She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 661 - How Can One Have So Many Secret Identities?

Chapter 661 - How Can One Have So Many Secret Identities?

Chapter 661 How Can One Have So Many Secret Identities?

There was a strange silence in the room all of a sudden.

Seeing that Nora hadnt said anything for a while, Old Maddy thought that she had received a huge mental blow because of what he said, so he sighed and comforted her. He said, In any case, one can never compete with an organization just by themselves. Ms. Nora, dont be discouraged. To be honest, you can also establish and build your own forces. If you cant become a top-class hacker like Q and Y, then bring them under you!

As for the Imperial League, if you can get in touch with the memberseven if its just a bit of contact with one of them-you can slowly try to grow and develop. When that happens, and we gain the ability to fight against the mysterious organization, I will tell you the truth!

You dont have to think it is that difficult. Although it is certainly hard, we can take it slow. Even though I have already aged, you are still young. Five years, ten years You still have a long way ahead of you. You will definitely find a chance somewhere!

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. Suddenly, she said, There is indeed a chance.

Old Maddy: ???

He was taken aback for a moment. Then, he heard Nora slowly say, My hacking skills should be more or less on par with Ys because I am Q.


Old Maddy was dumbfounded.

But right after that, he heard something even more incredible.

Well, its hard to fight against the Big Brother of the Irvin School of Martial Arts because he wont fight me. But I cant fight the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts either, because I am Big Sister. Mm I will strive to surpass myself every day.

Old Maddy: !!!

He looked at Nora in shock, a look of disbelief coming over his countenance. His lips started to tremble, and then he saw the girl frown as she said, As for the escape you mentioned, Im afraid I wont need that because I havent lost any fight before. My driving speed was used to chase after people instead.

Old Maddy: !!!

This time, Nora didnt even need to reveal her secret identity. With his lips trembling, he was already asking, Y-you are also Yanci?


Nora did feel that it was a little embarrassing to reveal her secret identities and all that. After all, it wasnt quite appropriate of her to show off to him how amazing she was.

It would be best if Old Maddy could guess the truth through what little she said.

While she was thinking about it, she heard Old Maddy-whose lips were still trembling

-speak again. He said, But but the Imperial League

As though it was nothing much, Nora said, Oh, the boss of the Imperial League is King. This part is certainly a bit difficult.

Old Maddy breathed a sigh of relief, but right after, he heard her slowly say, After all, everyone in the Imperial League only interacts online. They rarely meet in person, so I indeed dont know who King is. If they ever hold a gathering, I can compare myself with him and see which of us is more impressive.

Old Maddy: ??

He became even more dumbfounded. His face, which was already disfigured in the first place, was unable to make expressions, easily making him seem dull and dimwitted.

The man was even more dazed at the moment.

In fact, he even swallowed and looked at Nora incredulously as he said, You You Youre a member of the Imperial League?

Yeah, Nora stretched out her long and slender legs and said, King invited me into the group five years ago.

Old Maddy: !!!

He felt like he was really going crazy!

His jaw had dropped and he couldnt even say a single word as he stood there like a statue.

Then, he heard Nora slowly say, Mom said that I shouldnt casually expose my identity if Im not strong enough because it will put me in grave danger. Therefore, I have been using secret identities and living a low-key life all these years. Maybe you can tell me what else I am still not good enough at? And Ill go and master it?

Nora seemed rather troubled. When on earth can I be considered strong?

Old Maddy:

Why did it feel like Ms. Nora was humble-bragging to him?

Utterly stunned, he swallowed and said, Ms. Nora, I need a bit of time to calm myself down.

Nora waved, gesturing to him to do whatever he wanted.

Old Maddy walked back and forth in the room, occasionally sighing and looking at Nora in disbelief. He kept feeling like he was dreaming

How could a person have that many secret identities?!

Was this because of the gene serum that Yvette had injected into Nora back then to improve her IQ? But he clearly remembered that she had only injected a very, very small amount into her