She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 666 - The Same Birthday

Chapter 666 - The Same Birthday

Chapter 666 The Same Birthday

After hanging up the phone, Nora followed Justin into the study.

Justin closed the door thoughtfully and looked at her with a smile. What do you want to ask me?

He was very happy.

He felt that Nora was finally willing to talk to him when she met with a problem. This feeling of being needed gave him an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

Nora didnt understand what he was smiling at. Instead, she looked at him.

Suddenly, she asked, Do you know Eagle?

Justin was taken aback for a moment. He asked hesitantly, What?

Nora was also a little surprised seeing his expression.

Justin had always been very relaxed in front of her, but when she said the codename Eagle just now, Justin did not react?

Wasnt he Eagle?

During her hesitation, Justin asked again, What Eagle? A codename Eagle? What organization is he from? That codename is too common. There are a lot of

Although there was an Eagle in the Imperial League, the codename was simply too common. He needed to ask and properly clarify.

However, his reaction made Nora even more certain that he was not Eagle.

Nora kept quiet for a long while.

When they joined the Imperial League, they had sworn that they would not tell outsiders about its existence. They were allowed to use the information they got from the organization to help their relatives, but they were not allowed to reveal the source of the information.

Outside, they were not allowed to mention the Imperial League.

Earlier, she had thought that Justin was Eagle, that was why she had told him that she wanted to ask him about someone.

But if Justin was not Eagle, then she was not allowed to talk to him about anything regarding the Imperial League, let alone ask him who King was.

Nora had always been a rule-abiding person.

Therefore, in the end, she chose not to ask about it anymore. She said, Never mind, its nothing.

Justin: ?

He wanted to say something, but the butler was knocking on the door. He had to let him in.

The butler asked, Sir, did you need something?

Justin thought for a while and replied, I will hold a birthday party for Pete and Cherry to celebrate their fifth birthday in five days. Make the necessary preparations.

His words made the butler bewildered.

For wealthy families like the Hunts, if they wanted to hold a birthday party, they would have to make reservations and other arrangements in advance. After all, it would be too late for them to custom-make anything now.

But since Justin had said the word, then even if it was too late, they had to make it happen in time.

The butler asked, Is it a grand party or a small one?

Justin replied, Send an invite to all our friends and family.

It wasnt necessary to invite his business associates. He was indeed planning to introduce Cherry to everyone, but there was no need to invite that many people.

Even so, after inviting all of his friends and family It would still be a medium-sized party.

For the Hunts, they could expect almost a thousand guests for a medium-sized party.

Although the butler was troubled, he nevertheless immediately lowered his head and said, Yes, sir.

He was in a hurry to leave after saying that, so he asked, Do you have any other orders, sir?


Okay, then I will go and make preparations right away.

He would have to busy himself with preparing the party invitations, the menu, as well as all the servants deployment. Moreover, as there would be a lot of guests on that day, he would also have to prepare sufficient parking space and arrange for security personnel.

The Hunts would probably be very busy soon.

Justins one-liner had quite literally put the butler up to his ears in work!

Before leaving the room, the butler suddenly stopped and looked back at Justin. He asked, Is the birthday party for Mr. Pete and Ms. Cherry?

Yeah, replied Justin with a nod.

With that, the butler understood and went out.

Elsewhere, after Nora was done dealing with her affairs, she didnt stay any longer. After all, she had ended up wasting some time giving Charles medical treatment. Thus, she was going home to sleep.

The strange thing, though, was that Pete, who usually followed her everywhere, had actually taken the initiative to say that he wanted to stay at the Hunts, saying that if he went with her to the Smiths, he might affect Noras rest.

Nora could only agree to his request. After thinking about it, she asked Pete to the side and said earnestly, Pete, dont bully the boy, okay?

Pete fell silent for a moment when he heard her. Then, he tilted his head and asked, But what if he bullies Mommy?

Nora smiled and ruffled his hair. Her voice was very low but reassuring as she said, I know Pete is a filial boy, but no one is capable of bullying Mommy. Okay?

Pete looked up at her.

Nora was very tall. He was only as tall as her waist at the moment. In his eyes, his Mommy was gentle and strong.

Pete had never needed anyone or anything to give him cover, but in front of his mother, he abandoned all his sneaky thoughts and conspiracies, wanting only to be the most well-behaved child in front of her.

He relaxed and nodded. Okay, Mommy!

After she left, Pete and Cherry came together again.

Cherry asked, Pete, are we still going to drive Xander away?

Pete kept quiet for a long while before he finally replied, Lets put all our plans on halt for now. Well take action only if Xander bullies Mommy, or if Mommy suffers injustice because of him! We absolutely wont tolerate his existence in the family!


Cherry clapped. But then, she suddenly realized something-why was she so happy that they werent driving Xander away anymore?

It must be that she found Xander really pitiful because he didnt have a mom!

She would never ever admit that she did like Xander a teeny-weeny little bit! After the two children spoke to each other, they went up the stairs hand in hand to play in the room upstairs.

Neither of them saw Xander walking out from the side.

He stared angrily in the direction where the twins had left.

He was even holding his favorite book about human anatomy, as well as a doll detailing a humans body structure.

Initially, for Cherrys sake, he had wanted to make friends with Pete. Even though Pete said that it was very boring playing building blocks with him, he had gone back upstairs to fetch his favorite toy.

But he hadnt expected to hear such conversation.

They wanted to drive him away?

They were too much!

They were all Daddys children, and this was also Daddys home. Why should he be driven away just because he didnt share the same birthday as them?

The little boy clenched his fists. Suddenly, he turned and went back upstairs.

After entering his bedroom, the angry Xander threw the doll in his hand onto the floor. At once, the doll broke into pieces.

A hostile look flashed across Xanders eyes.

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

Xander picked up the call. Truemans somewhat evil and slightly shrill voice came from the other side. My dearest Xander, how have you been?

Fine. By the way, Dad, when is my birthday?

When Trueman heard this, he paused. Suddenly, he chuckled and replied, September 8. Why?

September 8! His birthday was the same as Cherry and Petes!