She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 678 - I’m Your Mommy 2

Chapter 678 - I’m Your Mommy 2

Chapter 678 Im Your Mommy 2

Pete glared at him. Id rather be controlled by her for the rest of my life!

Xander was stunned when he heard this.

The little person suddenly fell silent. He could not help but ask again, Is a mother really that important to a person? Didnt you just reunite with your Mommy? You didnt have her in the past five years either!

Pete was so anxious that his eyes turned red. Although he knew that his mother might be fine, he lost his mind when it involved her.

He shouted, You havent had a mommy before. You dont understand the feeling of having a mommy! Mommys embrace is warm, and Mommys body is soft. Mommy will speak softly, kiss my forehead, and call me baby So move aside and let me up. I want to save Mommy! I cant lose Mommy!

Petes cries made Xander fall silent again. He watched as Pete propped himself up with his small arms, but fell down again because of the drug. Xander suddenly said, Your mother is fine. I was joking.

Pete was taken aback.

Xanders face tensed up as he glanced back and continued, They havent attacked yet, but it seems like they havent reached an agreement. Theyre about to attack. Forget it, Im in a good mood today and dont want to kill anyone. Ill save your mother!

With that, he pushed Pete away and quietly opened the car door before getting out.

He walked forward step by step.

He was already extremely afraid when he saw the backs of the two bodyguards.

Butterscotch had been his sky back then, and his sky had been pierced by these two bodyguards. Xander had been fearless since he was young, but he was afraid of these two bodyguards.

Now, he wanted to save Pete and Cherrys mother from the hands of these two bodyguards. Thinking about it, he felt like he had gone crazy!

However, when he saw Pete struggling and Nora driving to catch up to him, he felt inexplicably sad.

So this was how it felt to have a mommy!

At the thought of this, he mustered his courage and walked toward them.

As soon as he approached them, he heard the two bodyguards say, Miss Smith, since you dont know how to appreciate my kindness, dont blame me for being nasty!

With that, the two of them attacked.

The few of them did not see that Xander had silently slipped out. At this moment, he was hiding behind a tree.

When Xander heard their words, he suddenly became anxious. He suddenly shouted and rushed to the two bodyguards with his eyes closed, hugging one of their legs tightly. Then, Xander shouted, Youre not allowed to hurt Cherrys mother!

The two bodyguards were stunned.

One of them narrowed his eyes and sneered. Xander, youre really insensible. Mr. Yale has instructed us. If youre insensible, dont blame us for being ruthless!

Xander was already trembling in fear when he heard his words.

He swallowed hard and looked at Nora. He shouted, Petes mommy, run quickly! Ill spare your life today!

With that, he looked at the bodyguards again. I said, youre not allowed to hurt her!

The bodyguard chuckled softly and bent down to grab his collar. Xander was immediately picked up.

His feet left the ground and kicked in the air as he glared at the bodyguard in fear.

Pete, I helped you save your mommy!

But where was his mother?

As soon as this thought crossed his mind, he suddenly heard a deep and cold voice. Youre courting death.

Xander was stunned.

He wanted to know who was looking for death, so he turned around and saw that Noras expression had become dark. Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with coldness.

Her gaze was fixed on the bodyguards hand that was holding him, and she quickly took a step forward.

Another bodyguard had already jumped in front of them. Miss Smith, were lecturing the child on behalf of Mr. Yale. You dont have to worry. Ill play with you

Xander: !!

Why was Petes mother so stupid? She still wanted to fight!

The bodyguard was almost a head taller than her and was strong. Although she was also very tall, she was like a child when she stood in front of him.

Petes mommy is so stupid!

Xander was like a puppy. When he was being carried, he was anxious that Nora would not have the opportunity to escape.

Xander felt that it was all over.

Now, not only was Pete captured, but his mother was also going to be captured. As for him, he had violated his fathers wishes. After he was captured, he would definitely be locked in the basement for a year.

He would even make these two bodyguards educate him well

Xander could not help but shiver when he thought of that scene.

At this moment, he was in despair.

However, in his despair, he suddenly had a ridiculous idea.

If his mother was still alive, would she come and save him?

Just as this thought surfaced in his mind, he heard a loud bang. Xander could not help but cover his eyes.

It was all over.

That bodyguard was indeed powerful. Petes mother had been beaten up so badly!

He did not even dare to look

When Pete sees this, he would definitely cry

After these thoughts flashed through his mind, he heard the bodyguard holding him say in a deep voice, Have you learned wrestling before?

Xander: ?

He subconsciously widened the gap between his fingers and looked, only to see that the other demon bodyguard had collapsed on the ground.

A long leg stepped on his back, preventing him from breaking free.

Moving up that leg, he saw Nora standing there against the light. Her voice was still cold, but the words she said were like the sound of nature. Let go of the child. Ill play with you.

Xander was placed on the ground in a daze. Then, he saw the bodyguard, who had held him like a pillar, exchange only three blows with the woman before being slammed to the ground.

Then, he saw the woman send him flying far away with a kick. His body left a long mark on the ground.

The two bodyguards who could subdue Butterscotch and who could never be defeated in his eyes fell to the ground and vomited blood, unable to get up.

Then, the woman looked at him and walked toward him.

The sun behind her was about to set. It emitted a dazzling red light and shone a warm light on this woman.

At this moment, Xander suddenly had an idea.

How good would it be if she was his mother?

However, he then lowered his head and realized that his thoughts were ridiculous and hilarious.

How was this possible?