She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 700 - Iris’s Changing Face

Chapter 700 - Iris’s Changing Face

Chapter 700 Iriss Changing Face

Then, a middle-aged man strode in.

Herman was almost fifty years old this year. He looked elegant and his hair was half white, making him look a little old. On his face, which was 40% similar to Justins, his long and narrow eyes had the wisdom of many years.

Iris looked at him.

She hadnt seen him for more than twenty years. He was still wearing the suit he loved the most back then. The years had left traces on his face, making her momentarily dazed.

Then, a gentle smiling woman followed him in. If one looked carefully, one would notice that the woman and Iriss style was a little similar. They were both gentle and elegant.

Unfortunately, the same clothes had all kinds of charm on Iris, but on her, it seemed a little too heavy.

Iriss pupils constricted.

When Herman saw her, he frowned and asked sternly, Heh, I was wondering who wanted to chase me out? So its you

His gaze fell on Justin before he looked at Iris. You two seem to have a good mother-son relationship!

Justin looked at the two of them in silence. He did not speak or deny this sentence because he did not want to say anything that would make Iris lose face.

When Iris heard this, her expression instantly turned cold. She turned back to look at Nora and said calmly, From now on, you have to take good care of the three children. Ill be leaving now.

With that, she prepared to go leave.

Nora glanced at Cherry. Cherry immediately walked to Iriss side and held her arm. Grandma, be careful~

Iris froze when she heard her.

She immediately retracted her arm from Cherrys hand. She lowered her eyes and said calmly, Theres no need. I can walk myself.

Cherry looked at Iris in confusion. Why did her grandmother suddenly change her attitude when she was still so good to her and her brother just a moment ago?

She must be angry that she and her brother had not gone to see her for too long!

Therefore, Cherry looked up and whined, Grandma, Pete and I will visit you often in the future!

Iriss grip on her bag tightened slightly, but she still lowered her head and said slowly, No.

She turned around and said coldly, My flowers are all very expensive. You touched them so casually the last time you came to visit me. Youre very rude

Cherry bit her lip.

Since she was young, she did not care if others criticized her or scolded her. This was the first time that someone she cared about had said something bad about her!

She widened her eyes sadly and looked at Iris in confusion.

Justin, who was a slave to his daughter, could no longer stand Cherrys aggrieved look. He stepped forward and said in a very cold tone, Shes still young. How is she being rude? Six-year-old children would naturally be curious about things. Did she harm your flowers?

Iris said, Orchids are the most precious. Theyre not for children to play with. Besides, I hate children the most. Theyre too noisy

Justin sneered. So you hated me this much when I was young?

Iris was stunned.

Justin ignored her and picked up Cherry. If you like orchids, Ill buy you a hundred pots. You can smash them anywhere in the back garden.

The hostility in his words was very strong.

Nora narrowed her eyes and saw Iris face instantly turn as pale as paper. However, following that, she continued coldly, Youre rich. You can spoil the child however you want, but dont bother me!

Justin was about to flare up when Herman suddenly said, Iris, why are you still so selfish? This is your granddaughter! How can you treat her like this? Youre really too much!

Iris suddenly looked at Herman with anger in her eyes. Everyone else had the right to criticize her, but what right did he have to criticize her? Did he not know why she had become like this?!

Herman narrowed his eyes and smiled. He walked forward as if he did not understand her. Step by step, he arrived in front of Justin and sighed deeply. Like an old father, he said, Justin, it was Dad and Mom who let you down back then. For so many years, Ive always wanted to come back to see you, but your mother always refused Sigh! I came back this time because I heard that you held a birthday party for the triplets. I specially came to give gifts to my grandchildren!

With that, he looked at the woman behind him. Lauren, hurry up and get the gifts!

The mistress named Lauren stepped forward and placed the three presents in her hand on the ground. Then, she took one out and handed it to Cherry. Is your name Cherry? Your name is really cute. The little guy is also so cute. Come, let your grandmother hug you!

A hug from a grandmother

Iris had already reached the door, but when she heard this, she suddenly stopped.

She subconsciously turned around and saw the four of them standing together like a family. She felt like an outsider.

Iris felt a pain in her heart.

However, she still turned around forcefully and prepared to leave.

At this moment, a pair of hands held hers tightly. She was stunned for a moment. When she raised her head again, she saw Nora.