She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 69 - Daddy Has Come!

Chapter 69 - Daddy Has Come!

Chapter 69 - Daddy Has Come!

Justin was taken aback when he heard the voice. It sounded vaguely familiar. However, when he lowered his head and saw his son beside him, he suppressed his doubts.

Back in California, Pete had worn girls' clothing from time to time as if he had a split personality.

However, after they returned to New York, apart from the first day he went to practice martial arts at the Quinn School of Martial Arts where he had returned in a princess dress and became a little princess again, he had been normal the past few days.

He must be too high-strung. Otherwise, why would he find the voice just now so similar to his son's when he was having relapses previously?

What was Chester doing, though? Why was there a child's voice in his live stream?

Justin's deep-set eyes narrowed as he watched on sullenly.

It took only a few seconds for him to figure out what was going on with the so-called 'contest'. He let out a cold laugh right away.

His younger brother sure was making a good showing. To think he was being suppressed by a nobody streamer.

It wasn't an issue as long as no one knew, but should there come a day where it became known that Chesty the game streamer was a Hunt, it would be a huge embarrassment to the family!

At the thought, Justin immediately topped up $300,000 into his account.

He was about to tip his younger brother when he suddenly heard the tender voice say,

"Do you know who discovered radium? It's Johnny Depp!"

Justin, "??"

His fingers instantly paused, and he felt a sense of familiarity welling up in him.

He impulsively entered the live stream hosted by 'sweetcherry'.

The screen showed both streamers facing off, but neither of their cameras was turned on. Instead, they were streaming their gameplay. In a crisp and clear voice, the little girl said, "Sponsor Grandpa, I didn't get it wrong. I have a really awesome memory, yeah! If you don't believe me, I can tell you more!"

"Do you know the famous playwright who wrote Romeo and Juliet? It's Chris Hemsworth!"


These insignificant trivia whose answers were all handsome actors and celebrities… Why did they sound so familiar?

Justin couldn't help but glance at Pete again.

He coughed and cast his eyes down, but an inexplicable sense of intimacy suddenly surged up in him.

He had always been a loner since he was a child. He didn't have many friends and on top of that, there was a lot of scheming and trickery among his relatives. Even his grandfather had tricked him right before his death…

Therefore, there were times when he felt lonely, too.

Pete was a boy, so he had always taught him to be independent and self-reliant since he was a baby.

He hadn't liked the Pete who wore a princess dress, but to be honest, when he grasped his big hand with his soft little hands and looked at him with those big, damp, and innocent eyes of his, his heart had felt as if it were soaking in a hot spring.

Sometimes, he couldn't help but wonder—how nice would it be if he really had a daughter?

"Aren't I clever, yeah? I see everyone in the comments laughing. Is it because I'm so smart? But why isn't anyone tipping me?"


With a flick of his fingers, Justin immediately sent out a tip worth 9,999 airplanes, which was the most expensive virtual gift purchasable.

Cherry immediately exclaimed "I must have done really well! Someone has tipped me again!"

She didn't know how much money that was at all, but she nevertheless said in a rather troubled manner, "But it's only because Mommy's Daddy is a very bad man that I got her a Sponsor Daddy. I can't have two at the same time! I can only choose one to be my Sponsor Grandpa."

As soon as she said that, another account also gave her a tip worth 9,999 airplanes!

Cherry shouted, "Sponsor Grandpa! Love you!"

Justin opened the list of fans and found that the top fan in sweetcherry's fan list was a person named 'Grandpa'.

He sure knew how to take advantage of others.

He let out a cold laugh and sent another 9,999 airplanes.

In other words, he had given her a tip of $150,000 right away.

Troubled, Cherry lowered her voice and asked Chester seriously, "Chesty, who should I call Sponsor Grandpa?"

Seeing that his points that had just increased greatly were firmly suppressed again, Chester entered her live stream huffily and said, "Let me see who's the bastard that actually tipped you $300,000 straightaway…"

As he spoke, he opened her fan list.

As user accounts of the live stream platform were linked to their Facebook profiles, the users' Facebook profile pictures would also show in the live-stream platform. At the sight of that familiar profile picture on Cherry's fan list, the words at the tip of Chester's tongue changed and he stuttered, "J-J-Justin?"

Cherry immediately understood what he meant and she exclaimed softly, "Daddy?!"

Justin, "??"

Cherry's voice immediately became excited, though she also did an obvious turnaround and added, "I meant Sponsor Daddy!"

Justin, "!!"

That familiar voice and way of speech… He turned and looked at Pete, who was next to him, again.

Pete, "??"

The tyrant was using his cell phone and also had earphones on, but he kept glancing at him from time to time. A resigned Pete raised the book in his hand and said, "I really am reading."

Justin kept quiet. Then, he nodded and continued to watch the live stream.

Everyone in the comments was laughing at the streamer. She had said just now that she wouldn't call anyone 'Sponsor Daddy', but a moment later, she had given in for the sake of tips!

Not only did she have a Sponsor Grandpa, but she also had a Sponsor Daddy now!

Justin's eyes darkened slightly. His expression turned cold and even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed to be giving off an icy chill.

Little did he think that he, who had always been hard-hearted, would actually fall for a nobody streamer's charms.

He was about to close the live stream when the tender voice said, "Sponsor Daddy, do you wanna watch me play games? I'm super good at it, yeah! I'm even better at games than trivia knowledge!"


His fingers suddenly paused and he started to watch her play just like that.

The streamer sounded like she was only five or six years old. Her voice was soft and tender, and she liked to play as a particular female hero in the game.

The hero was a very cute little girl who carried a huge cannon. However, not only did she diss people mercilessly in the game, but she also had a lot of firepower.

Before he knew it, he had spent an hour and a half watching the live stream.

This continued until…

"Sponsor Grandpa, Daddy. I'm going offline. By the way, what are you having for lunch today? We're gonna have beef steak! That's my favorite food, yeah!"

At some point, she no longer addressed Justin as 'Sponsor Daddy' but just 'Daddy'.

It was only after the live stream ended that Justin finally came back to his senses.

He couldn't help looking at Pete again.

An expressionless Pete looked back at him.

Justin kept quiet for a while. Then, he said, "Pete, say 'Daddy'."

The way that little streamer kept calling him 'Daddy' was so adorable that even his heart had softened. Were all children that cute?

Pete pursed his lips. His little face was serious as he looked at him. After contemplating for a while, he asked, "Daddy, have you seen the doctor?"


Justin also felt that he was acting rather ridiculously. He stood up and said, "Let's go home for lunch."

When the two returned home, the nanny brought out plates of piping hot food.

Chester automatically sat at the dining table.

Justin suddenly looked at him and asked, "Who's that kid you were doing a live-stream with today?"

Chester's fork-holding hand stopped moving and he froze all over.