She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 683 - Birthday Party 3

Chapter 683 - Birthday Party 3

Chapter 683 Birthday Party 3

When Justin said this, the entire place became silent.

Everyone looked at each other in amusement.

Even Mrs. Hunt was stunned. When she had asked Justin about Xanders mother, he had said that if that person dared to appear, he would definitely kill her. Then, he had said that his mother was dead.

But now, why did a mother appear?

Mrs. Hunt was stunned.

She had appeared in front of Ian and mentioned the illegitimate child in front of so many people. She also said that Nora was pregnant before marriage because she wanted Nora to have a bad reputation in the upper-class society in New York. It was to suppress her so that she would not rely on the love of the Smiths and Justin to do whatever she wanted at home!

After all, she no longer cared about herself.

Last time, when she asked her to treat Thomas, Nora had rejected her and did not care about her at all.

Noras identity was really too good.

Not to mention being Ians only daughter, just Noras status as a doctor ensured that Mrs. Hunt would not have to worry about herself when she was old. But now, Justin said that Xanders mother was still around and he actually did not seem to hate her

Mrs. Hunt was shocked, and her expression changed.

Ian frowned and looked at Justin unhappily!

What was the meaning of this?

However, the scheming Ian did not explode on the spot. After all, this was his grandson and granddaughters birthday party. No matter how many grievances he felt, he had to suppress them.

Mrs. Hunt was burning with anxiety. Before she could say anything, Mrs. Livingstone, who had been standing beside her, watched the commotion and said, Huh? In that case, Mr. Hunt, you know Xanders mother? But speaking of which, it wasnt easy for that woman to give birth to your child. She even raised her child for five years. Our family really should treat her well, right?

Mrs. Hunt wanted to suppress Nora, but she still wanted this granddaughter-in-law.

But Mrs. Livingstone wanted to foil this marriage!

Her son had gone to several hospitals but could not be treated. He even went to see a traditional alternative medicine doctor. In the end, the doctor told her that he would never recover.

If he really wanted to try, only Dr. Zabes disciples could treat him.

Their only hope was with Nora, but Nora did not help them!

Mrs. Livingstone hated Nora.

If you dont treat my son? Then dont even think about living well!

Mrs. Livingstone was about to say something when Mrs. Hunt suddenly grabbed her arm and stopped her from speaking. She looked at Ian. Justin, youre being ridiculous. How could Xander have a mother? Even if he does, our family will never admit it! On behalf of the Hunts, I only acknowledge Nora as my granddaughter-in-law!

With that, she turned to Justin and scolded, I dont care what you think about Xanders mother. Shes never allowed to enter my family, do you hear me?

Mrs. Hunts attitude changed drastically.

Justins eyes narrowed. Just as he was about to announce who Xanders mother was, Mrs. Livingstone said, Auntie, youre wrong! Shes Xanders mother, after all. Its only natural for her to want to see her son! Why cant she marry into the family? Even if Miss Smith marries Mr. Hunt, she has to be magnanimous. She cant suppress a mistress Were all dignified people, so we cant do such a thing, right?

Mrs. Livingstones words were very vicious.

She compared Xanders mother to a mistress. Under such circumstances, if Ian did not break the engagement soon, the entire New York would laugh at the Smiths!

If he let his only daughter compete with a mistress, the Hunts would forever trample on the Smiths.

Ian pursed her lips and looked at Justin again.

He had seen with his own eyes how much Justin liked Nora. There must be a reason for this person to suddenly mention Xanders mother.

As for the inside story, why was he still so calm


Ian thought of something and his pupils suddenly constricted. He suddenly looked at Justin. Could it be

Ians eyes lit up.

When Mrs. Livingstone said this, Mrs. Hunts expression changed drastically. She pointed at her and said, How ignorant! How could a woman like that enter my family? Justin wont have anything to do with that kind of woman in the future!

Mrs. Hunt was furious.

No matter how important her maternal family was, they were not as important as her grandson!

Mrs. Livingstones words were too heartbreaking!

Mrs. Livingstone covered her mouth and laughed. Auntie, why are you so angry? Justin didnt even say who she is. Besides, she might even be a daughter of a wealthy family. Look at you, youre simply denying her!

Mrs. Hunt lowered her eyes. I dont care who she is, I wont acknowledge her!

She had meticulously raised Pete to have a high IQ. He was someone more outstanding than Justin and was destined to become the Hunts heir.

No matter how good her status was, she did not want it!

Furthermore, Noras status was already very high.

As soon as Mrs. Hunt finished speaking, Justin said, Shes indeed from a wealthy family.

Mrs. Livingstone smiled. Oh? Who is it? Do we know each other?