She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 668 - Who’s The Naughty Boy?

Chapter 668 - Who’s The Naughty Boy?

Chapter 668 Whos The Naughty Boy?

Xander hid outside the door and secretly observed Justin.

He saw the man frowning, seemingly troubled. The man looked like he was contemplating, and while he did, he kept touching his nose.

Xanders hand, which was also touching his nose, paused. He blinked and put his hand down.

Before coming, he had wanted to tell the tyrant about his birthday and also wanted to get him to publicly announce that Xander was also Justins son on that day.

But after he arrived, he was a little afraid to go in.

What if Daddy Tyrant refused to celebrate his birthday for him even after he told him about his birthday?

He spent too much time thinking about it. Suddenly, he heard a commotion coming from a distance away. Xander turned over to see that the group of misbehaving kids who had just left had returned!

It was just that this time, they had also brought their parents with them.

Jack Hunt, the leader of the group and the boy whose ear Xander had bitten, was crying. His eyes had become completely red. He held his mothers hand as he walked over. His ear hadnt been bandaged yet. Although he wasnt bleeding anymore, the wound still looked shocking

As soon as he walked over, Jack pointed at Xander and complained, Mommy, thats him! Hes the one who bit my ear!

Jack was a child from the Hunts side family. His family had attached themselves to the main family and depended on them for their livelihood.


Jacks mother could also be considered someone from a wealthy and prestigious family. She looked straight at Xander, her finger nearly jabbing his face as she demanded, Whats the matter with you, kid? What makes you think you can bully my son? Cant you talk it out properly with them? Did you have to bite him? Are you a dog?

Her voice was rather loud, causing everyone around them to look over.

Because they were at the door to Justins study, Justin also heard the commotion. He opened the door.

When Jacks mother saw Justin, she immediately started crying. She said, Justin, look! That boy nearly bit off Jacks ear! He is too much!

She cried and said, My little Jack has always been a sensible boy. Because hes a few years older, Ive always told him to give in to Pete and keep him happy-after all, Pete is still young. But how can this little devil be so naughty? How can he be so quick to bite other people? Hes too much!

Justin frowned and looked at Xander.

Hed had relatively little contact with Xander during this period, so he didnt actually know what the boy was like.

However, a child that Trueman had brought up would undoubtedly be a little unorthodox.

What stood out, in particular, was the time when he first arrived at the Hunt Manor. When the bodyguard tried to take a sample of his DNA, the boy had bitten the bodyguards hand and almost broke it.

After that, his personality and way of handling things became even more unpredictable.

But when Justin interrogated Ruth, he realized that Ruth had abused the boy before. That must be how Xander had developed such a vicious and cruel personality despite his young age.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Xander. He asked, Did you bite him?

Xanders eyes widened.

He looked at Jacks mother, and then back at Justin.

The other boys mother had defended her son right away when something went wrong, but what about his Daddy Tyrant?

Xander suddenly became very angry.

He clenched his jaw, lifted his chin, and nodded stubbornly. Yeah, I did.

He hated being looked down upon the most.

Therefore, after he spoke, he even grinned at Jack and said, Ha, you are already ten years old while I am only five, yet you cant beat me in a fight. Thats already embarrassing enough, yet you even ran to your mommy just because you couldnt beat me? What kind of man are you?! Jack: !!

Upon being ridiculed, he felt even more aggrieved. He hugged his mother at once and burst into tears.

Jacks mothers eyes reddened. You saw that, right, Justin? That boy is simply too arrogant, his upbringing is horrible! He shows no sign of remorse! Justin, you have to stand up for Jack! They are all children of the Hunts. Even if he is the clan heads son, he cant just bully other people so casually!

Justin narrowed his eyes and looked at Xander. He asked, What exactly is going


He didnt know what had happened. Even if he was prejudiced against the boy, he couldnt just assume so easily that Xander was in the wrong.

But he was asking the wrong person.

If it was Pete, Pete would think that his father was asking him about what had happened, and would explain everything clearly and truthfully.

But the one he was asking was instead Xander

The boy was sensitive. Without the love and care from a mother, he had grown up relying only on himself. When he met with trouble, all he knew was to shoulder everything head-on by himself.

Justins question broke his heart.

To think he didnt trust him.

Ha, whats the use of having a father like that?!

His gaze turned cold straightaway. The little fellow scoffed and ignored Justin. Instead, he looked straight at Jack. Yeah, I bullied you. So? Werent you asking for it? Its your ear this time, but next time Heh!

