She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 686 - Birthday Present 2

Chapter 686 - Birthday Present 2

Chapter 686 Birthday Present 2

Even if it was to curry favors, everyone praised the three children. Amidst the praise, Mrs. Livingstones words were especially striking.

Everyone looked at her in unison.

Mrs. Livingstone coughed. Anyway, she had already offended Justin, so she might as well go all out. Why are you all looking at me? Look at the three children! Pete grew up with Justin and received elite education since he was young. What about Cherry? She grew up with Miss Smith, and everyone should have heard about Miss Smiths past, right? She grew up in a small place in California. What kind of knowledge and horizons can she have? Cherrys upbringing is definitely not as good as Petes.

At this point, she looked at Cherry. Cherry, its not that Im criticizing you, but you have to study hard. Girls who play games every day are bad. However, this isnt your fault. You cant blame yourself for having suitable environment to grow up in

Although Nora was the eldest daughter of the Smiths, she grew up in a small place in California.

Everyone knew about this, but Nora was Anti and also the disciple of Dr. Zabe. Who could guarantee that they would never need her help?

Therefore, no one mentioned her past.

However, with Mrs. Livingstone saying this, everyone could not help but size Cherry up.

The little girl stood there gracefully. She was wearing a white princess dress and a cute diamond hair clip on her head. She looked adorable no matter how one looked at her.

Cherry blinked her dark eyes and her expression darkened.

She suddenly thought of the time when her brother had forced her to study every day

At that time, her brother would always look at her and sigh. He even said that she should not embarrass mommy.

She felt that she was soft, cute, and charming. How could she embarrass her mother?

But now, she understood.

So this group of people thought that she and her mother had been living in a bad environment since she was young?

This was too infuriating!

The little fella immediately stepped forward and raised her head to speak. Grandma, have you been living well since you were young? Mrs. Livingstone was a daughter of a wealthy family. She immediately raised her chin. Of course.

Cherry instantly shrunk her neck. Then I dont want to grow up in a good environment. I dont want to be like you and force my nose in other peoples matters.

With that, she suddenly covered her mouth. Oh, I want to stay away from this woman. Ill be infected by you! Why are you pointing fingers at others?! Mommy says this isnt good!

Not being judgemental was the best virtue.

Amongst the wealthy families and young ladies, this had always been the rule. However, where there were many women, there were many disputes and gossips.

The circle of wealthy madams in New York was too boring. Therefore, everyone often gossiped. It was not very good.

At this moment, Cherrys words made everyone present respect her.

No matter what, just Cherrys words showed that her upbringing was not bad!

Mrs. Livingstone was so angry that her entire body trembled, but she still sneered and said, Cherry, Im your relative. Thats why I care about you. Why would I care about other peoples matters? If you despise me for disciplining you, then Ill apologize to you! Sigh, kids these days are so sensitive. I cant even say anything as an elder! She was labeling Cherry as being disrespectful to her elders!

Pete narrowed his eyes and stepped forward. He suddenly smiled and said, Mrs. Livingstone, what kind of family do you come from? Why didnt I know that were relatives?

Mrs. Livingstone immediately said, Your great-grandmother is my aunt. Im definitely your relative!

Pete seemed to be stunned. He was very gentlemanly as he seriously asked, Is that so? Then everyone here today is my family, right?

Those who could attend the banquet were all from families deeply rooted in New York. Were they not related at all?

Pete was being sarcastic. Where did she come from?!

These words were like a slap to Mrs. Livingstones face, making her even angrier.

However, on second thought, their relationship with the Hunts was really supported by Mrs. Hunt alone. She instantly blushed and stopped talking.

Coincidentally, Ian and Justin came downstairs.

Mrs. Livingstone instantly shut her mouth.

Ian and Justin had already arrived in front of the children and began to give them presents.

Ians gift to Pete and Xander was his own shares in the company. Five percent was given to the two children just like that!