She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 695 - Three Months

Chapter 695 - Three Months

Chapter 695 Three Months

Before Lily could rush over, the tables in the waiting room had already been gathered. All the medical equipment at the Hunts had been transported in under Justins guidance.

When Lily rushed over, she hurriedly changed her clothes and put on surgical gloves to assist Nora in the surgery. When she saw the dog on the operating table, Lily was stunned. She hesitated and asked, Boss, why are you operating on a dead

Before she could finish saying the words dead dog, Nora suddenly shot her a look. That glance contained a warning, causing Lily to instantly shut her mouth.

Only then did she realize that the others in the room had been chased out. Except for a child standing in a corner.

He stood there silently with a knife in his hand and did not move at all. His eyes were fixed on the operating table.

He was not afraid of such a bloody scene at all.

Only then did Lily realize that something was wrong. Therefore, she cooperated with Nora prepared to replace Butterscotchs heart.

Nora stared at the dog. Butterscotch was already dead.

When Nora came to see it, she realized that its heart had already stopped beating.

This was also the first patient who had died in front of her in Noras medical career.

But she was still acting.

No, not for show.

Nora was actually dissecting Butterscotch.

These words were cruel. Butterscotch was Xanders friend. Xander would never allow it to be treated like this, but Nora had to do it.

That was because she wanted to observe the power of the gene serum through Butterscotch!

Xander had been injected with a gene serum. This was definitely the most important thing for her. Her mother had not left anything behind. She had long investigated this.

There was nothing in the company she had left behind, either or she had not realized it yet.

She couldnt just pin all her hope on her mother. She had to research it herself!

When she saw Butterscotchs heart filled with cracks, her heart shrunk. The power of that mysterious gene serum was too great.

In Butterscotchs body, only its heart was ruptured. The rest of its body was more developed than an ordinary dog.

Furthermore, this dogs brain development was very good. The current Butterscotch had the intelligence of a three-year-old child. The gene serum was indeed powerful!

Two hours later, Xander covered Butterscotch with a white sheet.

He finally admitted that Butterscotch was dead.

He looked at Butterscotch in a daze but did not cry. He only said, So, even a heart transplant was useless!

With that, the child lowered his head, as if he felt guilty for his ignorant thoughts.

He looked at Butterscotchs corpse and then at Nora. For the first time, he made his own request. Can we not eat Butterscotch? Nora was taken aback.

Xander sighed. The friends who died in the past had all been eaten.

He still remembered Butterscotchs mother, who was also a fierce big dog. After it was taken away by the two bodyguards to be dissected, the two of them had boasted it in front of him, Dog meat is really delicious!

Therefore, after his little animals died, he would force himself to eat them.

In that case, those friends corpses would not be treated so cruelly.

But now, he did not want to eat it anymore.

Would his new parents agree?

While Xander was a little perturbed, Nora held his chin up and touched his head.

Half an hour later, a pit was dug out on the ground in the Hunts back garden. Butterscotchs corpse was placed in a glass coffin Justin had bought and slowly lowered underground. Then, the man handed a shovel to Xander. Let him rest in peace!

For the first time, Xander realized that his dead friend could be buried in peace!

His eyes turned red.

He finally felt the warmth of this house.

After Butterscotch was buried, Xander was still sick. The child was a little feverish and was talking nonsense in his sleep.

Butterscotch, dont worry. Ill treat you.

Fluffy, dont be afraid. I dont have to eat you anymore. Actually, rabbit meat is very bad

Cherry looked at him with her chin propped up and sighed silently.

Pete also frowned. Dad, shouldnt Xanders name be changed?

Hearing this, Justin glanced at Nora.

After Cherry returned to the Hunts, he had not changed her name. The name Cheryl Smith was very pleasant to hear. Besides, he did not think that there would be anything between their surnames.

As for Xander Justin had already found a few names for him. Since the child had grown old enough, Justin wanted him to choose for himself once he was awake.

Nora did not care about this, but her heart ached for Xander.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang. It was a message from Trueman.

Looking at the time, Butterscotchs V15 should have expired. It died without the V16, right? Do you want Xander to die too?

Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. Xanders injected genes were to modify his brain, so if he dies, it wont be because of his heart. Its useless for you to transplant his heart. You have to change his brain, but as everyone knows, there have yet to be any successful cases of brain transplants. Besides, are you really going to replace his brain?

Since Xander is still a child he would only have about three months after taking the V15. Therefore, you only have three months, just like me.