She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 660 - Her Numerous Secret Identities

Chapter 660 - Her Numerous Secret Identities

Chapter 660 Her Numerous Secret Identities

Charles clutched her sleeves tightly. The world was already spinning in his vision.

Nevertheless, he tried his best to calm himself and tried hard to tell her something.

More than twenty years ago, Yvette had told him, Old Maddy, and the other man to go into hiding, and to make Nora give birth to a baby before she turned twenty.

Because this was the only way she could stay alive.

The three of them had fled in three different directions. Old Maddy had attracted and taken more of the mysterious organizations attacks for the two of them. Because of that, and because he hadnt received any news from him since, Charles suspected that he might already be dead.

Old Maddys name wasnt actually Old Maddy. He was known as that because his way of doing things was simply too outrageous. Yvette also trusted him the most. He was also someone who could throw his life away for Yvettes sake.

After Old Maddy attracted more firepower from the organization, Charles had left with the other person. Hed thought himself successful, but he didnt expect that the mysterious organization would still catch him.

Charles had become scared at that time. He knew very well just how fearsome the mysterious organization was. At that time, the mysterious organization had threatened him with his family. In the end, he chose to give in and told them about Yvettes plans

After that, the mysterious organization had given him five million dollars. They only had one request for him, and that wasto tamper with Noras pregnancy and have her give birth to as many children as possible.

After he did all that, the mysterious organization knew that he was no longer of any use, so they began to hunt him down. During his escape, he met Jessica Stewart. In order to repay her for saving his life, he had given her the miraculous medicine that could help a woman give birth to triplets.

He knew very well what the mysterious organization wanted, so how could he possibly allow Nora to fall for their tricks?

With that thought in mind, Charles suddenly grinned. He looked at Nora and said firmly, You gave birth to twins, not triplets.

Almost as soon as he said that, his vision blacked out and he fainted.

In the last few moments before he passed out, he thought to himself:

Ms. Nora can only, and must only give birth to twins. The existence of an extra child would be a catastrophe for her!

Besides, the triplets were clearly a trap that the mysterious organization had set for her. How could he possibly allow the mysterious organization to succeed? After he said that, as though he had completed his life mission, he closed his eyes and said what he thought would be the last few words he would ever utter in this lifetime: Ms. Nora, you dont have to save me.

His life would probably come to an abrupt end at this moment, right?

Back then, for the sake of his family, he had betrayed Yvette. But later on, his family had contracted an illness and died anyway. Their illness was incurable, but he knew that Yvettes medical skills had been the culmination of the industry back then. Had she still been around, perhaps she could have saved his family

This was fate, he supposed.

And now, he could finally repay his debt to Yvette with his life.

Twins, not triplets?

Nora stood there dumbfounded and in disbelief.

After doing a DNA test and discovering that Xanders genes were 80% similar to hers, she could basically confirm Xanders identity.

Because complete strangers would never have such a high degree of similarity in their DNA.

That was why she had told Justin that there was a 90% chance that he was their son. To be honest, at that time, she had more or less become convinced that she had given birth to triplets.

Yet Charles was telling her that she didnt have triplets?

How did this How could this happen?!

Yet at the same time, she also felt a sudden sense of closure.

Indeed, triplets were originally just her and Justins conjecture. It was also the best possible result for Xander. Neither of them wanted the other to have to suffer from having someone elses child stuck in their family.

Now it had been confirmed, what was she so sad about?

Nora lowered her gaze and stared fixedly at the man in front of her. For some reason, she suddenly found herself very unhappy with the answer.

She watched as doctors rushed up to them; she watched as everyone else rushed up to Charles; and she watched as he started to bleed from the nose, eyes, ears, and mouth

People suffering from internal bleeding-and on top of that, those whose symptoms suddenly broke out in a short period of timewere very difficult to save.

Charles also knew it himself.


Nora suddenly stepped forward and followed the stretcher into the operating room.

While on the way there, she stared hard at Charles.

She wasnt going to let him die-because she was not satisfied with his answer!

The next day.

When a tired Nora walked out of the operating room, she immediately spotted Old Maddy, who was outside the operating room and staring at the door. The moment the door opened, Old Maddy stood up. The man in the hospital gown asked nervously, Ms. Nora, I just heard that Charles was in a traffic accident. How is he?

