She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 685 - Birthday Present 1

Chapter 685 - Birthday Present 1

Chapter 685 Birthday Present 1

When Mrs. Livingstone saw the person, she was a little stunned and asked, Whats wrong?

That person leaned over and whispered something in Mrs. Livingstones ear. Mrs. Livingstone suddenly stood up and looked at that person. What did you say? The Stewarts arent cooperating with us anymore?

The person smiled bitterly. Its not just the Stewarts. The Levins, the Sonnets, and the Lowes have all conveyed their intentions to cancel the collaboration. I heard that its

The person glanced at the old lady. It was Mr. Hunt.

The Livingstones were dishonest in their business. Their prices were high and their quality was bad, but there were still so many people fawning on them. Wasnt it because they wanted to establish ties with the Hunts?

Now that Mrs. Livingstone had openly angered Justin, even if Justin did not say a word, that group of people would still revoke their cooperation!

Mrs. Livingstone was completely stunned. She suddenly looked at Mrs. Hunt and realized how much she had been wrong.

She said in disbelief, H-how dare he?!

Justin had been very respectful to Mrs. Hunt since he was young. He also handled the Livingstones matters very carefully, so Mrs. Livingstone had the confidence to oppose Nora publicly.

She did not expect Justin to do this for Nora.

She swallowed and fell in front of Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Hunt, auntie, you cant ignore us! If you dont care about us, the Livingstones will go bankrupt!

Mrs. Hunt stared at her. Dont be anxious. Ill talk to Justin later.

She had openly provoked Ian earlier, and it had made Justin unhappy.

She had watched him grow up and knew Justin very well. He did not expose the truth the moment she opened her mouth. Instead, he allowed her to slander Nora like a clown. Then, he revealed the truth just to embarrass her and teach her a lesson.

As his grandmother, Mrs. Hunt was certain that Justin was a good child who valued relationships. Otherwise, he would not be so loyal to Nora.

He would not do anything to Nora, but he would fall out with his own grandmother!

Justin was now in charge of the Hunts. If his heart left her, how could she live so comfortably in the future?!

Mrs. Hunt wanted to wait until Justin was no longer angry. Then, she would mention these things to Justin and ease the relationship between the two families.

However, as soon as she said this, Mrs. Livingstone immediately shouted, Auntie, Thomas is your grandnephew. Were all part of your maiden family. Were all your backing! Isnt our situation a joke to others now? Go look for Mr. Hunt now! He definitely wont reject your request!

When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she instantly pursed her lips.

When they were outside, Mrs. Livingstone did not listen to her and insisted on going against Nora. At that time, she had still felt that this niece-in-law of hers was just angry and did not think of her.

But now, she was demanding her to do things so righteously

Mrs. Hunt felt her heart being blocked. The family she loved so dearly had always been using her!

The old lady covered her chest and waved at Mrs. Livingstone. Go out!

Mrs. Livingstone was stunned. She looked at Mrs. Hunt and saw that her expression was ugly as if she could not breathe. She was instantly frightened and did not dare to speak again.

However, before leaving the room, she could not help but turn back to look at her. Seeing that her fingers were trembling as she picked up the teacup and prepared to take a sip, Mrs. Livingstone threatened, Mrs. Hunt, maiden family is a womans dignity. If the Livingstones fall, you wont have any dignity left!



Mrs. Hunt suddenly threw the teacup in her hand to the ground and pointed at the door. Scram!

Only then did Mrs. Livingstone jump up and leave.

After she left, Mrs. Hunt sat there gasping for breath. The butler beside her quickly took out a Calming Pill and handed it to her.

Mrs. Hunts chest heaved violently, and she felt like her heart was about to explode. However, after taking the medicine, she suddenly felt relieved.

She lay down slowly with the help of the butler.

After a long time, she slowly opened her muddy eyes and sighed.

The butler asked, Mrs. Hunt, what do you need?


Mrs. Hunt opened her mouth and suddenly looked at the small box with the medicine. For some reason, she suddenly paused and said in a daze, This medicine was made by Nora, right

The butler nodded. Yes, Miss Smith made it herself. There are only two boxes in the entire city. You have one here.

There was also a box at the Andersons.

The old lady paused and suddenly sighed heavily.

Her resentment towards Nora suddenly faded.

When she thought about what had happened previously, she did not even understand what she had done

How did she push her grandson away?

She slowly closed her eyes.

Downstairs, Ian entered the VIP room to rest.

When the time came, Pete, Cherry, and Xander held hands as they went upstairs.

Cherry stood in the middle. On her left was Pete, and on her right was Xander.

Pete was wearing a gentlemans suit and his behavior was very appropriate.

Xander was wearing the same outfit, but he was twisting his body from side to side. He had lived in the basement since he was young, and he had never worn clothes that were of the right size. He felt like his tiny self was being trapped in this tiny suit!

He did not twist too much from left to right. And the little fella was good-looking and looked exactly like Justin when he was young, so he looked especially likable.

Everyone below looked at him.

Pete seemed to have sensed something and turned to look at Xander. The corners of his mouth immediately twitched, and he coughed to remind him, Dont twist around. Its embarrassing!

Xander took a long time before saying, My pants are too tight.


As a boy, he understood this kind of pain very well. Sometimes, his clothes would tighten before they were sorted out. He coughed and suddenly pushed Cherry to walk in front. He followed in front of Xander and whispered, Hurry up and tidy it.


Before Cherry knew what was going on, the two children behind her had already dealt with the problem.

When they went downstairs, the three children looked around and found it fun.

The others were also full of praise for the three children.

However, Mrs. Livingstones sharp voice was mixed in. Speaking of three children, Pete is the most outstanding. After all, he grew up beside his father since he was young. He looks like a little aristocrat. Cherry and Xander are far from him!