She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 694 - Mommy, Save It!

Chapter 694 - Mommy, Save It!

Chapter 694 Mommy, Save It!

It was Cherrys voice.

Justin rushed over fiercely and opened the door. Cherry rushed in anxiously and pulled Nora downstairs. Her voice was filled with tears. Mommy, hurry up and see Butterscotch. Butterscotch cant take it anymore!


Nora frowned and suddenly realized something. She hurriedly went downstairs in front of Cherry.

As soon as she came downstairs, the butler walked over. Xander and Butterscotch are in the lounge. I was afraid of causing a panic, so I asked the security to move them over.

Nora nodded at the butler.

This was Justins butler. He was good at handling matters and had always been very polite to her.

Hearing this, Nora rushed to the lounge again. Just as she entered, she heard Petes voice. My mommy is also your mommy. Shes a doctor. She will definitely be able to treat Butterscotch. Dont worry.

Princess Lucy was also standing beside them, looking at them with wide eyes and fear.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Pete and Princess Lucy turned to look at Nora. Petes eyes lit up. He rushed over and held Noras hand. He pointed at the dog in the cage in the corner and said, Mommy, hurry up and save Butterscotch.

Nora walked over and realized that Butterscotch was lying in the cage. It seemed to have no strength at all. It lay on its side with its legs straightened. However, its eyes were wide open as it looked at Xander. Its pupils had already begun to expand, and it was obvious that there was no treatment possible.

Noras heart sank. She turned to look at Xander and saw that he was extremely calm. His little face was tense as he squatted beside Butterscotch and stared at him. He held a small knife in his hand.

When she saw that knife, Noras pupils constricted. She asked directly, Xander, what are you doing?

Xander was still staring at Butterscotch as he said stubbornly, Butterscotchs heart cant take it anymore. Fluffys body isnt good, but its heart is still alive. I want to exchange Fluffys heart for Butterscotchs That way, both of them would be alive

Any child would definitely panic upon hearing such words.

However, at this moment, Nora only felt her heart slowly getting stifled.

In the past, she had always thought that Xander was a mischievous child who was just ruthless. When the security officer had collected his DNA samples, Xander had even bitten him.

Later on, he was always acting stubborn. Whatever Justin asked him, or whatever Nora asked him, he would not answer.

Last time, he was framed as an outsider and had taken Pete away. Until he returned, he had not explained a word.

During that time, Justin tried to talk to him many times, but he was stopped by Nora.

It was only when Pete woke up and told the truth that Justin could let go of the knot in his heart.

Nora thought of how he looked when she took the DNA test report and walked to the VIP lounge upstairs to hand the report to him.

After he pretended to be mature and finished reading the report, he stood up and looked at the butler to simply say, Yes, I can change now.

He did not say anything and only glanced at Justin and Nora proudly. Then, he said, You can prove that youre my parents now, but this is only written evidence. I havent acknowledged you in my heart yet. You still have to work hard, understand?

Therefore, he had never called her Mom and Dad.

This was how Xander was. He was a strange, eccentric, and domineering child. At this moment, he was holding a knife and quietly saying that he wanted to replace Butterscotchs heart.

Over the years, although Nora had saved many people, it was inevitable that she experienced life and death in the hospital. She had a calm personality and did not care about many things.

But at this moment, her eyes were gradually turning red.

Even though Xander had grown up in a bad environment, he still remained true to himself.

She said, Xander, its useless. Its body will reject the new heart.

How could that be?

Xander frowned. Arent they all hearts? How can you be so sure?!

With that, he extended his hand again and wanted to open the cage. Open the cage quickly. I want to save Butterscotch! Itll be too late!


Butterscotch suddenly let out a weak bark. The bark made Xanders body stiffen. Then, he suddenly turned to look at Nora. Arent the Smiths and Hunts very powerful? Hurry up and call the doctor Anti to treat Butterscotch! Anti can save Butterscotch! Quickly call her over. If she doesnt come, kill her!

Xanders eyes were filled with madness.

Looking at his heartbreaking appearance, Nora reached out and pressed his head. Xander, Im Anti.

I am Anti.

These words caused Xanders body to stiffen.

He pushed Nora away and stared at her in shock. Youre Anti Mommy, hurry up and save Butterscotch!

The first time he called Nora Mommy, he was asking her to do something that she could not.

However, Nora knew that if she did not do something now, Xander would probably go crazy.

She took a deep breath and nodded. Okay.

Then, she took out her phone and called Lily.

Lilys voice was hoarse. Boss, Id just fallen asleep

She had done the DNA tests without sleeping for several days. She did not even attend the childrens birthday party and had fallen asleep.

Only two hours had passed!

Before she could finish complaining, she heard Nora say, Come to the Hunts immediately and assist me in a heart transplant surgery!