She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 681 - Birthday Party! 1

Chapter 681 - Birthday Party! 1

Chapter 681 Birthday Party! 1

Five days later.

On the Hunt twins birthday, the entire house had been busy since morning. The birthday party was at dinner, but all kinds of fresh ingredients were sent in early in the morning.

The manor was busy but orderly.

In the hall of Justins villa.

Cherry was wearing a beautiful dress.

Pete was also wearing a suit, looking very gentlemanly.

However, Xander was wearing a set of casual clothes. He had a white short-sleeved shirt and black pants with a red jacket on top. No matter how one looked at it, he did not look dressed appropriately.

The butler stood at the side with a small suit on the tray in his hand, pleading with him. Xander, young master, please change into this first.

Xander reached out and pretended to grab him. He grinned and said, Dont call me that. Mr. Hunt and Ms. Smith havent proven that Im their son yet. I wont admit it!

Thats right.

Xander had asked her that day, Do you have any evidence?

Noras answer had been, Not for the time being. But I had given birth to triplets.

Xander pursed his lips. But that doesnt mean that Im the third!

Nora: ?

She felt that what he said made sense.

Xander became proud. He raised his chin and said, If theres no evidence, I wont acknowledge you as my mother. , even Justin might not be my real father!


So. Xander raised his little chin. Bring out the evidence If you want me to acknowledge you! Nora realized that Xander had a proud personality. He liked it when others begged him

Helpless, she could only agree.

Anyway, the DNA test report was about to come out

Because Nora was injured, she had been staying in the Smiths for the past few dayssleeping. Her way of recovery was through sleep.

Therefore, Pete and Cherry were both at the Hunts.

Nora did not come today. When she woke up, she went to the hospital to look for Lily. She helped Lily by standing beside her and urging her to finish the report quickly.

She would only come back when she got the report.

Therefore, the few people in the hall were waiting for her arrival.

Xander glanced at the door, his eyes filled with anticipation. Nevertheless, he deliberately pretended not to care. Tsk, the report isnt out yet. How slow! Hey, is your girlfriend okay? The last sentence was said to Justin, who was sitting on the sofa.


He grimaced and suppressed his anger.

He had pretty much confirmed the little guys identity, which was why he was tolerating him so much.

Before Nora went to bed, she even reminded him to get along well with Xander and not to provoke him.

Justin was afraid that Xander would complain to Nora. He had really tolerated everything these past few days.

He took a deep breath and told himself that it was his biological son. Only then did he go back to reading the documents on the computer.

Xander grinned and turned to look at Pete. So your father is a mute.


Veins were popping out on his forehead.

Pete rolled his eyes. Dont go overboard. If God cant stand it anymore, and the DNA report says that youre not his son, youll be in trouble. Xander: ?

Even someone as bold as him was shocked by these words.

He swallowed and turned to look at the door again. He suddenly asked, Hows your mothers hand?

Nora had been injured because of him. Xander was touched, so he found an excuse to ask.

Pete replied, I dont know.

Xander: Cant you call and ask? Why are you so unfilial?!

Pete rolled his eyes. Who was the reason that my mother got injured? Whos the unfilial one?!

Of course, he had gone to see his mother.

Two days ago, he had gone to the Smiths. At that time, he had even called out to Xander and asked if he wanted to go with him, but Xander had arrogantly rejected him.

The two little fellows were about to quarrel when footsteps finally came from the door. Nora entered with the DNA report.


In the front hall, Mrs. Hunt was holding Mrs. Livingstones hand and looking around.

Mrs. Livingstone said angrily, Mrs. Hunt, that Nora is really too much. She said she wouldnt treat Thoma. So, she really didnt want to see him. We bought a persons appointment and to cut the queue for her to see him, but when she found out, she canceled it!

Mrs. Hunt frowned and sneered. She must have been frustrated lately!

When Mrs. Livingstone heard this, she instantly became curious. Why?

Mrs. Hunt said, That illegitimate child kidnapped Pete. She even injured her hand trying to save Pete. Sigh, in the end, that illegitimate child was still brought home by Justin Shes so angry that she hasnt visited for four days. Logically speaking, she should come over and keep an eye on her son and daughter in their birthday party.

Only then did Mrs. Livingstone vent her anger. Thats good! I think Justin was only interested in her for a moment. Over time, with her bad temper, how can he stand it?

Theres even that illegitimate child, Xander, mixed in. He kidnapped Pete this time, who knows what hell do in the future! This is just one big problem. Its the barrier between her and Justin for the rest of their lives, hehe!