Jack was so scared that he took a step back.

Xander became smug at once.

However, Jacks mother stood right in front of Jack. She pointed at him and yelled, Youre really a wild child from god knows where! You have no manners whatsoever!

Xander folded his little arms. What are manners? After all, I dont have a mother. Even though I have a father, he is pretty much non-existent too. Without anyone to teach me, how would I have any manners? If you find me an eyesore, then why dont you hit me?! But do you dare to? Im Justins son, you know! If you have the guts, then just slap me across the cheek instead of prattling on and on forever over there!

The childs attitude made Justins expression darken.

Xander was simply too arrogant and domineering. There was no trace of Petes temperament in him at all. His expression turned cold and he said, Xander, Ill give you one more chance. Tell me what exactly happened!

What happened? Nothing much? Its just what you saw. I, your son, bullied someone What? Do you also want to hit me?

Xander said stubbornly, What gives you the right to lecture me? Have you ever raised


Justin clenched his jaw. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and said, Arent you living in the Hunt Manor right now?

His one-liner made Xander even more sensitive.

He looked at Justin angrily.

What Jack and the other children said just now resounded in his ears: Uncle Justin is holding the birthday party so that he can introduce Cherry to everyone! Who do you think you are? You are just an illegitimate son! Uncle Justin has never thought of acknowledging you as his son at all!

And sure enough!

He must be trying to drive him away!

Xander clenched his fists and sneered, Really? But arent I living in the Hunt Manor because you begged my father to send me here?

Seeing how stubborn he was, and how he simply refused to tell him anything, the big and tall Justin slowly squatted down. He said, Xander, I hope you can talk to me if you meet with trouble. Dont learn from Trueman

But before he could finish, Xander slapped him and then took a step back. What did I learn from him? My father was the one who brought me up, so I would definitely be like him! I was born a bad person! You really wish you could get rid of a son like me, right? I dont want a father like you either! I didnt want to come back here at all! Its all because you used Aunt Ruth to force me back here! If you find me annoying, then why dont you send me back?! In my heart, my only father is Trueman Yale!

After saying those extreme things, Xander stared at Justin stubbornly.


He fell silent.

With Xander behaving like this, he suddenly didnt know how to communicate with him.

Instead, he got back up and looked at Jacks mother.

Jacks mother shouted, You saw that, right? Justin? Having a child like him at home really makes me so scared. Since he can bite my son today, then he may just bite someone else tomorrow. We are not part of the main family, so I can put up with it. But what if he bites Pete?

Justin frowned. Then, the woman added, And what if he bites Cherry?

That one line of hers made Justins gaze turn cold.

Fights among little boys were nothing much, but if it involved Cherry He looked straight at Xander. No matter what the reason, you are not allowed to bite anyone in the future!

Xander looked at him angrily. Heh, how can a dogs son not bite?.

His words made Justin frown again. Xander! Yale!

Xander stood there stubbornly, the expression on his little face all strained.

Jacks mother sighed. Dont ask him about it anymore, Justin. Ive already found out what happened. Jack came over to visit Pete and play with him, but Xander saw him. He rushed over immediately and said that he is also your son, so he also has the right to order them around. He wanted Jack to play with him, but Jack refused, so he bit him

Justin narrowed his eyes. He stared at Xander and asked once more, Is that what happened?

He wanted to know the truth.

The child was still young. Some habits could be corrected. Who Trueman had led astray could also be forced back onto the right path.

However, Xander did not speak.

Jacks mother suddenly turned to look somewhere. At the sight of something, she immediately said, Justin, even if you dont believe us, wont you believe Pete? Pete, quick, come here and tell your father what happened just now. Did Xander bully Jack?!

Hearing this, Justin looked into the distance to see that Pete and Cherry had also heard the commotion and walked over.

After they approached, Justin looked straight at Pete and asked, Is that what happened?

He trusted Pete.

Because he had brought him up.

Jacks mother was relieved. Pete had never been a kind and sweet dimwit. Rather, he was very clever. He understood the power of such schemes and conspiracies very well.

Besides, Jack had said that Pete wanted to drive Xander away. Wasnt this exactly a great opportunity for him to do that?

Therefore, as long as Pete was not stupid, he would know what to say. By virtue of the incident, Jack would also be able to cling to Pete. When they grew up, his life in the Hunts would also improve!

Jacks mother made beautiful plans in her mind and looked at Pete expectantly.