She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 677 - I’m Your Mommy 1

Chapter 677 - I’m Your Mommy 1

Chapter 677 Im Your Mommy 1

Xander stretched his neck nervously and looked behind the glass window.

His small body leaned against the seat. His eyes were filled with nervousness and fear. These two bodyguards had left too much fear in his young heart.

Trueman probably knew this too, which was why he had sent these two people.

Because if it was anyone else, Xander would definitely not be so obedient.

He was famous for being unreasonable and domineering. At home, he would always bully others, except for these two bodyguards

When Xander thought of this, he could not help but sigh silently. Pete, your mother is finished this time.

Pete: ?

He rolled his eyes. Talk about your own mommy! My mommy is super powerful!

Xander pursed his lips when he heard this. My mother died long ago. My father said that my mother died after giving birth to me.

When Pete heard this, he was stunned.

He had not expected Xander to say such a thing

He was stunned for a moment before he suddenly reached out and patted Xanders shoulder to comfort him. Im sorry.

He apologized for his words.

Xander waved his hand casually. You didnt know that my mother is dead, so I dont blame you. However, your mother is near her end too.


Xander bit his lip and reported the situation outside to Pete. Petes legs were still tied, so he could not sit up. Then, he heard Xander say nervously, Your mother got out of the car Shes walking toward the two bodyguards She glanced at me. Although theres a black film on the glass, she should have seen me, right? Then she should know that youre in the car. Pete, your mother started chatting with the two bodyguards. Is she begging for mercy?

Pete collapsed into his seat and struggled to get up. Id rather believe that shes sleeping than that shes begging for mercy right now.

With his mothers character, it wouldnt be her style if she didnt beat up those people until they were looking for their teeth on the ground.

Mommy was Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister!

He was able to learn martial arts because of Mr. Quinns respect for her.

At the thought of this, Pete, who was lying on the chair, placed his hands on the chair and wanted to stand up. However, Xander was pressing down on him, preventing him from coming up.

He pushed Xander and said, Help me untie the rope on my legs. Ill help Mommy.

Xander glanced at him. Forget it. Can you even help?

The dizzy Pete:

Although he was a very smart child and knew that he had to hold his breath when the bodyguard covered his mouth with the drug, he still could not control his breath. He had inhaled some of the drug, so his entire body was limp now. This was also the reason why he had not stood up despite struggling. Xander looked at him and pursed his lips. Besides, your mother might be discussing the price with them and planning to sell you!

Pete: Mommy can die for me, why would she sell me?

Xander rolled his eyes. How could that be? Why would a person die for someone else?

He had been cold to others since he was young, and he did not have any feelings for anyone else. He did not feel any kinship at all. He only had a little reliance on Trueman as his father.

However, Trueman had never hugged him or called him lovingly. He had never said things like he loved him and would protect him.

Trueman would always stand there and say to him condescendingly, Xander, you have to protect yourself. Otherwise, youre not fit to be my son! When you encounter danger, only you can protect yourself. You have to be selfish, understand?.

One time, Xander had even asked Trueman, Daddy, if I fell into the water, would you save me?

Trueman had sneered. No, although I know how to swim, theres no rationality in a drowning person. How many people have died in the water to save others? Why should I put myself in danger for you?

This was the education Xander had received since he was young, so he did not believe that Nora would die for Pete.

However, Pete looked at him in surprise. Any parent in the world would give up everything for the child. Although there are bad fathers, they are still the minority. Protecting children and making sacrifices for them is human nature.

How is that possible?

Xander still did not believe him.

Pete sighed. Why dont you believe in a parents love for their child?


What was love?

Xander grimaced. This is too mystical. I dont understand a thing. Besides, do you think the tyrant loves me? Ive been back for so long, but I havent felt his fatherly love even once!

When Pete heard this, he was silent for a moment.

Then, he comforted him. Thats because you werent in danger. Besides, its not that Dad doesnt love you. He just needs to make a choice. If hes too close to you, Mommy and I might be unhappy.

Xander fell silent before he snorted coldly. So, love has conditions, doesnt it?

Pete was speechless.

To Xander, Justins love did have a condition. The condition was that Xander did not hurt Nora, Pete, and Cherry.

And once he hurt them, Justin would definitely give up on him.

However, if outsiders came to bully Xander, Justin could also risk his life for him.

In this world, any family would have preferences. With so many children, most parents could not really love them all equally.

However, parents loved their children.

Pete did not defend Justin. Anyone could say this to Xander, but he could not.

Just as Pete was feeling conflicted, he suddenly heard Xander cry out in shock, Ah, your mommys been beaten!

Pete was shocked. He twisted his body and wanted to sit up to look back. He asked anxiously, What happened to my mommy?

She was beaten! One of them attacked suddenly and she was hit. How pitiful!

Xander grinned. Pete, from today onwards, youre going to be a motherless child like me~ Hahahaha.

Pete frowned. Although he knew that Xanders words could not be trusted, when he thought about how powerful those two bodyguards were, how they had easily stuffed him into the car, he felt a little worried.

Mommy had been busy these past few days. Could it be that she was not feeling well and was about to faint? Was that why that person had succeeded?

No, he wanted to save Mommy!

At the thought of this, Pete struggled violently again. When Xander saw him, he suddenly said, Isnt it good to have no Mommy? No one will control you anymore!