She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 679 - I’m Your Mommy 3

Chapter 679 - I’m Your Mommy 3

Chapter 679 Im Your Mommy 3

Deep envy for Pete and Cherry suddenly rose in Xanders heart.

First, Justin planned to abandon him for them.

Then, they had such a powerful mother

The two of them were really too blessed.

As he was thinking, the bodyguard who had been kicked away by the woman suddenly said, Xander, were all doing this for you. How can you be like this?

With that, Xander immediately looked at the woman in front of her in a panic.

He wanted to explain, but he suddenly felt that there was no need to. This person was originally his enemy. Even if he said something, would this person believe him?

Just like when he was accused last time, he had shut his mouth tightly and did not explain anything to Justin. At this moment, he became stubborn again, and an awkward and aggrieved feeling rose in his heart.

He stared at Nora.

The woman in front of him suddenly narrowed her eyes filled with hostility and killing intent.

Ever since he was young, Xander had been most afraid of these two bodyguards. They had left an irreparable wound in his heart.

The second was Trueman.

Yes, he was afraid of Trueman.

Although Trueman had never fought in front of him or hit him, he was very perceptive and had intuition.

He knew that he had to curry favor with Trueman in order to live well.

Justin was the third person he was afraid of. The aura he occasionally emitted was frightening.

The woman in front of him was clearly thin. Compared to the other men, she seemed a little too thin.

However, for some reason, Xander felt a strong ruthlessness and killing intent at this moment. It made him feel even more afraid than the two bodyguards did.

Xanders small body trembled.

Truemans father had said that he was this womans thorn in the flesh. She would find a chance to get rid of him.

So, was this the opportunity?

She would kill him and say that she had accidentally injured him when she was saving Pete. That would be perfect!

This thought suddenly gave rise to a rebellious state in Xanders heart.

Then, he watched as the woman suddenly rushed toward him. She even reached out a fist and aimed it at his head.

Xander did not move or dodge.

Perhaps it could be said that the woman was too fast and he did not have time to react at all. He could only feel the wind of the punch coming at him before he closed his eyes.

Living was tiring and he did not have any dignity.

However, Xander had never wanted to die.

Was he going to die here today?

A loud bang was heard. Then, he heard someone grunt and fall to the ground with a heavy thud.

However, the expected pain and head injury did not arrive. Xander was stunned for a moment before he slowly opened one eye.

He saw her standing in front of him, waving her fists.

He turned around and saw that the first bodyguard who had been beaten down by her had collapsed behind him. He was holding a dagger in his hand.


Something warm fell on his face,



Xander looked up in a daze and saw that the womans hand was tightly clutching the blade of the dagger. Her fingers had been pierced by the sharp blade, and they were dripping with blood.

Xander understood.

Just now, the bodyguard behind him had wanted to kill him with a dagger. It was this woman who had saved him!

Xander did not expect this at all. He looked at Nora in a daze.

He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, the woman suddenly reached out with her other hand and grabbed the mans shoulder. With a little force, she pulled him behind her.

How dare you hurt him? Youre courting death!

As these cold words came out, Nora suddenly stepped forward and swung her arm forcefully. The blade in her hand hit the bodyguards chest!

The bodyguard was stabbed in the heart and died on the spot.

Noras eyes were still shining with a fierce light. The killing intent around her was strong

She suddenly looked at the bodyguard she had kicked away and saw that he had bitten the poison in his mouth and died.

Both bodyguards were dead.

Xander looked at their corpses in disbelief, stunned.

Dont look.

The woman covered his eyes with her intact hand and took him into her arms.

Xanders body froze.

The womans embrace was warm and soft. It was completely different from Truemans body. It was fragrant, like medicine.

Was this the scent of Petes mother?

Xanders nose suddenly felt sour.

He really wanted such a cool mother But why did Petes mother want to protect him even if she had to get injured?

They were clearly on opposing sides?

When Xander thought of this, he secretly looked at Noras left hand. Her fingers had a huge wound pierced by the blade, and they were still bleeding.

However, Nora did not stop the bleeding. She only turned Xanders head so that he could not see the two dead bodies. She asked in a very low voice, Wheres Pete?

At this moment, Petes safety was more important than reuniting with Xander.

These three words instantly jolted Xander back to reality.

He looked into the distance in a daze and pointed at the car. In the car, he was drugged

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, Nora quickly took him to the car.

When she arrived at the car and confirmed that there was no one else around, Nora opened the backseat door. She saw Pete sitting up with his butt sticking out.

Unfortunately, the drugs effect made him feel weak all over.

Hearing the car door, Pete slowly raised his head. When he saw Nora, his eyes lit up. Mommy!


Nora carried Pete out and checked his pulse. After confirming that the little guy had only fainted from a small amount of knockout drug and was fine, she relaxed.

Just now, she was really worried about Pete. They had only known each other for a few months

Mommy, Im fine!

Pete said softly and comforted Nora.

Xander looked at the two of them from the side, his eyes were already red.

He turned his head silently and looked to the side.

At this moment, he felt like a third wheel.

Actually, yes. He was redundant, to begin with.

Before he returned, his father had said that his mission was to destroy their family of four. But now, when he looked at Nora and Pete, he thought of Justin and Cherry.

Xander lowered his eyes and slowly moved.

His departure was indeed the best for them.

However, after taking two steps, his shoulder was suddenly held back.

Xander was stunned. He slowly turned around and saw Nora standing there, asking him curiously, Where are you going?

Where was he going?

At this moment, Xander suddenly felt extremely aggrieved by this question.

He also wanted to know where he was going!

If he left here after betraying his father, where could he go?

He would rather wander alone than harm their family of four again.

Xander sniffled and said arrogantly, I can go wherever I want. Who are you to control me?

Nora stared at the little boy and said slowly, Im your Mommy.