She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 68 - Grandpa, Why Don't I Tell You Some Trivia?

Chapter 68 - Grandpa, Why Don't I Tell You Some Trivia?

Chapter 68 - Grandpa, Why Don't I Tell You Some Trivia?

Nora said to Melissa, "We'll go for that kindergarten, Aunt Melissa. I'll take Cherry there and give it a go."

Then, she got up, went out the door, and picked up the call.

An aged and stern voice came from the other end of the call. "Where are you?"

It was her traditional medicine teacher, Silvester Zabe.

At the thought of how serious and stern of a man he was, Nora subconsciously straightened her back and answered, "I'm in New York, sir. What's the matter?"

Silvester slowly replied, "Oh. The Smiths are looking for you; they want you to treat someone's illness."

The Smiths? Ian Smith?

Just as Nora was about to say that she would go, Silvester said, "You don't have to go. He isn't sick; he just doesn't want to live anymore."


"His internal organs are failing. Currently, they're using the Carefree Pill to keep him alive. Even if you do go over, can you make him regain his will to live?"

Nora had no words for that. She reckoned that Ian would probably wish to die even more if he saw her.

She sighed mentally. Then, she asked carefully, "Okay. Can I visit you tomorrow, sir?"

Silvester was already over 90 years old this year, but the elderly man nevertheless spoke clearly. He replied, "No, it's fine. I'm already old; there's nothing to see here. You passing down my skills in traditional medicine would be the best way of repaying my kindness."

However, the old man's indifference instead made Nora tear up.

Without him, she would probably have already died several times.

She cast her eyes down and said, "In that case, let me know if you ever want to see me."

"You're not a kid anymore, so why are you still so clingy? Stop it!" After saying that, Silvester said, "I'm hanging up."

Beep… beep… beep…

Nora looked at her cell phone and heaved a soft sigh. That old man's temper was as weird as ever.

The night passed peacefully.

When Cherry woke up the next morning, Nora was still asleep.

She tiptoed gently across the carpet, closing the door only after she entered the study.

Then, she picked up her cell phone and sent Chester a text message: "Chesty, are you ready?"

Chester replied instantly: "I've already registered a live stream account for you, so you can officially start live streaming now!"


Cherry climbed up the chair and planted her tiny self on the big swivel chair. She pushed her foot against the table and turned the chair straight. Then, she turned on Nora's computer.

Chester chuckled and texted: "It's your first live stream today, Cherry. Let's do something a little special today so that you can attract more fans!"

Cherry's big dark eyes lit up and she replied: "Okay! What shall we do?"

Chester, who was in his room at the Hunts', replied: "Let's compete in the live stream!"

Cherry eagerly replied: "No problem! I'll beat you for sure!"

"Heh heh." Chester replied smugly: "A contest in a live stream isn't dependent on the game but the fans' monetary tips! I have 10 million fans, so I'll definitely beat you!"

Chester had suffered his little niece's dissing in the game for over half a year.

Now, he was going to stand tall and regain his dignity as her uncle!

He would let his little niece see just how crazy his fans are.

Cherry wrote: "I'll definitely be better at this than you!"

Chester grinned and started a new live stream. "Hello everyone! This is Chesty. Today, I will introduce a new friend to all of you. She's my team leader! Yes, she's none other than the cutie with a little girl's voice who loves playing as the heroine with the huge cannon! Everyone, please show her lots of support!"

At the Smiths.

Ian had woken up in the morning.

The servant quickly told him that Joel had watched over him all night the previous day.

Joel, whose eyes were all red, held his hand and said, "Uncle Ian, the Smiths still need you. I can't head the family by myself yet. You can't just leave all of this behind and go."

Joel was lying.

He was even more outstanding than himself back then, yet he was putting on an act like that.

Ian smiled weakly. "I'm fine."

A touch of sorrow flashed across Joel's eyes. He picked up the cell phone and handed it to Ian in an attempt to pique his interest. He said, "I remember you used to like playing games, Uncle Ian. This game is very popular now. How about trying it out?"

The reason why he had played games in the past was that she was still with him back then.

Ian actually wasn't very interested in games. He said dispassionately, "… I don't know how to play it."

"It's fine." Joel opened a live stream app and said, "It's pretty interesting to watch others play, too! You can even learn how to play just by watching."

He opened a random live stream and placed the cell phone at a corner on the side within Ian's line of vision.

Ian didn't have the heart to refuse his nephew's kindness, so he simply looked over casually.

A soft and tender voice could already be heard coming from the live stream.

"Chesty, why are my points so low?"

Chester replied, "That's because the points are calculated using the total amount of tips you receive from fans through the virtual gifts they send you! You don't have many fans yet! Hehe, come on, everyone! I'm always being trashed by sweetcherry in the game, so I'm going to give her a taste of how it feels to be trashed this time!"


Ian was taken aback for a moment.

He remembered that Yvette's game alias had been 'lollipop' back then. When he teased her for using such a sweet-sounding name, she had replied, "What's wrong with that? If I have a daughter in the future, I'll play games with her and give her the alias 'sweetcherry', and have you die of diabetes from all the sugar!"


Ian stretched out his pale and feeble arm and took hold of the cell phone. Right away, a face-off screen entered his sight. sweetcherry only had a few hundred points while her opponent Chesty had a few thousand points.

He suddenly gained a little interest.

When Chester raised his head, he suddenly discovered that Cherry's total number of points had exceeded his. He immediately exclaimed, "What the f*ck?! What happened?"

Cherry exclaimed excitedly, "Someone just gave me a huge tip! I can't even keep count anymore!"

Chester did a count and found that the person had actually given her a $80,000 tip in one go!

Shocked, he urged, "Quick, greet your Sponsor Daddy! Thank you for the tip, Sponsor Daddy!"

Cherry was very troubled, though. She said, "But I already have a Daddy!"

She tilted her head, bit her finger, and thought about it for a while. Then, her eyes suddenly lit up and she exclaimed, "I know, I'll have Mommy call him Daddy instead! So, that means he's Grandpa! Thank you for the tip, Grandpa!"

While talking, another notification saying she had received an $80,000 tip scrolled across the screen.

It instantly dealt a crushing blow to Chester's points.

"F*ck!" He was angry now. "Don't be so arrogant! I also have sponsors!"

He immediately posted a link to the live stream on his Facebook page and wrote: "Hey everyone! Those with money, please show some support! Those without, go away."

Most of Chester's friends were wealthy people, and they usually gave tips worth a few thousand dollars for fun.

After making the post, his score indeed started to rise.

At this time, Justin was currently seated in his office in the Hunt Corporation's office tower.

Beside him, Pete was studying.

He opened his Facebook page and immediately saw Chester's post.

Bored, he opened the link.

He immediately heard a tender voice coming from the live stream: "Sponsor Grandpa, in order to thank you for giving me such big tips, I'll tell you some trivia!"