She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 662 - King’s Identity!

Chapter 662 - King’s Identity!

Chapter 662 Kings Identity!

The room was filled with weird silence.

Old Maddy, who had taken some time to calm himself down, suddenly said, Let let me go and rinse my face to clear my mind a little.

It seemed that even the amount of time he had spent calming himself down just now hadnt allowed him to come to terms with the new information.

He entered the bathroom in the ward in a daze and turned on the faucet. Then, he scooped a handful of icy-cold water and splashed it onto his face.

As it turned out, during these twenty-odd years that he had been crazy, Ms. Nora had become this outstanding?

If Ms. Yvette were still alive, she would probably be very glad to see this, right?

Outside, Nora heard him turn on the faucet. Amid the sound of the water flowing and splashing, she seemed to hear Old Maddys sigh.

A minute later, the sound of water flowing was still continuing.

Seemingly sensing something, Nora sprung onto her feet and rushed straight into the bathroom-only to find that the window in the bathroom was wide open, and Old Maddy was already long gone!

Nora frowned.

She has been thinking about how Old Maddy and Charles seemed to be hiding something from her, but she didnt expect Old Maddy to pull a disappearing act in this situation?

The first thing she did was observe the room. There were no signs of tussling, but the anti-theft barrier outside the window had been broken.

This definitely was not something that could be done in just a minute

Nora frowned. At this moment, her cell phone beeped it was a text message from an unfamiliar number. It read:

Ms. Nora, even though you have already become very strong, you are still not strong enough to contend with the mysterious organization. Do not underestimate anyone in this world. Your next task is to become friends with King. Until then, do not go against the mysterious organization.

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and sent a reply: Where are you? King and I are already friends.

Five years ago, in order to make some money to feed Cherry, she had set up a stock market boom. Without risking anything of her own, she had used some lawful tricks in the stock market to make 75 million dollars. After that, King had taken the initiative to contact her and added her into the Imperial League.

At the moment she entered the Imperial League, she had probably already become friends with King, right?

Old Maddy replied: Do you trust him?

Nora was silent for a moment before she replied: Yes.

Old Maddy: Then does he trust you?

Nora thought for a while and replied: Probably.

At the very least, when King added her into the group, hed said in private that everyone in the group should help one another out and be friendly towards one another.

During the past five years, King hadnt asked her to do anything. In the group, she was no different than a lurker. After observing the Imperial League for a whole five years, she found that the members of the organization were all very low-key, and they mostly talked about world economic trends.

These people were in control of global economies. No matter what they did, they discussed everything properly with one another. Even if a dispute broke out, a single word from King was enough to shut them up.

In her impression, the members of the organization were all very happy to help. Additionally, none of them had ever questioned information brought up by other members of the group. They had always given their fellow members unconditional trust.

Therefore, Nora felt that she could trust King and that King would also trust her.

After all, it wasnt as if the two of them would have any financial dealings with each other. Besides, King was really very nice. He was the only one who knew what she was capable of, yet had never ever disturbed her sleep! Instead, just like that, he had allowed her to be a freeloader in the group

But Old Maddy wasnt satisfied with Noras reply.

Old Maddy replied: Ms. Nora, do not ever trust anyone. The same also goes for King! Also, the part that makes the mysterious organization powerful is not as simple as you think it is. Im afraid even King wouldnt want to be enemies with them. But unfortunately, if there is someone in this world who can help you beat the mysterious organization, then that person would undoubtedly be King. Nora: ?

She had always felt that she was very ordinary and was not strong enough. That was why she had been keeping her secret identities well-protected and preventing them from becoming exposed, just so she could avoid what her mother had warned her of.

She would be in danger if anyone took notice of her.

Thus, she frowned and sent another message: How can I get King to help me?

The mysterious organization had driven her mother to her grave. She had to avenge her.

However, Old Maddy merely replied: King will not help you-unless he is the childrens father. Only then will he have the same standpoint as you. Ms. Nora, heed my advice, dont trust King unconditionally, let alone trying to avenge Ms. Yvette. Take the two children and Mr. Hunt with you and live out the rest of your life in the States peacefully! Ms. Yvette had never thought of having you take revenge for her. Dont look for me, there are some things that I will do on your behalf. When it is time for me to appear, I will naturally show up in front of you. Also, if you are ever in trouble, you can contact me by posting a newspaper ad.

