She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 672 - Couldn’t Bear to See You Again

Chapter 672 - Couldn’t Bear to See You Again

Chapter 672 Couldnt Bear to See You Again

After this thought surfaced in Xanders mind, he suddenly lowered his head.

He slowly returned to the room. After closing the door, he suddenly wanted to know what the siblings were doing. He sat up on the bed, logged into his Facebook, and called Cherry.

The other party picked up quickly. Are you going to apologize to my mommy?

Xander: Yes, I apologize. What are you doing?

He blinked his clear eyes and looked at the phone curiously. Then, he heard Cherry say, Were discussing how to deal with a little demon!

Xander was stunned. Little demon?

Cherry nodded. Thats right. Hes my fathers child with another woman. Because of his appearance, my mother must be very sad. We cant let her be sad. Mommys health isnt good. If shes in a bad mood, she wont be able to sleep well.

Xander pursed his lips. But its not his fault, is it?

The other party fell silent when Xander said this.

Xander looked ahead in a daze. His eyes, which were identical to Justins, flickered with confusion.

He said in a daze, Perhaps he doesnt want to be so hated. He never thought of snatching Petes identity. He just wants to have a home

Xanders voice suddenly became very, very low when he said the last four words.


He had wanted a home with parents since he was young. In the basement, he had seen a mother kiss her child a few times through the window. He had also seen the father put his son on his shoulder several times and let the child ride him like a horse.

But he did not have such experiences.

All he had were his rabbits, kittens, and puppies.

Xander lowered his head. Then, he heard Pete say, Maybe, so were hesitating.

Cherry suddenly said, Actually, hes Daddys son, which means hes my brother. Besides, I dont hate him that much. Were already in a dilemma now. How good would it have been if he had never appeared? That way, Daddy and Mommy wouldnt have had to worry about him.


Never appeared

It seemed like no one in the house wanted him.

Xander suddenly said softly, I understand.

Cherry asked curiously, What do you understand?

He understood that they disliked him.

Xander suddenly smiled. Its nothing. Dont worry, that big trouble will leave soon. You two will return to your old lives!

Cherry tilted her head. How do you know?

Xander stared at his phone. He suddenly wanted to ask, If I were Xander, would you still want me to leave?

However, he did not ask.

He only asked, Cherry, can we be friends?

Of course! Cherry replied quickly. Arent we already friends? Although, you always curse Itll be better if you can change this bad habit! My mommy doesnt let me play with bad kids.

Xander was stunned.

When he heard the question, Arent we already friends?, he could not help but smile.

Actually, Cherry was the first friend in his


At that time, he was too bored in the basement. He downloaded Facebook and searched the people nearby.

He did not have much hope when he searched, but he did not expect to find Cherrys profile.

The two of them added each other as friends and he finally had his first friend. Every time he was bored, he would tease Cherry.

She was very smart and had a sharp tongue. The two of them often chatted and argued

He was very talkative and he treated Cherry as his sister.

But now, his sister wanted him to leave and disappear. How could he not leave?

Even if it was just to return his sisters peaceful life, he should leave.

At the thought of this, he lowered his head and suddenly said, Cherry, can we chat often in the future?

As long as Im not playing games, anything is fine!

Xander laughed again at this answer. Even if he left, he would not have lost this friend, right?

Xander hung up silently. Then, he jumped out of bed and sized up the room he had lived in for a few days.

This was originally a guest room, but he had received a lot of things in the past few days.

Justin was someone who avoided gossip and did not interact with him much, but he had always taken care of him.

There was a Lego model that he liked placed on the table. There were also stuffed animals that he liked

Xander touched them one by one and said goodbye.

He looked at the Lego model and sighed. After I leave, Cherry will probably patch you guys up properly!

He then looked at the kittens, puppies, and toys beside him. I wonder how puppy No. 5 is doing. When I came here, his leg was broken. He must have missed me and probably needs me very much!

With that, he seemed to be talking to himself. So, its best if I go back! My bunnies miss me too! I have never been apart from them for so long.

As if he had convinced himself, Xander smiled.

Then he picked up his small bag and walked out eagerly.

He opened the door and looked at the people downstairs who were busy preparing for his birthday party. He tiptoed and walked out.

He was very smart and avoided the gaze of butlers and nannies. He secretly left the villa alone and ran to the entrance.

When he reached the door, he turned back.

Cherry, Pete, goodbye!

He recited in his heart before picking up his small bag and running out without hesitation!

It was fine. Even if he left this place, he could still live an exciting life!

Xander encouraged himself silently as he walked.

However, when he really reached the Hunts garden, he turned back to look at Justins villa. A faint reluctance suddenly swept through his heart.

His footsteps became slower and slower.


Would the tyrant and Cherry be sad to see him


Actually, he himself was a little reluctant.

When Xander thought of this, he lowered his head. His little body instantly wilted. He turned back again and was about to leave when he suddenly saw a familiar figure appear in front of him