She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 664 - Birthday

Chapter 664 - Birthday

Chapter 664 Birthday

Nora drove straight to Justins villa.

The moment she entered, someone had notified Justin of her arrival. So when Nora stopped the car, Justin was already in the parking lot waiting for her.

When Nora got out of the car, she saw Justin looking a little serious. She subconsciously asked, Whats wrong?

After a short silence, Justin replied, Im thinking of celebrating Cherrys birthday.

Celebrating her birthday

Nora was taken aback for a moment. It was only then that she realized that it would be Cherrys birthday in five days.

Even though that day was Cherrys birthday, it was also the day she had lost Pete. Thus, she rarely celebrated Cherrys birthday in the past.

Besides, when they were abroad, they had very few relatives with them. Every time it was Cherrys birthday, her aunt would just prepare a small gift for her and buy her a cake.

Going by what Justin had said, surely he wasnt planning to hold a grand birthday party for her, right?

What had happened?

Nora looked at him hesitantly, only to see Justin sigh and quietly say, I want to host a good birthday party and formally introduce Cherry and Pete to the public.

In the past, he had kept Pete very well-protected and avoided letting outsiders know what he looked like in order to prevent him from being kidnapped.

But now that Pete was five years old, there was no longer a need to continue hiding him. At the very least, it was time to let the New Yorkers familiarize themselves with Pete and Cherry.

Just like Fatty said, the way he kept hiding them was as if he had no intention of acknowledging the two children.

Nora didnt know what had happened, but she would never object to something that was dispensable to her but could put Cherry on cloud nine.

Thats right, Cherry loved excitement. She had always envied how lively and exciting Princess Lucys birthdays were. Princess Lucy even had many people visiting her to give her birthday gifts, whereas she didnt have any friends.

She also wanted to wear a beautiful princess dress like a princess, and gracefully thank everyone for attending the party.

Now, her father could finally make that wish come true for her.

Nora asked, Are you going to hold it at the Hunts?

Justin nodded. Yeah. Ill let the butler handle it, you dont need to worry about it.

Then there would be even less of a problem.

Nora agreed to it at once.

While the two talked, they started walking to the living room.

When they entered, they were just in time to see the three children sitting in the living room and playing with building blocks.

Pete was arranging the blocks while Cherry and Xander were directing him from either side.

Pete, it seems like that block should be placed here.

Hey, its obviously supposed to be placed here, isnt it?

Pete kept a gentle expression on his face and looked at Cherry. He said, I think Xander is right.

Cherry thought for a while and then said, I think so too.

Xander: ?

Just as he was confused as to what was happening, Nora and Justin walked in.

What landed in their eyes was the sight of the three little fellows having fun together.

Both Nora and Justin were a little surprised.

Both of them knew very well what the children they had raised were really like.

From Noras perspective, Cherry was a man with the appearance of a girl who would never tolerate someone else taking her place. She would undoubtedly be full of hostility towards Xander.

From Justins perspective, although his son was taciturn, he was, in fact, a very scheming boy. Coupled with his insecurities, he was very territorial.

The two children had only accepted each other so quickly because they simply looked so much alike, and also because they had the common experience of switching places with each other.

But they were definitely not people who could easily accept another child!

Justin and Nora looked at each other. Justin asked, What are you guys doing?

Cherry immediately raised her little head. Daddy, were playing together. Pete and I both like our little brother Xander very much-

Xander frowned at once. I told you, Im older!

Cherry sighed helplessly. In that case, when were you born? I was born on September 8. It will be my birthday in five days- Oh, yes, it will also be Petes birthday! We are twins, so we have the same birthday! What about you?