If I contacted him frequently whereas you, his mother, stayed here like a widow, then he would have hated and resented you even more!

Iris gave a low laugh. Suddenly, she really couldnt be bothered to say anything to him anymore. He was simply so capable of twisting all her words.

For Iris, her son was what mattered to her the most.

All these years, because she hadnt been able to stay by his side, the child had lacked mothers love. She had been counting on Herman to stay in contact with him frequently. After all, a father played a very important role in a childs growth!

But he hadnt.

Herman rarely ever contacted Justin. In fact, he had only called Justin twice during the past twenty years.

She took a deep breath and pointed to the door. This is my home. Please leave, otherwise, Im going to call for someone to send you out.

Justin had told her before that hed stationed some bodyguards for her nearby.

Due to certain reasons, Iris had agreed to it. The bodyguards were standing right outside the door at the moment. However, they hadnt come in to stop Herman.

To be honest, this made Iris a little uncomfortable.

The son must still resent her. That was why he hadnt protected her despite the circumstances.

While she was thinking, Lauren continued adding fuel to the fire and said, Well, no matter what happened in the past, now that Justin has grown up, youll have to interact with Justin in the business market, Herman. Iris, we came back to America this time partially to expand our business into the domestic market. It just so happens that we can deal more with the Hunts for some of our operations. They are father and son after all. They will eventually get in touch with each other once they work together, and will slowly make up for the regrets from the


After saying that, she looked at Iris. Also, Justins kids are really just too adorable! You dont know how funny Cherry is. She loves the princess dress I brought over to her this morning.

Iriss heart tightened.

Her granddaughter was having fun with Lauren?

But when the thought formed, she felt like she was being narrow-minded again.

Thats true, even though she and Herman were divorced, it did not mean that Justin had to sever all contact with him. The Hunts were Hermans family, and the elderly Mrs. Hunt was his mother

She had only just thought of that when Lauren spoke again. She said, By the way, we dont have a place to stay during our temporary return to America, so we will stay at the Hunt Manor for the time being. You wont have any objections, right? Cherry is very welcoming of us, she even said that she likes me, her grandmother, very much

The two of them had stayed at the Hunts the previous night.

Iriss heart felt even heavier. Then, she heard Lauren sigh and say, Iris, we will be part of the same family in the future. I hope you can let go of all your grievances from the past so that we can all live in peace with one another. This way, Justin wont feel awkward being caught in the middle either, right?.

Iris clenched her fists. We wont interfere with each others lives as long as you people dont come over and bother me!

Lauren took Hermans arm. Why would we bother you?

With a big smile, she said, Herman, since theres nothing else we need with Iris here, then lets go back. We just need to inform Justin that he neednt worry about Iris being unhappy about it! Lets go back, Cherry is still waiting for me to play dolls with her!

Herman nodded, and the two turned and left.

As she stared at them from the back, Iris felt as if there were needles pricking her heart.

Even though she couldnt approach her son or her grandchildren before, she could still live with it somewhat. But why should Herman and Lauren be able to stay at the Hunt Manor? Why should they be able to play with her granddaughter every day?

Iris eyes reddened.

Mrs. Landis came over. She heaved a quiet sigh and said, Maam, if you still keep the truth of what had happened back then to yourself, that scumbag and that cheap woman will take Mr. Hunt away from you! Look at how the bodyguards didnt even stop them from going in and out of here. These must have been Mr. Hunts instructions!

Iris felt even worse.

At this moment, Cherrys voice suddenly rang out from Mrs. Landis cell phone

Cherry should be live-streaming at this time.

Iris suddenly took the phone from her. She would see how Lauren was going to interact intimately with Cherry!