She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 665 - Pete’s Little Sneaky Thoughts

Chapter 665 - Pete’s Little Sneaky Thoughts

Chapter 665 Petes Little Sneaky Thoughts

When Cherry asked the question, Nora immediately looked at Xander.


Thats right, she wondered when Xander was born? If he shared the same birthday as Cherry and Pete then would that also explain a little something?

But when Xander heard Cherry asking about his birthday, he was slightly taken aback.

Then, he lowered his head, coughed, and said, I dont have a mother, so how would I know when my birthday is?

Cherry blinked.

Pete walked over and said, Then why dont we celebrate our birthday together? I have never celebrated my birthday before either.

Xander immediately looked up. Really?


Xanders eyes lit up at Petes answer.

He raised his chin and said proudly, Okay then!

Pete then looked at Justin. Daddy, can the three of us celebrate our birthday together this year?

Seeing how the three children seemed to be having fun, Justin narrowed his eyes and suddenly smiled. Sure.

After agreeing to the childrens request, he went upstairs with Nora.

After all, he and Nora still had things to talk about!

It seemed that Nora had wanted to ask him about someone just now?

The two adults went upstairs. After they disappeared from the corridor, the smiles on Pete and Cherrys faces instantly disappeared and they looked at Xander hostilely.

Cherry asked, Pete, why are you letting him celebrate his birthday with us?

Pete replied softly, If I dont invite him, Daddy will sympathize with him because he looks so pitiful. Once he does, Daddy will become biased! And this will be unfair to Mommy!

Cherry was enlightened. No wonder you told me to be nice to him in front of Daddy! If we bully him, Daddy will also feel bad for him, right?

Pete nodded. Yeah.

The little fellow was very sensitive. This was the strategy he had devised.

After the two spoke, they both looked at Xander.

Xander was pointing at a block. Put this one here


However, Pete instead tossed the block in his hand onto the table and said, This is so boring. You can play by yourself.

Xander: ??

He touched his nose.


What was that brat being so arrogant for? If it werent for Cherry, would he be playing such childish games with him?!

Elsewhere, after going upstairs, Justin was still afraid that Nora would think too much, so he explained, Pete is very sensitive. Although he seemed to be defending Xander just now, he probably had some sneaky little plan in mind. I could only agree to it. When the time comes I can find an excuse to trick Xander into leaving the house and we can just celebrate Cherry and Petes birthdays instead.

He didnt want Nora to feel uncomfortable, nor did he want her to think that he was already putting Xander on the same level as Cherry and Pete when they hadnt even confirmed the boys identity yet.

To be honest, Justin still had conflicting emotions even now.

He had deliberately lessened his contact with Xander at home precisely because he was afraid of developing feelings for him.

Should Xanders mother turn out to not be Nora, he felt that he might just raise the child but would never really accept him.

He knew that this was very unfair to Xander.

But if he treated Xander like his own and kept him by his side, the one suffering justice would then end up being Nora.

There was no way to have ones cake and eat it too.

Neither would he throw the problem to Nora. Therefore, he would make the choice himself.

When Nora heard this, she was silent for a moment.

To be honest, she did not actually feel much hostility towards the boy.

Besides, even though Charles said that she had given birth to twins, she couldnt help but keep feeling like Xander was also her child.

This feeling was becoming more and more intense with each meeting.

If they only celebrated the twins birthday and neglected Xander

Nora lowered her eyes. After they went upstairs, the first thing she did was to take out her cell phone and call Lily.

Lily answered very quickly. Boss, whats up?

When can you complete Xanders DNA restoration?

Lily replied, In a week at the latest, and thats if I work overtime. And Boss, you cant ask me to do anything else within the week.

Nora kept quiet for a moment before she said, Alright.

Then, she suddenly asked, When will Charles wake up?

Lily heaved a silent sigh. See, Boss? This is already another task. For now, it seems that he may wake up within the week.

Nora said, Okay, either you finish restoring Xanders DNA within five days or you get Charles to wake up within five days.


If Xander really was her son, then she couldnt celebrate only the twins birthday. Therefore, this must be confirmed before their birthday.