She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 671 - If Only They Were Triplets

Chapter 671 - If Only They Were Triplets

Chapter 671 If Only They Were Triplets

When Charles opened his eyes, he was still a little confused. After all, before he fainted, his last memory was that he was going to die.

Was this heaven?

The white light dazzled him for a long time before he realized that he was in the ward. When his senses returned, his body suddenly trembled. He slowly turned his head and saw Nora sitting on the sofa beside him, looking at him lazily.

The girls almond-shaped eyes were slightly lowered, and she gave off the feeling that she was invincible.

It was strange. Some gave off a strong presence even without doing anything. Noras current appearance was giving him tangible pressure.

Charles swallowed, but he realized that his throat was very dry. But he did not even dare to ask Nora to pour him a cup of water.

His lips moved. After a moment, he said in a voice that seemed like it was about to tear, Did you save me?

Nora then looked at him and nodded.

She pressed the button on the bed again. Then, a nurse walked in. She first dabbed a cotton bud on his lips and fed him some water when his lips were moist.

After about half an hour, Nora was a little impatient from waiting. She was even tired from waiting. Only then did the nurse stop what she was doing and leave the ward silently.


Looking at her figure, Nora felt that this nurse knew how to read minds. She was indeed the Hunts top nurse.

She stood up and stretched her arms lazily. Then, she focused on Charles. Did I give birth to twins or triplets?

Charles looked at her and was silent for a long time before he slowly said, Twins.

Nora lowered her eyes. Ill ask you one last time. Did I give birth to twins or triplets?

Charles was about to speak when Nora interrupted him. You betrayed my mother once. Are you going to betray me again? If you betray me this time, I wont let you off easily.

Charles was stunned. He suddenly swallowed. Even if you kill me, the answer is still twins.

As soon as he said this, Nora suddenly approached him and asked, The doctor who delivered my babies back then has been captured.

Hearing this, Charles was stunned. How is that possible?! Hes already dead!

The entire ward suddenly fell silent.

After a moment, Charles realized that he had said something wrong. He pursed his lips and turned his head away, not saying anything else.

He looked like he was ready to die.

He said with a very hoarse voice, Ms. Nora, back then, I betrayed Ms. Yvette because the mysterious organization used my family to threaten me. But later, my family still died of an illness Now, I dont have a family anymore. Furthermore, living in such deep guilt is also a pain to me. So if you dont believe me, you can kill me at will and take my life.

Charles was really not afraid of death.

His relatives were all dead, and he was the only one left. Furthermore, the betrayal made him feel like he was trash.

The reason he was still alive was to be punished.

Death was a form of relief to him.

He closed his eyes.

After a while, a low sigh suddenly came from the room.

Noras voice was lazy, low, and hoarse. It had a unique charm. Her voice gave people a feeling of calmness.

She suddenly asked, Back then, the mysterious organization used your son to threaten you, right?

Charles nodded slightly.

Nora continued, Thats why you betrayed my mother. As for my mother, I heard that she deliberately exposed herself in order to protect me and was killed by the mysterious organization.

No, Charles said. Ms. Yvette deliberately exposed her tracks and committed suicide. Only when she died would the secret she had stolen from the mysterious organization become the true secret that no one knew about. Only then could you have escaped the mysterious organizations gaze. Nora lowered her eyes. Yes, so parents love for their children is selfless. Since you know this, why are you hiding it from me?

Charles froze.

He suddenly turned back and looked at Nora, only to see the girl standing there domineeringly.

I dont know what kind of person my mother is. I only want to make my own decisions in my life. I hate those kinds of plots where things are hidden from me for my supposed own good. I hope that this kind of thing wont happen to me again.

Charles clenched his fists. Nora

Nora yawned again. She looked at Charles fixedly. So, are you going to say something or not?

Charles was silent for a moment before saying, I Let me think about it.

It always took time to make a decision.

Nora stood up and walked out.

Seeing how straightforward she was, Charles was stunned. He shouted, Ms. Nora

Nora stopped in her tracks and turned back. Her tone was calm as she said confidently, Your reaction has already told me the answer.

I just want to know why youre hiding it from me.


At the Hunts.

Justin did not give Xander an answer about whether to hold a birthday party together. After all, he still wanted to discuss it with Nora.

He changed the topic and got Xander, Pete, and Cherry to leave.

The three children were still friendly with each other in front of him.

However, after leaving Justins line of sight, Petes face instantly darkened as he took Cherry to the side.

Xander called out to him, Hey, thank you for today!

Pete ignored him.

However, when she separated from Xander, Cherry could not help but say, Pete, Xander isnt that bad, right?

This time, Pete did not rebut her.

When the others had mocked Xander for not having a mother, he had been furious and felt sorry for him.

Because he had no mother when he was young, and he had also been secretly called an illegitimate child.

But now, he had a mother.

Therefore, he had wanted to rush out and save him at that time. Unfortunately, Xander did not give him the chance. He had resolved it himself.

At the thought of this, Pete sighed slightly. But his existence is a sin to Mom!

Cherry tilted her head. If only he was born to Mommy.

However, this was probably impossible.

The two children lowered their heads.

Xander, who had been following them, lowered his head silently when he heard this.

So his existence was a mistake.

Did that mean that his departure was actually the best thing for this family?