She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 675 - Her Son Had Suffered Too Much!

Chapter 675 - Her Son Had Suffered Too Much!

Chapter 675 Her Son Had Suffered Too Much!

Pete thought that this was all Xanders scheme. Just as he was sighing in his heart that he had not dealt with him and had softened his heart, he realized that Xanders words were actually directed at him?

He frowned slightly.

Xander had already rushed over. Alright, hurry up. I saw someone walking over when I was leaving earlier. If we dont go now, theyll see us!

When the two bodyguards heard this, they hurriedly took the cage containing the king crab. Without a word, they drugged Pete and let Xander enter.

Xander could not disobey them and clenched the cage tightly.

He happened to touch Pete. As soon as he touched him, he felt Pete move his leg back.

Xander was stunned and suddenly looked at Pete.

He did not faint?

Of course, Pete would not be drugged again. He had realized that they had brought sleeping pills and had been on guard. When the person came up, he had held his breath.

Now, he moved Firstly, those people had let him in too uncomfortably and twisted his leg.

Secondly, he wanted to test Xander.

What were Xanders intentions for suddenly helping him? If he yelled for help right now, he could conclude that Xander was in cahoots with that group of people. He had said those words just now to get rid of him!

After all, hadnt Xander always said that he wanted to defeat him and become the Hunts heir?

If he did not Then there was probably something else going on.

He held his breath and waited for Xanders reaction.

He was actually looking forward to it.

Although he did not know what he was expecting

After a while, he felt Xander sit obediently beside him and squeeze his shoulder.

Although the two of them did not interact for a very long time, Pete understood what Xander meant at this moment. He wanted him to not be impulsive. He would find an opportunity to escape when there were many people.

Pete did not move again.

However, he suddenly felt a little happy.

He quickly planned how to escape in his mind. There were many people in the Hunts, and the butler had neglected them. In about half an hour, he would definitely notice that they had disappeared.

If anything happened while they left, his fathers bodyguards would definitely notice and save them.

As Pete was thinking, the cage was covered.

Suddenly, one of the bodyguards took out a knife and aimed it at the basket outside Pete. Then, he stabbed the knife forward. Through the covers, he punctured Petes skin!

Pete endured the sharp pain and did not move.

The other person asked, What are you doing?

The bodyguard said, This little fellow just tried to save herself by tricking us into kidnapping his brother. It means that shes not that stupid. Im afraid that the drug wont be enough. Itll be bad if she wakes up midway and yells. Anyway, our mission is to get rid of her. If were discovered, we can just kill her and complete the mission!

When the other person heard this, he nodded. Youre right.



The two children looked at each other and understood the look in each others eyes. They could not think about fooling around now.

If the two of them dared to make a scene, Pete would die before anyone could react!

It was all over.

Xander thought to himself that he could only leave the Hunts for now and think of another way.

Pete sighed silently.

Forget it, he would not struggle. He would just wait patiently for the tyrant and mommy to save him. At most, he would be mocked by the tyrant after he was rescued.

He, the dignified heir of the Hunts, had actually been kidnapped. This was simply the greatest humiliation of his life!

The two of them hid in the cage and watched helplessly as the two strong bodyguards took them out of the back door.

As they were preparing for a birthday party, the house was very busy.

They had only security measures in the main house to ensure that no one would rush in to harm them. However, no one expected the three little fellows to be so sneaky. They avoided the security guards and ran out themselves!

After leaving the Hunts, the two bodyguards carried the cage to the car.

Xander and Pete were thrown into the backseat as the car started.

When they were leaving, a black jeep arrived at the gate.

At this moment, the car Xander and Pete were in happened to start slowly. When Nora stopped the car and waited for the door to open, the butler greeted her respectfully. Miss Smith.

Nora nodded.

For some reason, she suddenly turned to look at the white Volkswagen and asked, What is that for?

The butler said, Its for the king crabs.

Nora raised her brows.

She only felt a little conflicted, but she was concerned about Xander. She did not say anything and drove straight into the Hunts villa.

When Justin heard that she was there, he was a little surprised.

He walked out of the room and saw Noras anxious expression. She asked, Wheres Xander?

When Justin saw her like this, he had a faint guess in his heart and said, Hes upstairs.

Nora did not wait for him to say anything else and rushed upstairs.

At this moment, she was a little excited.

She did not know that she had a son other than Pete and had actually wanted to push this son away. In the past few days, when his identity was unknown, Xander had suffered countless grievances!

However, when she rushed upstairs, she realized that the room was empty!

Nora frowned.

At this moment, the butler rushed over. Sir, something has happened!

The Hunts moved quickly. There were cameras in almost every corner. Although there was no one in the back garden, there were cameras.

Every ten minutes, there would be security guards looking at all the cameras.

They realized that Fatty and Cherry were on the ground and instantly became anxious!

It had only been ten minutes since the incident. They had already realized that the child was missing!

When she saw Cherry being carried in by the security guard, Nora quickly took two steps forward and checked her pulse to see if there was anything wrong with the child. Then, she pressed on one of her acupuncture points a few times. Cherry opened her eyes in a daze.

When she saw Nora and Justin, she immediately shouted, Mommy, Daddy! Go save Pete quickly! Xander wants to kill him. He wants to be the heir to the Hunts!

When she said this, Noras body trembled.

Brothers fighting each other Was this a gift from Trueman?!

She stood there and suddenly thought of the car she had seen earlier. Her eyes darkened and she rushed out without a word.

At her speed, she should be able to catch up to that car!!