She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 701 - Can You Accompany Me Tonight?

Chapter 701 - Can You Accompany Me Tonight?

Chapter 701 Can You Accompany Me Tonight?

Iris was stunned.

Nora asked, Why?

Iriss jaw tensed up.

She clearly knew that Nora was asking why her attitude suddenly changed so much, but she still pretended to not understand. What why?

As the two of them were in a stalemate, Cherrys childish voice was heard. Grandma? But isnt Grandma Daddys mother? Why does Daddy have two mothers?

The mistress, Lauren, was stunned for a moment and stood there awkwardly.

Herman said, Cherry, this is my current wife. You should call her Grandma.

Cherry tilted her head and stared at him, feeling a little unhappy. Who are you?

Hermans expression froze. He coughed and suppressed the frustration in his heart.

Before returning home, Lauren had already asked around and found out that Justin was a slave to his daughter, so as long as she pleased Cherry, she could obtain Justins favor.

Therefore, Herman pretended to explain patiently, Im your fathers father.

Daddys father is my grandpa, and Daddys mother is my grandma- Cherry pretended to be stupid and sang a childrens song. After she finished, she even smiled at Justin. Daddy, did I sing well?

Very well.

Justin touched her head, but his gaze swept across the area in front of him. Iris and Noras figures tugged at each other in the corner before the two of them went out.

Justin lowered his eyes.


What on earth is wrong? Nora blocked Iriss way and asked, Is there something you cant


No! Iris looked as cheerful as before. She even smiled gently. I just dont like the Hunts.

Nora frowned. But when we first met that afternoon, you told me a lot about you and your son. You clearly care about him. I thought that you had thought things through when you came to give birthday presents to the three children.

Iris frowned and suddenly looked up. I just want to maintain a good relationship with


Nora: ?

Iris revealed her purpose casually. You know orchids so well. Youll definitely be able to help me. Therefore, for your sake, I pretended to give my grandchildren some gifts. I dont like them.

Nora frowned. Her almond-shaped eyes shone with confusion. Why?

Because Iris said word by word, Hermans blood flows in their veins! He betrayed me back then, so I hate everything related to him!

Nora clenched her jaw.

Iris continued to smile as she said, I used Justin to force Grandpa Hunt to chase him away and successfully stayed at home. It was not because I was noble, but because I wanted to fight with him for the assets! Didnt he want Hunt Corporation? I snatched it from him! As for Justin I really cant get close to him. He looks too similar to Herman. As soon as I get close to him, I remember Hermans disgusting face. I just want to stay in the villa alone. No one can disturb me.

Iris turned around and left.

This time, Nora could not stop her.

However, Iris must have her reasons.

The woman who had confided in her for an entire afternoon was not lying. But why?

Nora thought about it and turned back to enter the room. However, the moment she turned her head, she saw Justin standing not far behind her.

The mans eyes were dark and unclear. Half of his face was in the light under the street lamp, and the other half was in the dark. Under the night sky, the mole at the corner of his eye became colder.

Obviously, he had heard Iris words.

When Nora thought about how she and Iris were talking earlier, Iris must have clearly seen Justins eyes, but she still said those words. She was clearly doing this on purpose!

She was even more certain that Iris had her reasons.

But what difficulties did she have?

As she was thinking, she saw a hint of loneliness flash across the mans face. Justin suddenly said, Nora, even my birth mother doesnt like me. Do you really like me?

At this moment, he was like a pitiful worm in the corner forgotten by everyone.

Nora looked at him and her heart softened. She walked to Justin and looked at him seriously. I really like you.

Justin seemed to be extremely touched. He reached out and hugged her tightly as he murmured in her ear, How could that be? Even Mother hates me What can you like about me?

This side of Justin was really heartbreaking.

Nora thought about it and hesitated for a long time. In the end, she replied, Youre good-looking!

She did not see the corners of Justins mouth twitch.


Did he not have any other merits in Noras heart?!

As he was thinking, he felt Nora pushing him away. Justin quickly sorted out his emotions and regained his lonely expression.

He seemed to have been hurt by Iriss words.

He finally grabbed the opportunity to push Nora further. He could not let go so easily. He sighed silently. Nora, can you stay with me tonight? Nora: ???

Justin looked into the distance, his deep eyes filled with sadness. I have some things I want to tell you.

Nora was about to reject him when she heard him say, Its about me and my mother.

Nora twitched her lips and finally sighed. Alright.

At this moment.

Iris sat in the car and left the Hunts.

When the Hunts iron gate was closed, Mrs. Landis couldnt help but say, Ms. Iris, why must you do this It has been so many years. Now that Mr. Hunt has grown up, hes clearly very powerful. Tell him your difficulties!

Iris lowered her head. Itll be troublesome if I tell him. Forget it. It has been so many years. He didnt grow up with me. Why should I ask him to grow old with me?

Mrs. Landis stared at her. What do you mean by trouble? Youre his mother! Youve suppressed the longing in your heart for so many years and you didnt even look at him. You hug your phone every night and repeatedly watch videos of him growing up that the servants at home had sent your husband You cant bear to delete those videos, even if your phone is full

Iris didnt say anything.

Mrs. Landis suddenly leaned in front of her. Miss, if you dont want to tell Mr. Hunt, then tell me! What happened back then? Why?