She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 663 - Build A Good Relationship With King

Chapter 663 - Build A Good Relationship With King

Chapter 663 Build A Good Relationship With King

Old Maddy had said that she would only be able to fight against the mysterious organization if King was willing to help her.

Nora currently didnt even know why she had to fight against the mysterious organization, let alone what exactly they were hiding.

But she still wondered if she succeeded in building a good relationship with King, then did that mean Old Maddy would return?

But how was she going to build a good relationship with King? She didnt even know who he was!

Justin was at least the head of the number one family in the country. Besides, Nora had been suspecting all this time that he was actually the person with the alias Eagle in the Imperial League.

After all, there was no doubt that there were Americans in the Imperial League.

Through her observations, over the years, even though both the Hunt Corporation and the Smith Corporation had made some bad investments, they had skillfully avoided the huge pitfalls that mattered the most.

Although they had made great efforts to advertise how much they had lost, they had still profited overall.

Their overall direction had not deviated from the right path. The small investment failures were just red herrings. Had Nora not been relatively sensitive to numerical data, she probably wouldnt have noticed either.

These two families definitely had a way to get news from the Imperial League.

Therefore, Justin and Joel must both be in the Imperial League, right?

While she was thinking, Justin asked, Who is it?

Nora asked, Where are you?

At home.

Ill come to you. These things have to be said in person.

The Imperial League was not something that could be talked about casually. Moreover, when they joined the Imperial League, they had sworn that they would never expose the existence of the Imperial League to outsiders.

It was just that she felt that Justin was Eagle, that was why she had decided to ask him about it. However, it indeed was not suitable to talk about it over the phone.

Even Justins voice sounded a little more cheerful than before. He said, Sure, come over to my place, then. Pete is here.

Nora: ?

She hesitated for a moment. Why is Pete there?

Had she neglected her son because she was a little busier lately?

A tinge of guilt suddenly formed in her.

She was just thinking about it when Justin said, Oh, the Hunts are having exams today. Cherry cant cope.


She sighed silently. Suddenly, she asked, How many people know about Pete and Cherry?

The fact that they were twins had not yet been disclosed to the public, but because everyone who should know about it was already in the know, Justin and Nora werent deliberately hiding it anymore.

Justin answered, All the Hunts know about it by now. He had used the words Hunts and not my family.

From the term of address alone, one could see that Justin actually did not have a strong sense of belonging to the Hunts.

Nora wasnt bothered about that, though. The Hunts power and authority had never been part of her consideration in being in a relationship with Justin anyway. Therefore, after uttering a Hmm, she immediately said, Im coming over right away.

At the Hunts family school.

Pete put down his pen after he finished the exams. When the bell rang, indicating that class was over, he handed in his papers and walked out of class.

As soon as he went out, he saw Cherry sitting in the garden outside and playing games. At the sight of him, she rushed over excitedly and asked, Are the exams over, Pete? Did you get a perfect score?

Pete replied, Most likely.

Youre so awesome, Pete! Cherry the little bootlickers words of flattery started flowing as though they didnt cost anything. She said, Pete is the smartest big brother in the world! Hes also the most awesome big brother in the world!


Although Cherry would always do this every time she saw him, he still wasnt used to hearing such things from her. He silently changed the subject and lowered his voice. Where is that little imp?

Cherry also lowered her voice. Hes in the room. He has been surprisingly well-behaved, and hasnt left his room all this time.


Pete sneered, Hes definitely just pretending to be well-behaved. Cmon, I will go and meet him. I will definitely expose his true colors!

Cherry nodded and followed behind him.

When the two were about to leave the school, Fatty rushed over. Pete, you little idiot, your position as successor to the family will be gone very soon. Nanny nanny boo-boo Thats so awesome!

As soon as he said this, the rest of the children began to ask, What happened?

Fatty replied, Because Uncle Justin now has an illegitimate child, and he even brought him back home! Pete wont be Uncle Justins only son anymore! Theyre saying that the illegitimate child is not to be messed with. Pete, youre finished!

Pete is Daddys one and only successor. Xander is nothing. Dont you dare talk nonsense!

Cherry got angry and stood in front of Pete.

Fatty, however, became distracted. Ever since he realized that Cherry was a girl and was Petes younger sister, he had realized that the person playing games with him back then was actually Cherry!

It was precisely this little liar who had bullied him. At the sight of Cherry, Fatty wanted to seek revenge even more. He shouted, You must be Cherry, right? What gives you the right to look down on Uncle Justins illegitimate son? Hes at least a boy, but what about you? Uncle Justin has not even officially introduced you to outsiders yet. You are just an illegitimate daughter who cant even inherit anything! You cant even compare to his illegitimate son!

Cherry: ??

Her big dark eyes widened and she said, Oh, I see! So, you are also an illegitimate son, Fatty! No wonder Uncle Roger has been treating you so badly!

Fatty retorted, Im not an illegitimate son! What nonsense are you saying?

Cherry said, But you just said that because Daddy didnt introduce me to outsiders, that makes me an illegitimate daughter. In that case, when has Uncle Roger ever introduced you to outsiders?

Fatty: ?

For a moment, he was actually stumped by Cherrys fallacious argument. In fact, after thinking about it, he even felt that what she said was true! Why didnt his father introduce him to outsiders and say that he was his son?

Cherry tilted her head and continued. Or are you not Uncle Rogers son at all?

Fatty: ?

Cherry sighed. I mean, look at how fat you are while Uncle Roger is so handsome. Hes more or less as handsome as Daddy, so how can you possibly be his son? Oh, I know! Uncle Roger must have found you somewhere outside and brought you back home, right?!

Fatty: ??

He was close to tears. I am my fathers son!

Cherry asked, How are you going to prove that?

Fatty was utterly stumped. Suddenly, he burst into tears, turned around, and ran out while yelling, Daddy, am I your son or not?!

With just a few words, Cherry had driven Fatty away. She blinked with her big eyes at Pete and shook her head lightly. Do people become stupid when they get fat, Pete?


He took Cherrys hand and said, Alright, lets go home!

He couldnt be bothered to argue with Fatty. He just needed to casually do a little something and Fatty would have a hard time in school.

But the sight of his younger sister standing up for him put him in a really good mood!

Therefore, he would go home right away and teach Xander, who was making his sister feel troubled, a lesson!

Hand in hand, the two kids hopped and skipped as they ran over to the villa where Justin lived.

They didnt even see that Justin was standing not far away.

Noras car also happened to enter the Hunt Manor at this point.