She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 670 - His Birthday Is on September 8

Chapter 670 - His Birthday Is on September 8

Chapter 670 His Birthday Is on September 8

Xander looked at the man in front of him.

He looked a little dazed, and his big dark eyes were filled with confusion and perplexity.

When the man squatted down to speak with him, he looked straight at him. Every time Daddy Trueman spoke with him, he always looked at him from above, making him feel as if he was ordering him about.

But the tyrant was not like that.

His behavior made him feel respected.

Xander swallowed. He glanced at Pete again and then, he suddenly said, I came to tell you about my birthday.

When Justin heard this, his eyes narrowed and he asked, When is it?

Xander was about to answer when his cell phone suddenly rang, interrupting him.

Xander took out his cell phone, upon which he saw the word Daddy on the screen-it was Trueman. He was a little surprised. When he answered the phone, Trueman said, I heard someone bullied you at the Hunts?

Xander turned and glanced at Justin. He grinned and said, I bit his ear off!

Good job.

Trueman let out a deep chuckle and said, As expected of the son I brought up!

His fathers praise gave Xander a sense of accomplishment. As soon as he lifted his little chin, he heard Trueman ask, How did Justin deal with the situation after you bit him?

Xander looked at Justin. Then, his big dark eyes swiveled around. As though he was avoiding the question, he answered, What else can he do? Just like that, I guess. Daddy, the food here is pretty nice.

When Trueman heard this, he fell silent for a moment. Then, he smiled and said, If it tastes good, then just stay there a few more days.

Xander nodded. Okay.

He had made an agreement with Trueman before he came. They had agreed that for the sake of his rabbits, cats, and dogs, he would only stay in the United States for a maximum of ten days.

When he first came, he had been very resistant.

But now, just a moment ago, he suddenly felt that it would be nice to stay here too.

As soon as the thought formed, he heard Trueman say, Oh, pass the phone to your father. I want to tell him something and have him take good care of you.

Although Xander felt that it wasnt appropriate to do that, he had never gone against Truemans orders. Thus, he looked at Justin and said, Here.

Justin had been observing him the whole time.

In the basement the other time, he had heard that Ruth had mistreated him. Thus, he didnt know how Trueman treated the child. But judging from the way he spoke on the phone, it seemed that his relationship with Trueman was pretty good.

Xander was smart. That was why he was able to bully Ruth. Judging from how he and Trueman got along, at the very least, Trueman likely did not abuse him.

The discovery made Justin feel a little more comfortable. He answered the phone, but because he didnt want the children to hear their conversation, he walked to the side and said softly, Hello.

Mr. Hunt, my sister is dead.

There was some faint amusement in Truemans voice when he said that, as though he had never once cared whether Ruth lived or died.

Justin lowered his eyes. Oh? She left the country after I released her. What happened next has nothing to do with me.

Needless to say, Ruth had been killed by someone he sent.

Child abusers like her shouldnt stay alive in the world.

Besides, when she was in the country, she had given Nora trouble too.

Justin was no kind soul. There was no doubt that he was a merciless man.

Trueman chuckled and said, I am not calling to hold you accountable. Rather, I just wanted to tell you that she has, after all, never treated Xander well. Ive wanted to deal with her for very long. Its just a pity that the Yales family teachings dont allow us to do anything to our family members.


As early as Truemans first contact with him, he had already known that Ruth didnt matter that much to Trueman. Even so, he didnt expect her to be this unimportant.

From the looks of it, it now seemed more like Trueman was using him to deal with Ruth.

But that didnt matter.

Had it been before, when Justin felt that Ruth was dispensable, he might have been angry at being taken advantage of by Trueman. But now, even if he was restraining himself and stopping himself from getting too close to Xander before they figured out his birth origin, the things Ruth did to Xander were still unforgivable!

He lowered his eyes. What are you calling me for?

Trueman laughed. I heard that you are hosting a birthday party for Cherry and Pete. In that case, why dont you do it together with Xanders?

Justin narrowed his eyes. What do you mean?

Trueman laughed again. It means that Xander asked me about his birthday just now, and I told him that its September 8. If you dont take him to the birthday party on that day, how do you think he would feel?

Justin instead asked, When exactly is his birthday?

Make a guess?



Justin clenched his fists.

Trueman laughed again. I really look forward to it. If you have to choose between Peter Hunt and Xander, who would you choose?

Justin suddenly asked, Is Xanders mother Nora or not?

Tsk. Trueman smacked his lips. However, his words made Justin cast his eyes down. You can say she is, but you can also say shes not. Why would you believe anything I say. If I say that she is, then my motive may be to get you and Nora to treat him well. But I may actually be lying in order to have him beat Pete and inherit the Hunts assets. If I say shes not maybe he actually is her son? And my objective is nothing more than to make you treat one better than the other, and make the brothers turn against each other? Mr. Hunt, I heard that you are your fathers only son and that you had been selected as the heir to the family when you were a child. But between Xander and Pete, who both have high IQs, who would you choose?

Trueman chuckled after he said that. I have already passed you the message. As for whether you want to take Xander to the birthday party or not, its up to you.

With that, Trueman hung up.

Justin stared at the phone with a frown.

Truemans call had totally disrupted his plans!

He looked at Xander, only to see that the boy, who had been very distant just now, was looking up at him.

The colors of his eyes were clearly defined, and he looked very cute and innocent. He raised his head proudly and said, I was indeed looking for you. I am here to tell you that my birthday is also on September 8.

After Nora left the Hunts, she did not go home.

She went straight to the hospital and performed acupuncture on Charles.

Half an hour later, a groggy Charles finally woke up.