She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 673 - A Small Misunderstanding~

Chapter 673 - A Small Misunderstanding~

Chapter 673 A Small Misunderstanding~

Xander was going through the back door. After all, it was too dangerous if he went through the front door, making it easy for others to see him.

At the back was a place where food was delivered for the Hunts kitchen.

For the birthday banquet, the butler had already begun to buy ingredients wantonly. For example, right then, a few people were pushing fresh king crabs. They were following behind the kitchen manager to deliver them.

These two were the familiar faces Xander had seen.

They were tall, and they looked very strong.

These two people were Truemans men.

He had seen them in the basement overseas. At that time, they were killers and were very skilled.

He remembered his dog Butterscotch. When it was being dragged away, it protected its son, Biscuit, fiercely. It was a dog taller than a person and was agile like a wolf.

At that time, Trueman had called the two of them over. They could not inject anesthesia into Butterscotch as the blood would affect the experimental data. So the two of them grabbed the dog with their bare hands and subdued it.

In his small world, Butterscotch was the guardian angel of all the cats and dogs. It was also his guardian angel. He watched helplessly as its bones were broken by these two people and dragged out

This made him feel that his little heart had been heavily injured. Therefore, in his world, these two people were like demons who were very terrifying

If Trueman said that these two people could beat everyone in the Hunts down, Xander would believe him.

Xander was stunned when he saw them.

Why were these two here?

Was his father here to pick him up?

As Xander hesitated, the two of them suddenly noticed him. One of them immediately said, Is that Xander?

With that, the kitchen steward turned his head.

Xander was hiding behind the grass. If one did not pay attention, one would not be able to see him. However, when the two of them spoke, the butler saw him and immediately became anxious. Xander, why are you here?

The butlers at home knew Xander.

On the first day he had returned home, the head butler had gotten them to pay attention, afraid that this little demon king would do something to tease everyone.

No one liked him and he was too naughty. He tortured them until they could not speak.

For example, in the kitchen, when he said he wanted to eat bean sprout crabs, he had tormented a group of people for an entire day.

To prepare Bean sprout crab, as the name suggested, one had to tear off the crab meat and stuff it into the small bean sprout.

The kitchen staff had tried to satisfy Xander After all, although Justin was indifferent to him, he had instructed them to take good care of him. How could anyone dare to disregard Xander?

Therefore, the group of people in the kitchen found three clever people. They looked at the very thin bean sprouts and stuffed crab meat into them for an entire day before successfully stuffing 100 pieces.

When the dish was served, Xander casually took a bite and turned to feed the stray cats at home.

The kitchen staff was really furious, but there was nothing they could do.

Pete never used such methods to torture people. Other than cooking strictly according to the recipe, Pete was really easy to serve.

When the kitchen manager thought of this, he sighed.

Xander had been discovered. His escape plan could only be delayed for the time being. He carried his bag and slowly turned around to walk back. Oh, I was too full. I was just taking a walk.

The kitchen manager was speechless.

How could the incharge dare to let him go back alone? He could only follow behind him and watch him enter Justins villa with his own eyes before leaving.

After he left, Xander sneaked out of the room again.

Xander blinked his large eyes. Before he returned to the country, his father had said that if he wanted to see if his new father cared about him, he should make all kinds of requests to see if his father would fulfill them.

That was why Xander had made so many requests. As he watched everyone in the Hunt circle around him, he felt his presence in the Hunts for the first time.

Was this how Pete and Cherry had lived all these years?

They could get whatever they wanted.

Even those unrealistic bean sprout crabs were possible!

What about him?

In the basement overseas, one had to give something of the same value in exchange for anything they wanted. Dad said that it was called self-sufficiency.

Although he thought that was quite cool, he actually preferred Petes life.

He was really degenerating!

Xander shook his head. He was about to leave, so he did not want to think about this anymore. Anyway, he still had to live his old life!

He hunched his back and continued walking. When he arrived at the park, the two people he had seen earlier suddenly walked out of the forest and surrounded Xander.

Xander was stunned. He looked at the two of them in fear. What are you doing here? Are you here to take me back?

One of them chuckled. Xander, Mr. Yale asked you not to go back. Only by staying here can you snatch the heirs position! Besides, isnt this place good?

Xander frowned. Snatch the heirs position?

Thats right. Did you forget the mission Mr. Yale gave you when you returned to the country?

Xander pursed his little lips. His face was simply the same as Justins.

When he returned to the country, the mission Daddy had assigned him was to destroy the relationship between Justin and that woman and to snatch Justins love.


He frowned. Dad The tyrant isnt easy to fool. He likes Cherry and Pete a lot. He wont like me.

Each time Justin looked at Pete and Cherry, although his expression did not change, his eyes were filled with gentleness.

Just like when they were arguing earlier

He had looked straight at Pete. His eyes clearly said that he would believe anything Pete said.

Justin would never give him such trust!

Just as Xander thought of this, he heard the bodyguard say, Mr. Yale has asked us to help you. Dont you want to obtain Justins fatherly love?

Xander was tempted by this sentence.

Did he want to?

Of course.

He wanted to.

He asked, How can you help me?

The bodyguard grinned. Have you forgotten? Didnt we agree that you would find a chance to trick the twins out of the house? After we kidnap them and kill them, Justin will only have you as his son. Wouldnt that be good?

Xanders pupils shrank when he heard this.

Not far away, Pete and Cherry were hiding. When they saw Xander tiptoeing, the two of them were worried that Xander would do something bad, so they followed him out.

However, they did not expect to see this scene!

Cherrys eyes immediately widened as she looked at Pete. Pete, Xander is too bad!

Pete pursed his lips tightly. He did not expect Xander to be so bad! When he had seen Xander being scolded, he had actually felt sorry for him

Pete suppressed his anger and glanced at Cherry. Theres no one here. Lets run

He wanted to show Xanders true face to his father!

The two of them retreated silently, but at this moment, they heard a voice