She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 669 - This Family Is Actually Not That Bad Either

Chapter 669 - This Family Is Actually Not That Bad Either

Chapter 669 This Family Is Actually Not That Bad Either

Jacks mother had not taken her child to the hospital to have his wound dressed right away in order to please Pete.

For so many years, their family had been trying their best to turn Jack into Petes right-hand man. Unfortunately, both Pete and Justin were very indifferent to others.

This was especially true since Pete also had mild autism, which led to him not having anyone close at home.

That was why Jacks mother saw this incident as an opportunity, despite his injury.

She said, Yeah, Pete, tell him what happened. Quick, tell your dad just how annoying that boy is. He often loses his temper and bullies others for no reason. Hes too domineering. Hes also very savage and has no manners whatsoever. Get your father to kick him out of the house, or take him out and have him educated before he moves back in! Otherwise, with so many children in the house, who knows who would be bitten next?

Her hints were already so obvious. Pete should have understood.

Yet Pete didnt speak.

Jacks mother was stunned. Suddenly, she realized that perhaps Pete didnt want to be involved in the dispute. If word got around that it was Pete who had driven Xander away, his reputation would be badly affected.

She narrowed her eyes at once, feeling like she had ultimately still underestimated Pete.

His skill at infighting within the household was simply too great.

He was planning to just watch from the sidelines.

But since she wanted to express her loyalty to him, Jacks mother spoke presumptuously again. I suddenly remembered something. Pete had been busy when Jack came to visit him. Pete, did you not see them fighting?

As soon as she said that, Pete suddenly replied, I did.

Jacks mother was taken aback, but then she immediately became overjoyed. Then hurry up and tell your father what the truth is!

Pete was really getting involved?

She was ecstatic. Elsewhere, Xander looked at Pete and thought of the conversation held overheard just now.

Pete wanted to drive him away.

Just like Daddy said, no one in this family welcomed him. He was just an extra. The womans children were undoubtedly filled with hostility towards him.


Did they think that he wanted to be here?

Xander lifted his chin and turned his head stubbornly to the side. Then, he heard Pete say, It was indeed Xander who bit Jacks ear.

Xander clenched his little fists and became even more disdainful.

He snorted coldly. Yeah, I bit him. What about it? If youre that great, then why dont you

Before he could finish, Pete went on. But it was Jack who picked a fight first. He called Xander an illegitimate child who didnt have a mother and even said that Daddy wont want him and would throw him out. The group of them even beat Xander up. Xander only bit him in self-defense.

As soon as he said that, everyone present fell silent.

Everyone looked at Pete incredulously.

After giving a clear account of what had happened, Pete didnt speak any more. Instead, he took a step back and exchanged a look with Cherry.

Cherry had a big smile all over her face, and she gave her brother a big thumbs-up.

Pete raised his eyebrows.

The boy who used to be frosty and autistic in the past could now exchange vivid and enthused looks with others.

Jacks mother was dumbfounded. She stood where she was in a daze and looked at Pete in disbelief. She swallowed. Pete, do you know what you just said?

Pete lowered his eyes. Yes, I do.

Although he did want to drive Xander away, it wasnt going to be through such despicable means. Besides

A tinge of anger flashed across Petes eyes.

Xander was Daddys son. He only wanted to drive him away because he was worried that his existence would affect Mommys emotions.

But this did not mean that outsiders could bully him!

If Xander was up to no good, or if he made Mommy uncomfortable, then Pete definitely would not be soft-hearted. However, he couldnt lie in this instance.

Justin looked at the son, whom he had brought up, with satisfaction.

No matter the situation, Pete had never disappointed him. He would play little tricks to make him neglect Xander a little, but in the face of what was right and wrong, he was never ambiguous.

He ruffled Petes hair gently. Then, he looked at Jacks mother. With a sharp look in his eyes, he said, It seems like Gordon has been a little too busy lately. That must be why he hasnt been educating Jack properly. In that case, Ill just let him come back and spend some quality time with his son!

Gordon Hunt was Jacks father.

Although he wasnt a prized member of the company or family, Justin would still assign him some jobs and projects so that he could earn a bit of extra money from them.

But now that they had the audacity to call Xander an illegitimate child

In that case, he didnt need to continue with those jobs and projects anymore.

Justin could dislike and ignore his son-in fact, he could even lecture himbut other people were not allowed to!

As soon as Justin said that, blood drained from Jacks mothers face. She said, Justin, I I Let me explain

I only believe what Pete says.

Justin interrupted her. Then, he looked at the butler. Since Jack misbehaves so much, he needs to be educated properly. Dont let him attend classes at the Hunts private school for a while.

Yes, sir.

The butler answered. Then, with a wave, security officers rushed in. They grabbed Jack and his mother immediately and took the two of them out.

Jacks mother was dumbfounded.

All the children of the Hunts studied in the Hunts private school in order to build relationships with one another. After all, there were fewer and fewer people in the direct lineage. If the people in the side families were too far away, who would still remember them in the future?

Yet Justin had straight-up barred Jack from attending classes with just a word!

This showed that the Hunts were intending to abandon their family.

She screamed and cried. She wanted to apologize, and she wanted to speak, but Justin didnt give her the opportunity to. He drove them out straight away.

Xander stared blankly at everything happening in front of him.

He hadnt expected Pete to speak up for him, nor had he expected the tyrant to deal with the problem like that.

He remembered that he had also fought with a kid before in the past, but Daddy Trueman had told him that he had to find a way to deal with it himself. If he beat them up and made them bleed, then they wouldnt dare to bully him anymore.

It was only then that Xander had started attacking others. In the beginning, he only used his tiny little fists. It was only when he found that it didnt make the other party bleed that he started to bite.

Every time he bit someone and made them bleed, Trueman would applaud and say, Good job! Keep that up!

But now

Justin was actually dealing with the kid who had bullied him on his behalf?

He suddenly felt like this family was not that bad either

Just as his imagination was running wild, Justin squatted down again and looked straight at him. He asked, Xander, were you here looking for me?