She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 696 - Clues

Chapter 696 - Clues

Chapter 696 Clues

Three months

This was indeed Truemans real goal.

Nora stared at the V15 serum in her hand. At this moment, she was contemplating whether to inject it into Xander.

If she did not inject it, he would die in ten days. If she injected it, he would be in control of the drug.

Nora lowered her eyes.

Justin walked out and held her shoulder. Xanders fever has subsided. Dont worry.

With Nora around, even if Xander had a fever, he would not have any problems.

Nora nodded.

At this moment, the butler suddenly walked over. He looked at the two of them and fell silent. For a moment, he did not know how to report.

Nora asked, Whats wrong?.

The butler sighed. Theres a cat among Xanders pets. Seems like it wouldnt make




Nora went to the room downstairs. Mrs. Hunt liked raising pets, so there were people at home who knew how to raise pets. They took good care of Xanders ten-plus pets.

The other pets were very energetic, but they were clearly a little afraid. They huddled in a corner, but one of the cats was lying on the ground listlessly. Its eyelids were drooping, and it was obvious that it would not survive.

Nora glanced at it.

Her phone rang again. It was Trueman. Oh, and Tiger. It seems like Tiger wont be able to make it past two days. Those pets have been injected with V15. Theyre only short of V16.

Nora clenched her jaw.

Justin narrowed his eyes. He only wants us to watch the animals die one by one, but theres nothing we can do. We need to find V16!

Truemans methods were really cruel.

He knew that the two of them were not people who could be easily manipulated, which was why he had made this decision. Perhaps the two of them did not believe that Xander would die. When they were searching for the V16 Yvette had left behind, they had not put in enough effort. Perhaps they would not realize the severity of the matter until Xander suddenly died.

Therefore, he had sent Xanders friends over with good intentions on the surface to make the child happy. However, his real goal was to let the two of them witness their deaths one by one to increase their urgency.

Yes, that was right.

A sense of urgency.

Nora felt very anxious at this moment.

Although she was very good at medicine and had a certain status in biological engineering, it still took time for her to grasp new things.

Furthermore, the mysterious organization had worked hard for so many years and no one had been able to develop V16. This meant that V16 might not be something that she could easily develop alone.

Nora suddenly turned around and walked out.

Justin followed behind her, but she stopped him. Stay here and take care of Xander. Ill be right back.

The woman who had always been sleepy did not have time to sleep now. Although Justin wanted to follow her, he knew that if he did not stay by the three childrens side, Nora might not be able to feel at ease, either. Therefore, he stopped in his tracks.

He stared at the womans back and lowered his eyes.

His eyes were dark as he clenched his fists tightly.

Nora went straight to the hospital and found Charless ward.

Charles had already fallen asleep. He was woken up by the noise and looked at Nora in front of him in shock.

Nora asked, You stopped me and didnt want me to know about the triplets. I understand


When Charles heard this, he instantly sat up.

He stared at Nora and said carefully, Miss

What is the V16? Do you not want me to look for the formula my mother had left behind?

When Charles heard this, he instantly sighed. Miss Nora, once the V16 appears, it will definitely cause widespread panic in the world. If the serum is perfected and humans are able to acquire flawless genetics, do you think humanity would survive?

Nora thought of the few people who had injected gene serum in the martial arts arena. They were really powerful. If that kind of serum was mass-produced and had no side effects, wouldnt future humans be able to create several powerful armies?

Thinking about it, it was indeed terrifying.

However, she could not care less about this.

She said, I know the truth now. I dont have time to care about what youre saying. I can find V16 and save Xander before destroying it!

When Charles heard this, he knew that it was hopeless for him to stop her. He took a deep breath and said, But V16 is not that easy to find. The mysterious organization has been searching for 25 years for the thing, but there are still no clues. It means that this thing is really very well hidden.

No matter how well hidden it is, there must be traces.

Nora stared at him and said, You must have a clue.

Otherwise, the mysterious organization would not have spared him. Charles had betrayed Yvette many years ago, and the mysterious organization had squeezed him dry of all his value but had not killed him. This meant that there was a need for this person to live.

To Trueman, the only value of Charless life was that he could provide some clues to find V16.

Therefore, Nora was certain that Charles had a clue.

When Charles heard this, he instantly shut his mouth as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

Nora sat opposite him. At this point, theres no longer a need to hide. Tell me.