She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 693 - Xander Is Bait

Chapter 693 - Xander Is Bait

Chapter 693 Xander Is Bait

Justin pursed his lips and handed a piece of paper beside the medicine in the box to Ian.

Ian opened it and saw a line of words: You have to inject Xander within half a month or hell die.

Ians pupils shrank as he looked up in disbelief.

Nora took a deep breath and explained, Caleb once told me that there is no way to expel the side effects of the gene serum on an adult. Therefore, even if an adult succeeds in improving their genes, their lifespan is greatly shortened. Within the mysterious organization, they had once found thousands of children to do experiments. Among these children, those who could not withstand the gene serum died. Those who could withstand it had to be injected regularly. Otherwise, they would die too. Just like Caleb and Trueman have to inject the gene serum regularly.

Ian drew a sharp breath. Are you saying that Xander will be controlled by him from now on?

Nora nodded.

Ian clenched his jaw and gripped the handle of the chair tightly. Then, he said sternly, How dare he scheme against my grandson! Hes really suicidal! Our family will fight this mysterious organization to the end!

Nora looked at him and lowered her eyes. Justin looked at Nora nervously. Xanders DNA cant match yours and mine. Its because of this medicine, Nora. Is there something wrong with his body?!

Nora frowned. To be honest, I dont know.

She looked at Justin. At least hes healthy for now. Do you think Trueman is lying to us?

Justin took a deep breath. Yes.

Justins suspicion was very reasonable.

Trueman was both good and bad. He had never done things logically. It was indeed reasonable that he really planned to cheat them.

What if Xander didnt need a gene serum but was still injected with it under Truemans deception?

Nora kept quiet for a long while.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and heard Calebs deep voice. Miss Smith, you might be in trouble.

Nora was taken aback. Whats the matter?

Caleb said in a low voice, I noticed that Trueman secretly sent a V15 gene serum to the country You might not understand what V15 means. Let me tell youThe gene serum is divided into 16 stages from 1 to 16. The serum is also divided into 16 injections. Only after these 16 injections can you completely become a transgenic person. Your life will be worry free, and you might even get more benefits from your body and live longer. But before this, if any injection is missed, you would die! I once told you that the mysterious organization raised a group of children who were very powerful. Among those few, there were five who survived. The five of us have taken the doses up to V15. Currently, only V16 is left, but V16 is in your mothers hands.

Noras eyes narrowed. She stared at the gene serum in her hand and took out that small bottle. She flipped to the back and realized that the words V15 were written on it!!

She asked, Xander is my son. He sent this gene serum to my son!

The other party paused and sighed. Trueman only has three months left to live. No wonder hes in such a hurry!

A cold light flashed across Noras eyes. What do you mean?

Caleb sighed. The longer the interval between the injections, the lighter the bodys endurance becomes. They have realized that one cant take more than two years to take the next injection. Im the same age as Trueman. Were 29 years old. After the initial few, we had taken injections every two years. We injected V15 nearly 21 months ago. If V16 is not found within three months, Trueman will die.


Nora instantly grasped the logic behind this. So Xander was not even six years old, but he was already injected with 14 serums? This means that he was injected with three serums annually!

The other party was silent for a long time before he sighed silently. Yes.

One word made Noras heart hurt like a needle.

She could not think about it. She had no idea what Xander had experienced in the past five years!

She clenched her jaw.

Caleb sighed. Trueman must have realized your existence when you were giving birth, so he deliberately stole your child. When your mother died that year, the mysterious organization could do nothing to her. The mysterious organization was probably afraid that you would not come out and hide the antidote your mother had left behind, so they deliberately took Xander to force you to


Nora took a deep breath.

Truemans actions had really infuriated her!

She was furious!

Trueman used the child as the bait just to force her to find the V16 left by her mother!

She said angrily, Let Trueman die!

With that, she hung up.

Thats right. This was Truemans true motive.

Sending Xander back to drive a wedge between them was not his real goal. If Justin and Nora could not even save a child, they were not worthy of being the heads of the Hunts.

His goal was to force Nora!

Nora took a deep breath and looked at Justin.

As the two of them were thinking, there was a sudden violent knock on the door. Mommy, mommy, open the door quickly! Somethings wrong!