She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 682 - Birthday Party! 2

Chapter 682 - Birthday Party! 2

Chapter 682 Birthday Party! 2

Time passed slowly. Soon, the sky turned dark, but the Hunt Manor was brightly lit. All kinds of luxury cars were gathered. When they arrived at the Hunts territory, everyone listened to the security guards obediently and parked their cars in the parking lot.

Only a manor as big as the Hunts and Smiths could hold so many cars!

Everyone was dressed very well. They were all in luxurious dresses and suits. They entered the hall with smiles.

Those who were invited by the Hunts to their childrens birthday party were all famous figures in New York. For a moment, the hall was filled with peoples greetings.

Other families might need to have their masters receive guests at the door when they held a banquet, but the Hunts only sent a member of the side family to guard the place. Justin did not appear in the hall at all.

However, the guests did not feel neglected. Instead, they entered the hall humbly.

The men gathered to discuss the current economic trends.

The women gathered together and gossiped in secret.

The lounge upstairs is where Mr. Hunt is, right? I heard that up until now, no guest has been invited upstairs by him.

Everyone wanted to get to know Justin. On such occasions, he would also invite a few people upstairs for a chat. Some were businessmen, and some were new CEOs.

However, up until now, no one had been invited upstairs.

Yes, I wonder who could be invited upstairs

So what even if someone gets invited upstairs? Whats rarer is for Mr. Hunt to come downstairs to personally welcome someone, right? Hes so proud and aloof. It seems like he has never welcomed a guest at the door before.

Youre thinking too much. Who has the face to make Mr. Hunt come downstairs?!

As the few of them were chatting, they suddenly realized that the door to the lounge upstairs had suddenly opened. Justin rushed down and straightened his clothes as he walked.

Everyone below fell silent at that moment.

Everyone turned to look at him and saw him go downstairs with hurried footsteps. He was tall and had long legs. He went out the door in just three steps.

Everyone: ?

Whos here?

Everyone looked at the door curiously and saw Justin respectfully supporting Ian as he walked in. He stood beside Ian and lowered his head slightly in a respectful manner.

Joel followed beside the two of them with a smile. Beside him was Tanya holding Mias hand.

As soon as they entered, everyone in the living room came to a sudden realization.

Thats right, the Smith family was the only family in the country who could compete with the Hunts.

In the past, Justin would not lower his head in front of the Smiths because he was powerful and did not fear them. But now he was their son-in-law!

Through Justins respectful attitude toward Ian, and the way he completely placed himself as a junior to receive him, everyone understood.

It seemed like Mr. Hunt was very happy with Miss Smith!

It made sense!

Miss Smith had given birth to two children for Justin!

Everyone was thinking about this question in their hearts when they saw the butler supporting Mrs. Hunt and walking toward Ian and the others. As soon as she walked over, she smiled and said, Ian, youre here!

Ian frowned.

Justin and Nora were already engaged. Furthermore, under such circumstances, he could not throw a tantrum and refuse to acknowledge this son-in-law.

Therefore, Ian nodded. Mrs. Hunt, how are you feeling today?

Mrs. Hunt sighed and said heavily, Not very good. I worry about my family every night!

Ian: ?

Before he could ask anything, Mrs. Hunt said, Its our Justin who has let the Smiths down regarding Xander. However, Xander is also a child of Justin. Hes his biological son, so I cant just give him up. Sigh, Ian, Ill apologize to you here! I hope the Smiths can let bygones be bygones. Well still be good in-laws in the future!

As soon as she said this, the surrounding people instantly began to discuss softly.

No wonder Mr. Hunt is so polite to the Smiths. So he did something wrong

It seems like the matter of the illegitimate child is true, but Mrs. Hunt is really muddle-headed to mention this in front of so many people!

Thats right. If the Smiths forgave Mr. Hunt, it would make the Smiths lose face. Its as if the Smiths are one level lower than the Hunts. But if they dont forgive them, are they going to argue on the spot? Mrs. Hunt is being more and more confusing!

However, some peoples eyes lit up and they sneered. What are you talking about? Mrs. Hunt is openly suppressing her granddaughter-in-law!

This sentence made everyone around shut their mouths and look over.

The battle between Mrs. Hunt and Miss Smith began now!

Ian stared at Mrs. Hunt with coldness in his eyes.

How could he not know about the most heated discussion in New York?

At home, he had asked Nora if she wanted to clarify things. In the end, Nora said that the truth was not like what was being said outside. As for the details, they would be revealed today.

Therefore, Ian suppressed the anger in his heart and nodded at Mrs. Hunt before going upstairs.

It was his grandchildrens birthday today. He did not want to argue here to avoid making a fool of himself!

If he did not speak, she would take it that he had given in.

However, looking at him like this, Mrs. Hunt raised her nose and said, Ian, youre forgiving Justin, right? I knew it. Miss Smith is a good child, and you two are reasonable people. Besides, Miss Smith and Justin already have two children. Even if its just for the children, she has to bear with it

These words made even more people frown.

They felt that something was wrong. Why did she have to endure it for the sake of the children?

Did the old lady want to use the children to extort Nora?

Its like saying that since you got pregnant before marriage, you can only marry our Hunts?

Everyone looked at Ian.

Ian slowly frowned. Mrs. Hunt, what do you


Mrs. Hunt continued to pretend to be ignorant. What I mean is, for the sake of Cherry and Pete, the Smiths shouldnt fuss about it with our family! Look, youre here for their birthday party today. Doesnt this mean that you wont fuss about it anymore?

Ian: !

There was no change in his expression, but he was furious deep down.

His daughter had not married into the family yet, but she was already being looked down on.

This was too much!

He was about to speak when Mrs. Hunt continued, From now on, were all family. I have to treat Xander better. Hes so pitiful. Without his mother by his side, I cant treat him unfairly and make him resist!

Mrs. Hunt said this in front of everyone.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished speaking, Justin slowly said, Grandma, Xander has a mother.