She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 699 - Who Dares to Chase Me Away?

Chapter 699 - Who Dares to Chase Me Away?

Chapter 699 Who Dares to Chase Me Away?

Nora had a flash of inspiration and caught some information. However, all her inspiration was interrupted by her phone ringtone, making her frown.

She felt like something she had overlooked was about to surface, but it instantly sank to the bottom again.

She sighed silently.

It seemed like she really could not be anxious.

She picked up her phone. A gentle voice came from the other end. Nora, Ill go to the Hunts later. Are you coming?

It was Justins mother, Iris.

When she thought of the gentle woman, Nora laughed softly. Okay Sister.

After all, she had recognized her as her God-sis back then.

Iris had really taken good care of herself. Over the years, she had been raising flowers every day and did not care about the outside world. Such a person had no worries and still looked to be in her thirties.

She probably couldnt get Nora to call her Mom, either.

Hearing Nora call her sister, Iris was silent for a moment before she smiled. Only call me that in private. Dont call me that when were at the Hunts.

Nora: ?

Just as she raised her eyebrows, she heard her say, I dont want my son to become a cold machine when he faces me.

When Nora heard this, she was silent for a moment before replying, Okay.

Justin and Iriss relationship did not seem to be very good. She did not know the specific reason, but she did not want to add to the misunderstanding between them.

After hanging up, she drove back to the Hunts.

When she arrived at the door, she noticed that Iris car had also arrived.

The woman was wearing a white dress. She was tall and slender. Her actions had the elegance and grace of a young lady from a big family. She slowly walked toward Nora.

What are you here for?

Nora almost called her God-sis. Fortunately, she controlled herself.

Iris looked at her affectionately and said, It was Cherry and Petes birthday yesterday. I wont join in the fun, but as a grandmother, I have to make up for it. Besides I heard that you had actually given birth to triplets back



Why were Iriss eyes so mocking when she mentioned the triplets?

She had even added, How awesome! at the end.

Nora felt a little awkward and followed her into the room.

In the living room, Cherry was playing games on the sofa while Pete was sitting beside her, reading. Xander was still resting upstairs. Although his fever had subsided, he was still a little weak.

When they saw Iris, their eyes lit up. They jumped down from the sofa and ran to her.

Pete was clearly much more lively than before. He took the initiative to shout, Grandma!

Cherrys eyes widened as well. Grandma, tell me the truth. Are you a vampire?

Everyone: ?

The others were a little surprised. Why would Cherry say such rude things?

Only Noras mouth twitched. She was used to it. Sure enough, she heard her next words. Why dont you look old at all? Youre still so young and beautiful? If we go out together, people will definitely think youre my sister!

Saying that she was her sister was too much.

However, such lies did not feel strange coming from Cherrys mouth. She even wanted to laugh.

Iris smiled and picked her up. Cherry, youre so sweet. I wonder who you inherited that from?

Not Mommy!

Her mother was the most stubborn and did not like to speak!

After Cherry subconsciously said this, she looked up at Nora. When her eyes met Noras, she immediately added, After all, Ive already inherited Mommys beauty~ I cant be greedy!

This little bootlicker.

Noras lips curled up. Her almond-shaped eyes glared at her slightly

Iris also laughed out loud. Then, she gave the three children the gifts she had brought and went upstairs to see Xander.

Nora had lit a calming incense in the room, so the little guy was sleeping very soundly and did not wake up.

Iris did not want to stay in the Hunts for very long. She stood up and said, Ill see him next time.

She went out and then downstairs with Nora. When she saw Justin standing there, her eyes flickered for a moment before she nodded at him.

Youre here.

Justins attitude was also very cold. Iris said, Id come to see the child. Ill get going now.

Justin nodded distantly.

Iris glanced at him. Although there was a lot she wanted to say, she did not know where to start. In the end, she silently walked past Justin.

Just as she reached the door, the butler rushed in. Sir, bad news! Old Sir is back!

When the butler saw Iris, he instantly shut his mouth.

Iris frowned. Who?

The butler was anxious. He glanced at Justin and could only bite the bullet and say, J-Jus Justins father.

Iris immediately clenched her fists.

The butler added carefully, And and that


When Nora saw the situation, she looked at Justin. She saw the man raise his eyes and stare outside with a deep gaze. He was silent for two seconds before saying, Chase her away.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a voice was heard. This is my house. Lets see who dares to chase me away?