Nora hurriedly sent a message: What are you going to do on my behalf?

Old Maddy didnt reply anymore.

When Nora called him, she was informed that the other party had switched off their cell phone.


She traced the location of the cell phone number, only to find that its coordinates were changing along with the flow of the sewer, indicating that Old Maddy had already removed the SIM card from the phone and tossed it into the sewer.

Old Maddy was very professional-or at least, that was certainly the case when he was hiding from people.

Nora frowned.

Five minutes later, Lily brought the surveillance camera footage from the hospital.

After all, this was the Hunt Corporations private hospital. Here, Lily behaved almost as casually and naturally as she would at home. With just a word from her, the security guards had given her the surveillance camera footage without a question.

Nora sat in Old Maddys ward and checked the footage.

She found that after Old Maddy regained clarity of mind, the first thing he had done was check his surroundings. Every morning, when he went to the toilet at a fixed time, he would always carry a paring knife with him.

Through the footage of the cameras on the outside, one would find that Old Maddy had been sawing at the anti-theft barrier every day when he went to the toilet. However, he also made sure the barrier stayed the way it looked. This way, when he needed to use it, the anti-theft barrier could be easily broken with just a bit of effort, thereby making it convenient for him to escape and preventing him from being trapped in the ward.

Nora clenched her jaw.

Old Maddy definitely hadnt been trying to avoid her when he did all this. After all, his eyes were very gentle and void of hostility when he looked at her.

So, these subconscious actions of his, as well as his uneasiness Who was he hiding from?

There was only one answerthe mysterious organization

Nora clenched her jaw.

Yes, Old Maddy was constantly on guard against sneak attacks from the mysterious organization.

She lowered her eyes.

To be honest, she had been somewhat underestimating the mysterious organization all this time. After all, when Trueman was in the country, he had almost been arrested and had been hiding from the special department the whole time, like a rat that could only live in the dark for life.

It was only now that she suddenly realized the reason why her mother hadnt worked with the Smiths to fight against the mysterious organization after she returned to the countryso that she wouldnt implicate Ian.

Why had her mother fled?

Because the mysterious organization was too powerful!

The mysterious organization had never been an organization that one had the luxury to underestimate! Otherwise, why would her mother be driven into a corner like that?!

She felt that it seemed like she hadnt taken the mysterious organization seriously all this time

From the very beginning, this way of thinking was wrong, terribly so.

Old Maddy must have also sensed that from her. That was why he had refused to say anything and chosen to up and leave instead, right?

But just how capable was the mysterious organization?

While Nora was musing over this, her phone rang-it was Justin. When she answered, his low voice came over the phone: Old Maddy has escaped?

The ongoings in the Hunt Corporations private hospital would no doubt be reported to him at once.


Nora replied dispassionately, but her voice was full of frustration.

This was the first time she felt so powerless.

Justin kept quiet for a while before he finally said, Ill get my men to look for him.

No, its fine.

Nora stopped Justin. She said, After so many years, he has finally become sober. Its time that he sees to his own business.

Besides, going by Old Maddys professional, spy-like demeanor, it would be really hard to find him.

Justin was taken aback for a moment. Then, he asked, Then youre not going to ask him what you want to know anymore?

When Nora heard this, she suddenly curled her lips into a smile. She raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, He may have left, but isnt there still another one here?

Old Maddy must have thought that Charles was doomed. Even if he came to, the cerebral hemorrhage would still make him a vegetable. But he definitely had no way of knowing that she had saved Charles life!

What Old Maddy was trying to hide

Charles would definitely confess it all!

Since he was someone capable of betraying her mother back then, Nora could guarantee that she would definitely be able to pry what she wanted out of his mouth!

When Justin heard this, he let out a low chuckle. Yup, I knew my Nora was amazing, but I didnt expect her to be this amazing. Given Charless situation, he was no different than a dead man, yet you managed to save him.

The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

This straightforward compliment Wasnt it a little too pleasant to the ears?

The corners of her lips slowly curled upward. She suddenly said, By the way, can I ask you about someone?

As the head of the number one family in the United States, Justin would probably know who King was, right?