She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 674 - Joining Forces~

Chapter 674 - Joining Forces~

Chapter 674 Joining Forces~

Fattys voice suddenly came from behind. Pete, Cherry, what are you doing here?!

This voice instantly alerted the three people in conversation.

The two bodyguards immediately turned around. One of them was agile and ran over quickly, blocking Pete and Cherrys way!

As for Fatty, his opponent had hit him on the shoulder and knocked him out.

Then, he sneered and looked at Xander. Xander, you really tricked these two people out!

Hearing this, Pete and Cherry were even more furious.

It was especially so for Cherry. She glared at Xander with her dark eyes. Jerk, liar! Pete and I were going to let you go, and we were going to like you. How can you treat us like this?!

She still wanted to shout, but her mouth was covered by the bodyguard. There was some knockout powder on the handkerchief, so Cherry fainted.

Pete shut his mouth when he saw this and did not say a word.

When the bodyguard saw his expression, he did not attack immediately. Instead, he smiled and said, Youre quite obedient.

Pete did not speak, but his eyes were fixed on Xander.

Xander looked at them in a daze. He wanted to explain that it was not like that. He did not trick them out. However, he suddenly recalled that before he returned to the country, his father had indeed said that he wanted to drive a wedge between Justin and Nora.

At that time, he had been very stupid and asked, What if I dont succeed?

Trueman touched his head. Dont worry. Once you appear, there will definitely be a rift between those two. After all, no woman can ignore the fact that their lover has a child with another woman, right?

Then, he had chuckled and said, Besides, Ill help you become the Hunts heir.

At that time, he did not understand what this help meant, but he understood now!

However, he did not expect this.

He looked at the two bodyguards and wanted to tell them to let go of the two children, but he suddenly thought of how powerful these two were.

He had never had the right to speak.

He was not like Pete, who was the young master of the Hunts. With just one sentence, he could make everyone in the Hunts serve him.

Even if he said no, this was what his father wanted. The two bodyguards would not let go.

These two bodyguards were too powerful This place was relatively remote. Everyone was busy in the front hall preparing for the birthday party.

When Xander chose to leave, he had chosen the path that no one else in the house would take.

No one would come over here!

It was useless even if he shouted.

Xander thought about it and looked at Pete and Cherry. He suddenly said, I miss Dad. I dont want to stay here. I want to leave with you guys!

He wanted to stay with Cherry and guarantee that the two bodyguards would not kill them!

The two bodyguards instantly frowned.

After all, the mission they had received was to kidnap the two children. Trueman did not say that he wanted to bring Xander back!

As they were thinking, Xander shouted, If you dont take me with you, Ill tell Daddy Tyrant that you kidnapped Cherry!

The two bodyguards pursed their lips.

If Justin knew who did it, he would probably find them very quickly. The two of them could only press on their earphones. Truemans low laughter came from the earpiece. Bring him back!

Trueman had been talking to them from the beginning to the end.

He had just drugged Cherry and not Pete. This was his intention. He chuckled softly. We have to let people know that it was Xander who did this, right?

The two bodyguards were a little worried. But in the king crab cage, only two children could be placed.

They had brought the king crab over in a cage. The cage was supposed to be the tool to smuggle the two children out.

Now that Xander was leaving at the last minute, they could only kidnap one of the twins.

When Pete heard this, he said very calmly, Then you should take me. After all, Im the future heir of the Hunts. Its useless for the daughter to stay in the Hunts

He looked at Xander again with a very cold gaze. Im your opponent, right? If you want the heirs position, you can only succeed by getting rid of me.

Xander looked at him, wanting to explain that he did not think that way.

Even if he had thought of this before returning to the country, he had already dismissed it after coming here. However, when he looked into Petes dark eyes, he could not say anything.

When the two bodyguards heard this, they felt that it made sense.

However, a voice suddenly came from the earpiece. Kidnap the daughter, Justin loves his daughter the most.

The two bodyguards were speechless.

Someone wanted to explain. The daughter could not be the heir to the Hunts. Mr. Yale, you

Do as I say.

Trueman interrupted him. After all, he did not just want the heirs position!

The bodyguard instantly stood up straight. Yes.

He looked at Pete and then at Cherry before saying, Which one of them is the girl? Take off your pants! Why are their hairs so long Take the girl away and leave the boy behind!

These words made Petes pupils shrink.

Logically speaking, they should have kidnapped him to help Xander, but why would they suddenly kidnap Cherry?

However, this thought only lasted for a moment before he pointed at the fainted Cherry and pretended to be adorable. He is a girl. Im not a little girl! Im a little boy!

When he said this, the bodyguard laughed. Pfft, he is a girl? Youre contradicting yourself!

Pete immediately covered his mouth as if he had said something wrong. No, Im not Daddys daughter. Pete is!

The other bodyguard had already rushed to him and grabbed him. Alright, take off your


As he spoke, he had already moved to take off Petes pants.

Pete was anxious.

Regardless of whether he was humiliated or not, if he was discovered to be a boy, these people would definitely take his sister away.

He struggled, but he suddenly heard a childish voice. Cherry, stop pretending! Ive lived with you for so long. How could I not recognize you?

Pete was shocked. How could he have forgotten about Xander?!

This person was in cahoots with this bunch of baddies! He really hated the moment he had softened his heart for Xander! If he wasnt so soft-hearted, how could he have let this ingrate harm them?

He suddenly turned his head. He had originally thought that Xander had ratted him out, but he did not expect