She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 697 - A Trick, Yvette’s Skillful Methods

Chapter 697 - A Trick, Yvette’s Skillful Methods

Chapter 697 A Trick, Yvettes Skillful Methods

Charles lowered his head and sighed heavily.

He felt like he had no dignity to speak of it in front of Nora.

However, he knew that he had betrayed Yvette and then Nora. He deserved all of this.

He raised his head and looked at Nora. Ms. Nora, do you know how difficult and dangerous it will be for you to find V16?

Nora looked at him.

Charles took a deep breath. Do you really think that the mysterious organization is weak? Ms. Nora, youre wrong, very wrong! Trueman is only one of them! Their power is so strong that you cant even imagine it, their background as well. Everything they show you is what theyre willing to let you find out. Even that child

At the time, I kept emphasizing that you had twins because I wanted you to stay away from Xander and not be dragged into the V16 mess. But you were still too smart. That child was injected with a gene serum. Logically, if I didnt admit it, you shouldnt have noticed, since your DNA wouldnt match very well.

What he did not know was that Nora and Lilys medical skills were high enough to restore the initial DNA.

Nora could not be bothered to explain this to him. But was the mysterious organization really so powerful?

She lowered her eyes.

To be honest, all she had heard until now was that there would be danger when she grew up and that she should stay away from mysterious organizations.

However, the only person from the mysterious organization whom she really came into contact with was Trueman.

Although Truemans behavior was bad, to Nora, he was as childish as a three-year-old little demon.

She asked, Is the mysterious organization really that powerful?

Charles asked, If theyre not strong, if theyre not powerful, why didnt Ms. Yvette ask for help? Why did she escape to California by herself? Why did she keep you alive while she herself had to die in the end?

Nora fell silent.

She had already wondered about this question.

The mysterious organization was very powerful overseas, but was it that powerful in New York? Back then, if her mother had asked the special department for help and not tried to escape, would she not have had to die?

Charles shook his head. Because your mother knew that even if she asked for help, it was useless! In the end, she came to California. In the end, she could only die helplessly to protect you and your secret. No matter how powerful your mother was, she was still discovered by the mysterious organization in the end. Ms. Yvette was still a step behind.

After Yvette died, Charles felt like his worldview had collapsed.

Even someone as strong as her had been forced to this extent by the mysterious organization that she had to protect her daughter with her life. She had been discovered by the mysterious organization and they had found him as well.

At that time, his heart wavered.

Ms. Yvette was not a match for a mysterious organization.

Therefore, in the end, he chose to betray Ms. Yvette in fear.

After that, he watched helplessly as the Grays and the Smiths in California slowly developed. Both sides thought that their cooperation was very stable, but they did not know that everything was under the surveillance of the mysterious organization! The two families were played like monkeys. In the end, they arranged for Charles to get Nora pregnant with multiple children

He sighed and continued, I betrayed Ms. Yvette. Not long after her death, the mysterious organization discovered your existence and learned about your mother and the Grays conspiracy. They sat on the fishing boat and dominated the subsequent events!

Later, I was used by the mysterious organization to deal with you. It was indeed because of the drug that you gave birth to the triplets. And your pregnancy back then was plotted by Trueman!

Compared to the mysterious organization, Ms. Yvette was still a step behind.

As Charles was thinking, he saw Nora shake her head. Instead, I feel that the mysterious organization has fallen into my mothers trap.

Charles was stunned and looked at her in confusion.

Nora stared at him. So what if the mysterious organization found out about me? They did not catch me and interrogate me about V16s whereabouts because they knew that it was useless!

They had to wait obediently until I grew up. They had to ensure my safety with bodyguards because if I died, the Grays would never have been able to get the V16, and the mysterious organization would forever lose it as well.

Mother should have known this when she died. Until now, everything has been in her plans!

Charles was stunned.

His eyes widened and he stared at Nora in disbelief.

After careful consideration of her words, he realized that it was not impossible for Ms. Yvette to fight against the mysterious organization!

At least for the past 25 years, the mysterious organization had been protecting Nora.

This was all within her expectations.

Charles felt like his entire worldview was about to collapse. He looked at Nora in a daze.

Nora continued, In fact, mother should have guessed that they would inject my child with gene serum and I would be controlled by them. Therefore, she really must have left behind the V16 formula or the completed product! Although I dont know why the mysterious organization didnt just keep me themselves, she couldnt just let my child die at their hands!

Charles looked at Nora. His thoughts were already in a daze.

He said, I know why they didnt keep you.

Nora hesitated and asked, Why?

Its because your mother had injected you with a gene serum to improve your intelligence the moment you were born. That drug was unique. Once injected, the body is unable to take other drugs. Not only did they not dare to inject you with another serum, but they also needed to guarantee that you digested the small amount your mother had injected you with.

Genetic serums themselves had huge side effects. This was also why only five children from the mysterious organization had survived all these years.

Charles was silent for a moment as if he was slowly realizing how ingenious Yvettes arrangements were. Besides, the mysterious organization doesnt dare to attack you. If you die, there will be nothing left! Thats why they chose your child!

When Nora heard this, she suddenly realized that her mother had injected her with a small amount of medicine after she was born. She had really considered all aspects of the matter!

She was surprised by her mothers ingenious arrangements. She looked at Charles and stepped forward, staring at him. So now can you tell me?