She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 684 - Birthday Party! 4

Chapter 684 - Birthday Party! 4

Chapter 684 Birthday Party! 4

Justin continued to smile. You should have heard of her by now!

This meant that she was of high status!

Mrs. Livingstone was even more excited. Then tell me

Beside her, Mrs. Hunt pulled Mrs. Livingstones hand hard and even began to pinch her arm, but Mrs. Livingstone didnt pay attention.

Mrs. Hunts anger rose. She only wanted to throw Mrs. Livingstone out!

Why did her maternal family have such a foolish niece-in-law?

She suppressed Nora only because of a small trick. Later on, when she took a liking to Nora, she helped her make up for it and save her face.

However, Mrs. Livingstone was determined to ruin this marriage.

Mrs. Hunts blood boiled. She felt that she had suppressed her granddaughter-in-law here for her maiden family. But what had her maiden family done?

Not to mention that Nora was the best candidate for being the Hunts daughter-in-law, but if she ruined this marriage, how could she still have the face to stay in the Hunts?!

At this moment, Mrs. Hunt was suddenly a little disappointed.

For so many years, she had been working hard for her family.

The Livingstones had long been in dire straits. If not for her being here, the Livingstones would probably have been removed from the first tier of the wealthy families.

She had done so much for her maternal family. What did she get in the end?!

Mrs. Hunt was furious.

Unable to shut Mrs. Livingstones mouth, she could only look at Justin and wonder at the same time.

What was wrong with her grandson today?!

She knew how much he cared about Nora. But why was he suddenly not giving the Smiths face today?

Whispered discussions filled the entire banquet hall.

Oh my god, is Mr. Hunt not planning to marry the Smiths? Then why is he so polite to Mr. Smith?! It cant be an apology, right?

Miss Smith is so pitiful. She isnt even married yet, but shes already fighting for favor with others

Whose daughter is she? How can she seduce Mr. Hunt? Hasnt Mr. Hunt been pure of heart for so many years? When we were young, we even said that he didnt get close to women! It was said that hed be disgusted if women touch him Why are there so many women




As the crowd was discussing, Justin lowered his eyes.

He had already achieved his goal.

After all, Mrs. Hunt was his grandmother. However, because of Thomas, she was very dissatisfied with Nora and had even caused a lot of trouble in private.

He knew that he had to let Mrs. Hunt see the true colors of her family.

After all, this was the grandmother who had raised him. He could not chase her out when she was old. Furthermore, she had given her heart to Pete before.

Therefore, when Mrs. Hunt first spoke, he did not stop her and even added fuel to the fire. He did this to let Mrs. Livingstone reveal her true nature.

Now, the old lady should be very dissatisfied with Mrs. Livingstone, right?

Only then did Justin slowly say, Not only has Mrs. Livingstone heard of the eldest daughter of the Smiths, but she has also seen her, right?

Everyone: ??

Everyone was puzzled, not understanding what he was saying.

Mrs. Livingstone was stunned. The Smiths? Which Smiths?

At the mention of the Smiths, everyone would only think of the Smiths in New York, but was there another wealthy Smith family?

Justin lowered his eyes and sneered before looking at Mrs. Hunt.

At this moment, Mrs. Hunt had already reacted. She looked at Justin in shock and felt stunned. Could it be

Hahaha! Ians loud laughter suddenly spread throughout the entire banquet hall. Then, he patted Justins shoulder. Triplets! So Nora gave birth to triplets back then!

He raised his head proudly. Three at a time. My daughter is so awesome!

Everyone: ??

The entire place was in an uproar.

Everyone exploded and discussed the topic fervently.

Miss Smith gave birth to three children in one go? Shes too lucky!

Oh my god! So there are no illegitimate children at all. All three children were born to Miss Smith. No wonder Mr. Hunt is so polite to the Smiths!

Mrs. Hunt was also overjoyed and heaved a sigh of relief.

Justin said, Thats right. Peter Hunt, Cheryl Smith, and Xander Yale are all Nora and my children!

With that, the surrounding people congratulated him.

Mr. Hunt, congratulations!

Three children, two sons and a daughter. Mr. Hunt is so lucky!

Some people congratulated Ian.

Ian, you have three more grandchildren now. Congratulations! Hahaha, but youre going to have to spend a lot of money. Have you prepared three gifts?

Ian was overjoyed. Of course. How can I not have enough gifts?.

The others immediately got their family members to go back and prepare another gift. After all, they had only prepared two sets.

The people around them became busy. The great-grandmother was clearly Mrs. Hunt, but everyone ignored her.

No one came forward to congratulate her. They could all see Miss Smiths status in the Hunts in the future.

Mrs. Hunt glared at Mrs. Livingstone and forced a smile. So its a misunderstanding.

She was simply like a clown who had been laughed at by everyone!

She wanted to suppress her granddaughter-in-law, but she did not expect to raise her status even more.

With that, she pulled Mrs. Livingstone to the side. Come with me!

The two of them left the hall and entered the lounge beside it. As soon as they entered, Mrs. Hunt turned around and slapped Mrs. Livingstone. Pa!

Then, she shouted angrily, What did you mean earlier? You made things so awkward for me!

Mrs. Livingstone covered her face and her eyes darted around before she sighed. Auntie, Im doing this for your own good. That little hussy hasnt married in yet, but shes already not giving you any face. What will happen if she marries in the future?

Mrs. Hunt was furious and her heart turned colder. You dont have to find excuses. You just wanted to interfere in that marriage!

Mrs. Livingstone pursed her lips and whispered, Didnt I fail in the end?

She had admitted it herself, and this made the old madams eyes turn cold.

She said coldly, Im Justins grandmother. He wont do anything to me. Who do you think you are? You actually dare to publicly slander the Smiths?

Mrs. Livingstone covered her face and said, Auntie, Im your niece-in-law. He has to accept it for my sake, right? What can he do to me?

Her disdainful expression stabbed Mrs. Hunt like a needle.

However, at this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open. Then, the Livingstones rushed in with flustered expressions.