She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 676 - Coming to Die?

Chapter 676 - Coming to Die?

Chapter 676 Coming to Die?

When he saw her walking out, Justin hurriedly followed.

Nora ran to her car quickly. She did not even open the car door, her figure entered through the open window.

This series of movements was like flowing water. Before Justin could run to the front passenger seat, her car had already started.

Seeing that he could not catch up, Justin jumped forward and pulled the door to the front passenger seat.

He also wanted to follow Noras movements. Unfortunately, his figure was too tall. Even if he was thin and fit, he had a big frame and could not enter.

He could only open the car door to sit in the front passenger seat.

Before he could even sit properly, the car had rushed out.

Justin sat there steadily before closing the car door and buckling his seatbelt. He held the handle with one hand and then looked at Nora. Do you know who it is?


Nora stared ahead. Her almond-shaped eyes were especially focused. There was a faint expression of seriousness when she was driving. Her thin lips slowly moved. When I arrived at the gat, a car delivering the king crabs had just driven away.

Justin: How do you know its them?

This was the best time to save the child. If they missed this time, it would be difficult to find him.

It was not that Justin did not trust her, but he wanted to ask her clearly.

Nora: Logically speaking, a delivery car shouldnt have a black film on the windows. Besides, that car was clean. There was no dirt on the axle at all. The butler said that they were fresh king crabs sent directly from the sea. How is that possible?

Just now, she had felt that something was wrong, but she was anxious to see Xander, so she did not bother. But now that she thought about it, Nora quickly caught the main point.

Justin did not retort again, acknowledging her choice.

At the same time, he took out his phone and began to order the bodyguards at home to block the way. He contacted Brenda from the special department. When Brenda heard that Pete had been kidnapped, she was immediately furious. F*ck? They are kidnapping my nephew? Brother, wait. Ill bring everyone from the special department to save my little nephew! Tell Nora too, dont be anxious. With me around, there definitely wont be a problem. Tell her not to be impulsiveJust wait at home and dont cry. Ill definitely bring Pete back!

Justin silently glanced at Nora, who was driving crazily, and replied, Okay

After hanging up, he was silent for a moment before asking, Xander, he

I gave birth to triplets back then.

Nora said straightforwardly, Charles confessed.

When he heard about the triplets, Justins eyes lit up!

To be honest, after interacting with Xander for this period of time, he could not say that he had no feelings for this child. Now, he was also born from Nora. It was simply perfect for him.

However, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes darkened. Its Its Xander who kidnapped Pete

Nora clenched her jaw.

She stared ahead and suddenly said, Even if he did, it doesnt matter. The child has followed Trueman since he was young. Its normal for him to have learned bad things. This is our responsibility. He has a long life. Well turn him back to the good side in the future!

When Justin heard this, he fell silent.

That was not what he meant.

He was worried that if the brothers hurt each other, it would leave a psychological trauma on Pete.

He had known Pete since he was young. He knew his character very well. He was strong and vengeful. No matter who it was, as long as they did not treat him well, he would definitely not give them a chance.

He had been diagnosed with mild autism when he was young, and few people could enter his heart.

However, Xander had hurt him. He would probably never be his friend again.

If her two sons were distant, Nora would also have a headache in the future. When Trueman sent the child back, he should have realized that the truth could not be hidden. However, he still sent the child back.

This was his goal!

She fell silent and did not think about this question again. After all, the priority was to save the two children.

Nora sped like she was in a race. On the way out of the Hunt Manor, she drove at almost 150 miles an hour. Five minutes later, she caught up to the car in front.

Nora narrowed her eyes and stepped on the accelerator again.

However, just as she was about to overtake him, the car in front suddenly became two.

There were two cars. They drove back to back. The two cars separated at the junction ahead and sped up.


Noras car stopped at the junction.

She looked at the two roads and looked at Justin without hesitation. You go to the left, Ill go to the right!

Justin did not waste his breath and got out of the car decisively. Okay.

As soon as he got out of the car, Noras car chased after the car on the right.

After Justin got out of the car, a minute later, a sports car from the Hunts stopped beside him. He pulled the driver out. Trash, youre too slow.

The driver was speechless.

He was already driving the fastest he could!

He really did not understand how Miss Smith had driven an ordinary jeep like a sports car?!

Justin did not give him a chance to speak again and ran off!

The king crab minivan drove much faster than ordinary cars.

After separating from the dummy car at the junction to confuse them, the two bodyguards drove toward the countryside.

One of them looked back and said, Justin got out of the car, but that woman is chasing after us. F*ck, I really dont know how shes driving that car. Has it been modified? Its so fast! Shes about to catch up to us!

The other person frowned. Has she caught


Yes! The car is only five meters away from us!

Then stop the car and kidnap her too! We can report this to Trueman! Isnt she walking straight into a trap?


The car stopped. There was no one else on the road.

The two bodyguards got out of the car.

In the car.

Xander pushed Petes arm and could not help but complain, Your Mommy is quite good-looking, but her brain isnt that good, is it? How can she rush over so recklessly?

Pete rolled his eyes at him. Youre not allowed to talk about my mother like that. Also, my mother is very powerful. Shes here to save us!

He had subconsciously used the word us, and it warmed Xanders heart.

He raised his chin and snorted. I dont think shes here to save you. Shes here to make trouble, right? Shes alone after all. Besides, do you know how strong those two bodyguards are?

After saying that, he thought back to the bodyguards subduing Butterscotch and could not help but shiver.

Even Justin might not be able to beat them. Nora was just a woman. Wasnt she here to court death?