She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 680 - I’m Your Mommy 4

Chapter 680 - I’m Your Mommy 4

Chapter 680 Im Your Mommy 4

There was no one on this road and no cars in sight.

At this moment, there was only the sound of the wind blowing in the distance. Noras voice seemed to have merged with the wind, making Xander feel like he had heard something wrong.

He looked at Nora in confusion. He hesitated and asked, What did you say?

Nora looked at the little fellow.

Xander had been raised by Trueman since he was young. He had a strange and stubborn personality. At this moment, his entire body was prickling, as if he was resisting all the warmth from the outside world.

She turned to look at Pete. He was safe and had fallen asleep in peace.

Nora hugged Pete with one hand and reached out to Xander with the other that was covered in blood. Lets get to know each other. Im your mother.

Xander stared at the wound on her palm.

He still felt that he had heard incorrectly. What mother? Stepmother?

Could it be that because he had planned to save them, this woman was touched and had decided to adopt him?

The thought made him happy at first.

However, his happiness immediately sank.

He, Xander, wanted a mother, but he was definitely not fighting with others for one

He took a step back and sneered. I dont need anyone elses pity. Scram! Im telling you, you dont have to pretend in front of me. Justin isnt here, either. Why must you?

When Nora heard this, she sighed silently.

This child was really too cautious.

She was about to explain when a car arrived in the distance.

Nora, dont worry. Im here to save you!

Brenda shouted her slogan and jumped out of the car. When she saw the situation in front of her, she was stunned. What? Whats going



Brenda looked around. Where is he?

Nora asked curiously, Who?

The hero who saved you. Nora, dont tell me you killed these two people.


Nora was a good citizen. How could she kill someone? She explained, They committed suicide.

Brenda got the others to check on the two dead bodyguards and confirmed that they had both committed suicide by poisoning.

The person who was stabbed in the heart by Nora had swallowed the poison after he was sent flying by Noras punch Therefore, at this moment, it was unclear if he was killed by that hit or the poison.

How could Brenda care about this?

She only looked at Pete before glaring at Xander. Xander, what did you do to Pete? Youre so small, how can you be so evil?!

Xander laughed coldly when he heard this. He hugged his arms and stared at Brenda without saying a word.

Brenda was even more furious. Tell me, who is your mother? How did she teach you to be like this? Shes too much! I must find her and chat!

Xander lowered his eyes. He was about to say that her mother was already dead when he heard Nora say again, What do you want to talk about?

Brenda said angrily, I want to talk about Xanders thoughts, of course. How can he be so vicious at such a young age? He even harmed his half-brother!

Nora lowered her eyes. Its not his fault.

Before Nora had fought with the two bodyguards earlier, she had seen with her own eyes that Xander was planning to save her. Furthermore, when she went to hug Pete, she had also realized that the rope around his hand had loosened. This made her realize that there must be something else going on.

When Brenda heard this, she leaned close to Noras ear. Nora, dont worry. In my heart, I only recognize you as my sister-in-law. However, I have to investigate who gave birth to Xander. Besides, I definitely wont let Pete suffer from this. If you feel uncomfortable, Ill help you teach Xander a lesson!

Nora: Theres no need. Ill do it myself.

Brenda: ?

She was stunned. Arent you afraid of getting in conflict with my brother?

Just as Brenda thought about this, she heard Nora say, Its the mothers fault that the child was not educated properly. Im his mother, so this doesnt involve you.

Brenda: ??!

She was stunned.

She lowered her head to look at Xander and then looked up at Nora again. In the end, she still asked in disbelief, Nora, you, you mean that Xander is your son?


Nora did not want to touch Xander with her bloody hands, so she stood in front of him.

Xander pursed his lips. Hey, stupid woman. I told you, I dont need sympathy, and I dont need you to be my stepmother either. You

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Nora suddenly turn back and look at him. She slowly squatted down and looked into his eyes. Then, she said word by word, Im not your stepmother. Im your biological mother

Xander was stunned.

This time, he was really stunned.

He stared at Nora in disbelief. He only felt that the world was a fantasy.

Was he dreaming?

Did God hear his inner thoughts and make him hallucinate?

Xander swallowed, the words coming out of his mouth were very awkward and proud: So what if you say that? My mother died long ago, my father said so. Do you have any evidence?