She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 67 - Direct Successor

Chapter 67 - Direct Successor

Chapter 67 - Direct Successor

Jon's expression remained unchanged as he answered, "It's Dr. Zabe."

At once, Joel got ready to instruct his subordinates to invite him over.

However, Jon stopped him. He said, "He's already very old, and has even become somewhat absent-minded and bedridden. But I've heard that he took in a student who inherited all of his skills. Unfortunately, this person is very mysterious. No one knows where they are."

Joel frowned. His gaze fell on Ian who was lying on the bed.

Jon contemplated for a while before he spoke again. He said, "I can keep Mr. Smith alive, but you'll have to either let him rekindle his will to live or find Dr. Zabe's student."

Joel nodded, a bit of a sharp look appearing in his flirtatious eyes. "In that case, please help my uncle regain consciousness as soon as possible, Mr. Myers."


Jon took out a silver needle and pierced it into several important points on Ian. Then, he took out a pill, crushed it, and stuffed it into his mouth.

After some work, Ian's heartbeat became steady again.

Jon wiped the sweat off his brows and said to Joel, "Mr. Smith should be able to wake up tomorrow. I'll have Tina personally come over to check on him every day and do our best to keep him alive until you find Dr. Zabe's successor."

A smile formed on Joel's countenance once more. "Okay, I'll get the butler to send you out."

After the two of them left, a feminine and delicate voice suddenly rang out. "Joel, he's obviously capable of curing Dad, yet he keeps going on and on here with you instead. Also, Dr. Zabe? He sure says a lot of nonsense."

Joel smiled upon hearing this.

He turned around to see an attractive figure walk in—it was Ian's adopted daughter, Yvonne Smith.

Ian never married in his whole life, choosing to only adopt a daughter. All the other children born into the Smiths were boys, so they doted on their one and only younger sister very much.

Joel said, "As long as he can cure Uncle Ian's illness, what's the big deal about helping him boost his reputation?"

Yvonne stuck out her tongue and cast her eyes down.

Everyone said she was the princess of the Smiths in New York, but no one knew that she was actually the most afraid of Joel.

The new head of the Smiths was always smiling and was gentle and generous, but Yvonne always felt like there was a thin wall between the two of them…

At the entrance of the Smiths' residence.

It took a full ten minutes for the car to go from the villa where Ian lived to the gate of the manor.

It was only when she saw that they were on the main road that Tina finally looked away from the manor.

She looked at Jon nervously. "Sir, Ian Smith is already on his deathbed. Even he himself doesn't want to live anymore; how can we possibly save his life?"

Ian had no external or internal injuries. From a modern medicine perspective, there wasn't anything wrong with him.

Yet his internal organs were slowly failing…

Jon stretched out his hand—half a pill was resting on his palm. He said, "Go over every day to check his health. Give him a couple of jabs on unimportant points of his body first, and then have him consume this pill. This will keep him alive."

Tina exclaimed, "Sir, that pill is…"

Jon heaved a heavy sigh and answered, "It's the Carefree Pill."

Tina's eyes widened. "That pill is worth a lot! You…"

Jon balled up his fist and closed his eyes. Due to his age, the skin at his eyelids was loose and saggy. He instructed, "Have someone secretly buy them from Harmonia Pharmacy. Don't let anyone discover anything. Harmonia Pharmacy has won this round, thanks to the Carefree Pill. If we don't achieve anything big, they'll probably rise above us!"

Tina immediately understood what Jon meant.

The Myerses had made a name for themselves overnight by using the Carefree Pill to cure the elderly Mrs. Hunt. Additionally, it had also allowed Jon to cement his position in the field of traditional medicine. However, now that the Carefree Pill had become the Andersons', it had robbed them of their glory.

Dr. Zabe was the only one capable of curing Ian, yet Jon had successfully kept him alive. This was undoubtedly something glorious to tell everyone.

Tina sat up straight and said seriously, "Don't worry, Sir. I'll make sure I don't slip up and give anything away!"

It was getting late and the moon was already visible in the sky.

The streets of New York were filled with cars. From a distance, it was as though the stream of red car lights stretched on endlessly.

Although the Andersons' residence wasn't a large manor, it was located in the city center and was a quiet little area amid the hustle and bustle of the city. The small villa's market value was worth over ten million.

After dinner, Mrs. Anderson and Melissa brought Nora into the study.

The swelling around Mrs. Anderson's eyes had already gone down and she had completely regained her vision. She looked at Nora kindly and asked, "Nora, Cherry must be five by now, right? It's not appropriate to just let her stay at home all the time. Do you have any plans to send her to kindergarten?"

Nora had thought about this a long time ago.

Originally, her trip to New York was only supposed to be a temporary stay, but now that her son was here, it was likely that she had to stay here permanently.

She nodded and asked, "Which is the best kindergarten nearby?"

Cherry had a super high IQ, so she wasn't quite the same as other children. She was impatient and, apart from when she played games, she couldn't sit still at all, no matter what she was doing.

This was the only reason why Nora had allowed her to play games—so that she could practice how to focus. However, in truth, the amount of game time she had every day was limited.

Considering her situation, she needed a kindergarten with the most abundant manpower resources, so that there would be the most professional teachers there to take care of her.

At her question, Melissa was taken aback for a moment before she answered, "The best kindergarten around here is the International Golden Sunshine Kindergarten."

Mrs. Anderson frowned and supplemented, "That kindergarten is hard to enroll into, though."

Nora was puzzled.

Melissa explained, "That's the best kindergarten in New York. The students there are either wealthy or of noble status. Given our family's conditions, neither Sheril nor Logan were accepted into the school when they were children…"

She said, "The main reason for that is that not only does the kindergarten have tough requirements for the children, but they also have very demanding requirements for parents. Parents must either be special talents or top cadres. Additionally, there are also assessments of varied content specifically set for parents."

Nora went straight for the key point. She asked, "What's considered a special talent?"

Melissa answered, "They are talents who have made major contributions. Alternatively, it'll also work if the parents are holders of top-class black cards."

A puzzled Mrs. Anderson asked, "What's a top-class black card?"

Melissa shook her head. "I've only heard of it and never seen it before."

The look in Nora's eyes flickered a little, however.

A bank's top-class black card was a credit card with no credit limit.

Currently, there were only a double-digit number of black cards in the world. It was said that these dozen or so people had formed a mysterious organization known as the Imperial League.

Imperial League members were either tycoons of the world or hotshot politicians, and they controlled the global economy.

They were very mysterious, and even an occasional conversation among them was capable of triggering global economic storms. However, all the members were anonymous, and even people within the organization itself didn't know who the others were.

Everyone privately speculated that in all of the United States, the person who might have a black card like that must be Justin. Thus, everyone, no matter who it was, treated him very politely.

Anyone who owned a black card like that could buy the kindergarten itself, so there definitely wouldn't be any enrollment restrictions for them.

Nora's lip corners curled upward. She was about to say something when her cell phone rang.

However, when she saw the name on the caller ID, she was taken aback for a moment.

Why was he calling her?