She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 698 - The Clue Is on Her!

Chapter 698 - The Clue Is on Her!

Chapter 698 The Clue Is on Her!

Charles was a little stunned by Noras words.

Over the years, he had always thought that it was because Yvette was no match for the mysterious organization that she had been schemed against. But it turned out that he was wrong.

It was as expected of Ms. Yvette.

He lowered his head and smiled bitterly. After a moment, he said, She left behind a medicine.

Nora suddenly looked at him. Where is it?

Charles shook his head. I really dont know. She had left you a clue. She once said that it would be up to you to find it.

Before she died, Yvette had arranged everything for the three of them.

When the four of them separated, Old Maddy was worried about Noras safety and had asked, Are you really sure about Nora? Besides, the clues to the V16 are only meant for Nora. Will she be in danger?

Yvette had said at that time, If she finds it in the future, it would mean that she has the intelligence and power to resist the mysterious organization. If she cant find it Then, as long as V16 doesnt show up, nothing will happen to her. The mysterious organization will protect her.


Her mother had really left a clue.

Nora stood up suddenly. At this moment, there was no need for Charles to lie to her. He was definitely telling the truth.

However, other than a voice message, the only thing her mother had left behind was that company.

The company When she was in California, she had suspected that the Grays wanted her company, so she had already turned the company upside down. There was nothing there!

It seemed like she had overlooked something.

At this moment, Charles was useless to her. Nora turned around and walked out.

She had just taken two steps when Charles suddenly shouted, Ms. Nora

Nora stopped in her tracks and turned back.

Charless old face was filled with caution and frustration. He looked like his heart had turned to ashes. He hesitated and said, Im sorry Ms. Yvette probably wont forgive


Looking at this person and thinking about his miserable life, Nora suddenly said, She will.

Charles was stunned.

Nora said calmly, She never blamed you.

Charles had betrayed Yvette and spent his entire life in guilt. When he heard this, he felt like the huge rock pressing on his heart for so many years had dropped. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Nora did not look at him again and walked out of the ward.

Lily followed beside her and asked in confusion, Boss, why did you say your mother would forgive him? For someone like him who betrayed his master, if it were me, I would never forgive him!

Hearing this, Nora sighed and looked at her. Because even his betrayal was within my mothers expectations.

After saying this, Nora strode away.

Lily was left standing in the hospital. When she came over today to see Quentin, she did not plan to leave with Nora. When she heard Noras words, she suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

The clue was with her, which was also the reason why the mysterious organization did not attack her directly.

As for staying low-profile, her mothers warning was probably to let her conserve her strength.

By now Nora had finally guessed all her mothers plans. At the same time that she was excited, she was also anxious.

With her mother being so smart, it would probably be even more difficult for her to resolve this problem.

On the way back to the Smiths, she put on her earphones and listened to the recording her mother had left her. This was the only thing her mother had left behind.

After listening to it a few times, she had those words memorized.

Nora sighed silently.

It seemed like she had to go to California and chat with the manager of Idealian Pharmaceuticals. Since her mother had trusted him back then, he must have some important information.

As she thought about this, she listened attentively to the recording in her earpiece and suddenly captured some information.

At the same time, her phone rang.