She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 66 - An Incurable Illness?

Chapter 66 - An Incurable Illness?

Chapter 66 - An Incurable Illness?

Jon, who didn't dare slight him, answered, "Okay!"

Before leaving, he looked at Nora and said, "You're still young, so you should give some things a little more thought. Mr. Smith, let's not waste any more time and hurry over!"

After Jon and Tina left, the people around them started to gather around Nora.

"So, you're Yvette Anderson's daughter? Becoming Jon's student is a great opportunity. Don't pass it up!"

"She's still young, but Simon, you'd best be sensible! Look at Tina; after she became Mr. Myers' student, she became an attending physician at Hospital Finest. She also became a lot more well-known…"

Amidst everyone's persuasion, Nora, however, merely stared in the direction where Joel and the others left.

Ian Smith was dying…

Should she go over and have a look?

However, when she thought of what Joel had said just now, she abandoned the thought.

Never mind. Everyone had their own destiny.

The conference ended with a perfect conclusion for the Andersons. All the goods piled up in their warehouse sold out. In addition, with the Carefree Pills, Harmonia Pharmacy's position in the traditional medicine industry also stabilized somewhat.

At the very least, when they left, the others no longer looked at them contemptuously like the way they did in the beginning.

It was only after he saw that the Andersons had left that Justin looked at Sean, who had already taken out his spare cell phone, logged in to the email account, and opened the email from just now.

The photo, however, was of a baby who had just turned a month old.

Honestly speaking, all newborn babies actually look more or less the same. However, the baby in the photo looked soft and chubby, and it was obvious that she had very attractive facial features.

Justin suddenly thought of Pete when he was a baby. Due to his poor health, he had been nothing but skin and bone…

At the Andersons.

After Nora and the others stepped through the door, the whole family sat on the sofa in the living room.

Simon had just answered a call from his daughter. He said excitedly, "Sheril says that they've already produced 50 pills based on the formula! The formula works! We can really mass-produce Carefree Pills!"

Melissa glanced at Sheena, who hadn't said a word since she entered. She said, "It seems like Yvette did indeed improve the formula and even had Nora bring it back. This shows that despite her leaving home, she hadn't forgotten the Andersons…"

Sheena's complexion was dull and ashen. Her lips were pursed tightly and she felt dejected.

Simon, who didn't notice anything, instead asked, "Nora, are you really not going to study under Jon?"

Nora replied, "No."

After thinking for a while, Simon said, "I know it's because Jon was making things difficult for us that you…"

"There's no need to discuss any further about this. I'm not interested in learning traditional medicine from him," said Nora, who interrupted her uncle straightaway.

Sheena frowned. "What are you interested in, then?"

Nora raised an eyebrow and kept quiet for a while.

At once, Sheena couldn't help but reprimand her. "I heard that you're a surgeon? Do you have a medical license? Which college did you graduate from? Which hospital are you working in? Are you a doctor specializing in outpatient service or an attending physician?"

Nora replied, "… I work by myself."

"You work by yourself? In that case, how many operations can you do in a month? Why don't you train in the hospital for a few years since you're still so young?"

Melissa tugged Sheena's sleeve. "Sheena, don't say any more for now."

However, Sheena pulled her sleeve back and said, "So, you want me to apologize to your mother? Okay! I'll do it! I shouldn't have said that about Sis! But Nora, as your aunt, there's something I have to say!

"Your mother was renowned as a young lady of great talent in New York back then, but you grew up elsewhere instead. The way how you're incapable of anything damages your mother's reputation! That is something I absolutely will not allow!"


Nora felt that this second aunt of hers took reputation and things like that too seriously.

She stood up and walked upstairs. "I'll go and take a look at what Cherry is doing."

Sheena immediately became angry. "You—"

Melissa grabbed her hand and said, "She's only just returned, Sheena. Give her some time to adapt. Don't worry, even if you don't bring it up, I'll do my best to groom Nora, nonetheless!"

Nora, "…"

She really didn't need it.

She went upstairs, entered her bedroom, and immediately heard Cherry in the midst of her games.

"Chesty, come on! I caught someone who's alone!"

A voice rang out in the voice chat: "Coming! I'm coming!"

Then, Cherry let out an exclamation of surprise and said, "No, there isn't just one person but two! Ah, there's one… two more in the bushes! Chesty, there are four players away from their team!"


"Come on! Why are you running away, Chesty? Why are you so lousy?!"

"… Cherry, they have four people on their side while there's only two of us. Are you sure the four of them are away from their team?"

"Why are you chickening out? I can beat five of them by myself! Are you a man or not?!"

"I'm your uncle!"

"Oh. Those who didn't know would've thought you were my aunt instead!"


Seeing that Cherry was engrossed in her game, Nora reminded her to pay attention to the time and went to take a bath.

Cherry blinked with her big cute eyes and stared at her cell phone. "Chesty, Mommy's back, so I'll have to log off soon! Are you still streaming the gameplay?"

Chester replied, "Yes, I am. The viewers in my live stream are all calling for you to start live streaming too!"

Cherry became very interested when she heard what he said. She asked, "Will anyone watch if I live stream?"

Chester replied, "Of course! I'm a hotshot streamer with millions of fans. When we challenge the rankings with our two-man team, you'll definitely get a lot of traffic!"

"Okie-Dokie!" Cherry said, "I'll start a live stream tomorrow! What do I have to prepare?"

Chester asked, "Do you have a computer at home? You'll have to buy a good camera, preferably one that comes with a beautifying feature!"

"No problem!"

The two sillies chatted cheerfully. Cherry even grinned happily as she dreamed of becoming a little star.

Once she started live streaming, would it mean that she would be able to give history trivia and even do poem recitals in her live stream and let everyone see how much of a genius and beauty she was?!

The Smiths' residence was located near Third Avenue in New York.

Interior decor in the manor was low-key and exuded elegance in every detail.

Several servants busied themselves with their chores, yet they didn't make any sound. It was apparent that they were well-trained.

All the members of the Smiths were gathered outside the master bedroom door. They sat on the leather sofa and stared anxiously at the bedroom door.

In the bedroom, a big and tall man was lying on a large gray bed.

Even though he was nearly fifty years old, Ian didn't look his age at all. Apart from how he was unusually pale, he looked as if he was in his thirties.

Even though his eyes were closed and he was unconscious at the moment, his features exuded the elegance and sobriety of a man who had enjoyed a high social standing for a long time.

If one looked closely, one would realize that Nora and Ian had very similar lip shapes.

A solemn Jon checked his vitals gravely while Tina stood straight and carefully sized up the luxurious decor around her.

Even at his current level, Jon was just a bigwig in the traditional medicine circle. To true top-notch wealthy families like the Smiths, he was just a doctor with a little more skill than most. Their status and the amount of power each wielded weren't comparable at all.

Joel had a troubled look on his face. When he saw that Jon was done with the checkup, he asked anxiously, "How is my uncle?"

Jon frowned and replied, "Mr. Smith has no will to live, so there's nothing that can cure him. Please prepare for his funeral."

Joel's expression changed drastically. "Is there really no other way, Mr. Myers?"

Jon replied, "There may be someone who can do something about it."

Joel asked anxiously, "Who is it?"