She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 704 - She’s Asleep

Chapter 704 - She’s Asleep

Chapter 704 Shes Asleep

To be honest, Justin hadnt expected her to agree.

Hed long discovered that the woman had always been relatively indifferent in her feelings. It hadnt been that long since the two of them confirmed their relationship, either.

The womans chest was heaving up and down intensely at the moment, and her eyes contained a faint hint of womanly charm and shyness. When she agreed with her cheeks all red, he was instead stunned for a moment.

But right after, he regained his senses.

Seemingly afraid that the woman would go back on her word the very next second, he turned around at once and strode up the stairs.

Nora, whose head was buried into his chest, could see that his eyes were as deep and bottomless as the ocean. The way his eyes were staring at her so closely was as though he was looking at his prey, which made one feel daunted and timid.

But unfortunately, who did he think Nora was?

She had always been the hunter, not the hunted. When had she ever allowed herself to be in a disadvantageous position?

So, the next moment, she yawned. The two went up the stairs and entered the bedroom. With her in his arms, Justin rushed straight towards the bed. However, he had only just taken two steps when Nora said, Lets take a bath first. Whos going in first, you or me?

Justins eyes instantly turned even darker. Lets go in together?

Get lost.

Nora sat upright and jumped out of his arms. Ill take a bath first.

She took out an unused bath towel from the side and walked into the bathroom.

Mr. Hunt, who had stayed outside, was so anxious that he was going around in circles. He hurriedly made the bed; then he checked whether the big bed was sturdy enough and whether it would make any noise if people jumped on it.

After that, he swallowed again and smoothed his hair.

If Lawrence or Sean were to see him like this, they would probably marvel in amazement. Was that really their boss, who had never even frowned a little in the face of business transactions worth billions, or even dozens of billions?


The sound of water stopped. Justin stood up straight, his eyes fixed in the direction of the bathroom. The door opened, and Nora walked out.

The bathrobe was wrapped around her, and she was toweling her hair. Because of the hot bath, her cheeks had become even rosier and moist. Her almond-shaped eyes glanced at him shyly and she said, Its your turn.

His Adams apple shifted a little. Okay.

He picked up the bathrobe and rushed into the bathroom like an eager child.

He washed himself seriously and carefully during the bath, for fear that Nora would notice if he didnt clean any part of himself well. Even so, he took only two minutes in the bath and ran out again.

Then, he saw Nora already lying on the bed.

He slowed down, his breathing becoming heavier and heavier. He walked up to the bed where Nora was. As he thought of what was about to happen that night, he became rather excited.

But the next moment, his excitement died down.

Because! The mouth of the woman on the bed was slightly ajar, and her eyes were closed. This Was she asleep?

Justin: ??

How would he know that when they were downstairs just now, as they kissed and kissed, Nora had also been getting sleepier and sleepier?! This continued until the man finally suggested going to the bedroom, and she breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Would she finally be able to go to sleep?

Therefore, with her eyelids droopy, she had replied sleepily, Okay.

It wasnt the shy and bashful reaction that Justin had imagined on his own at all!

The corners of Justins lips spasmed a little. He wanted to lift the quilt but realized that the woman had wrapped it tightly around herself, and was refusing to let him in.

Justin took another deep breath. In the end, he stood up in silence, went into the bathroom, took out the hairdryer, and quietly started drying her hair for her.

He hoped beyond everything that perhaps the noise would wake the woman?

Unfortunately, even until her hair was all dry, she didnt wake up.

On the contrary, seeing her unintentionally exposed shoulders while drying her hair, the fire in Justins heart started to burn even more strongly.

In the end, Justin took another cold bath that night.

Nora did not wake up until noon the next day.

She stretched comfortably. But when she turned her head to the side, she was instead faced with the mans dark and gloomy face, which gave her a huge shock.

Justin asked quietly, Did you sleep well?


Nora yawned. Then, she got out of bed and went to wash up.

Justin could only sigh helplessly. As he got up, he heard movement outside the door. He went over and looked through the peephole to see the three children and Brenda standing outside.

Brenda was asking nosily, Did your Mommy really sleep in there last night? Thats why your father is sleeping in for once?

Cherry replied, Uh-huh, uh-huh! It seemed like Mommys legs felt a little weak last night, so Daddy carried her upstairs!

Pete said, Its not that Mommys legs were weak.

Cherry was puzzled. Then was it because Mommy couldnt walk anymore? So she was acting like a baby?

Pete: ?

At the side, Lucy covered her mouth and giggled.

Brendas eyes, however, were gleaming in an extremely gossipy manner. She said, Cherry, you are so dumb! They are making younger brothers and sisters for you! Cherry: ?

Justin: ??

What kind of nonsense was she saying? What was she teaching his daughter?

Justin opened the door angrily. His voice deepened and he reprimanded, Brenda!

Brenda got a huge fright. But when she looked over at him, she received an even bigger fright. She swallowed and asked, How hard were you guys going at it last night, Justin? It gave you dark circles under your eyes?.

Justin: ?

Before he could speak, Brenda spoke again. I understand, I understand it all. After all, this is the first time you guys were doing it after such a long time. Its very normal that you wouldnt be able to hold yourself back. But you guys still have a long future ahead of you, you know? You have to

The corners of Brendas lips curled into a smile as she spoke. With an alluring voice, she said, take it easy a little~ After all, Nora is frail and unable to take care of herself. You mustnt be a beast to her, Justin.

Justin retorted angrily, What nonsense are you saying?

What do you mean nonsense~? But after she spoke, something suddenly occurred to Brenda and she became terribly alarmed. Surely not? The two of you, a lone man and a lone woman sharing the same room, you know? Could it be that you have some kind of undisclosed condition, Justin? If so, then you mustnt keep it to yourself. Noras a doctor, hurry up and have her give you a checkup!

Justins expression turned even darker. No, I dont!

Thats more like it! Brenda breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest. Otherwise, youll be worse than a beast.

Justin felt like he was about to get a heart attack from anger.

Who was she calling worse than a beast, goddammit?!


Justin shut the door.

In the suburbs.

At noon, Iris stood in the greenhouse and took care of her orchids in boredom.

The door was suddenly pushed open and Herman strode in. When he saw her, he entered the greenhouse.

Iris frowned at the sight of him. Get lost, you are not welcome here.

Herman said, Dont get me wrong, Im not here to rekindle old relationships with you. Its just that how were you taking care of our son at home? Your relationship with him is terrible. I was not by Justins side when he was a child, yet you didnt stay with him?!

Iris balled up her fists tightly. Youre asking why my relationship with Justin is so terrible when you already know the answer to that question?! Isnt it all because