Nora rubbed her temples and yawned sleepily. She looked at Old Maddy and suddenly replied, Hell be fine.

Old Maddy breathed a sigh of relief.

But at the same time, he looked at her nervously and asked, Then, have you asked him whether you gave birth to twins or triplets?

Yes, I have.

Nora replied.

Old Maddy looked at her nervously. Then you gave birth to?

Seeing the anxiety in Old Maddys eyes, Nora kept quiet for a moment before she finally replied lazily, He said I gave birth to twins. Thats great!

Old Maddy heaved a huge sigh of relief when he heard that. However, she seemed to notice that his reaction was a little inappropriate.

Nora wanted to ask about it, but Old Maddy suddenly avoided the topic and said, Ms. Nora, to be honest, you shouldnt have saved Charles. I only just found out that he betrayed Ms. Yvette back then. Whats the point of saving a man like him?

After saying that angrily, without waiting for Nora to ask any further, he turned around and walked back to his ward. He said, Sigh, Ive become old. Ive only just recovered, Im going back to rest.

Nora stared at him from the back.

Old Maddy and Charles must be hiding something from her, and it had something to do with whether she had given birth to twins or triplets. For some reason, it seemed like Old Maddy was really hoping that she didnt give birth to triplets?

She broke into a frown.

At this moment, Lily walked out.

When Nora was operating on Charles, Lily had been her assistant throughout the operation. Lily, who was very informed about Noras family affairs, asked, Boss, should I still continue the DNA restoration?

Nora was silent for a long while. After thinking for a while, in the end, she still said, Yes, continue it.

She knew that Charlesand also, Old Maddy both seemed to care for her and want to protect her. Thus, they hadnt told her some things.

But she was no longer the baby from back then who needed them to protect her.

She had grown up and was strong and powerful enough.

She could deal with everything herself.

With that in mind, she followed Old Maddy leisurely into his ward. Old Maddy could only look back at her helplessly. Ms. Nora, he said.

Nora sat on the sofa and rubbed her forehead, somewhat sleepy and extremely impatient due to not getting any rest. She slowly said, I want the truth. Why do the two of you want me to have twins instead?

Old Maddy sighed and replied, Ms. Nora, its not that were hoping for it, but rather, you indeed gave birth to twins. Didnt Charles already say so? I was not with you back then!

Old Maddy really was unaware of the situation with the children.


Nora suddenly changed the topic. What exactly are you hiding from me?

Her words made Old Maddy choke on his breath.

He started to muse again.

Nora was not in a hurry. She could sense that Old Maddy didnt harbor any hostility towards her. He really was very loyal to her mother.

She slowly said, I want to know the truth.

Old Maddys jaw tensed up and he said, Ms. Yvette left you a voice recording before she died. You must have listened to it over and over, right?

Nora nodded.

Old Maddy then said earnestly, Ms. Yvette said that before you become strong enough, there are some things that I cant tell you.

When Nora heard this, she put down the leg that she had crossed over the other.

She put her hands on the sofas armrest. Her cat-like eyes gleamed, and she was filled with self-confidence as she said, I am already strong enough.

Old Maddy sighed. Ms. Nora, there are so many strong and powerful people in the world. I know that your medical skills are the best in the world. In fact, one can even say that you are already on par with Ms. Yvette. But even so, she still wasnt the mysterious organizations match-because she was too obsessed with medicine back then, and ended up not dabbling in anything else. However, a truly powerful person needs to be impressive in all aspects. For example, martial arts? I wont compare you with your predecessors. I heard that the most powerful martial artists of today are the Big Brother of the Irvin School of Martial Arts and the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Can you beat them in a fight?

Nora: ??!

Another example would be the most popular and trendy things of today-computers. After I woke up, I found that society has undergone drastic changes over the past two decades. Computers were not common at that time, but there are hackers everywhere now. I heard that the most awesome hackers now are Q and Y? Can you beat them when it comes to computer skills?

Nora: ???

Seeing that Noras expression had frozen, Old Maddy thought that his words were taking effect, so he continued to painstakingly persuade her. He said, Lets not talk about such technical knowledge anymore, but just about fleeing. I recently learned that the most impressive international racer is Yanci. If you are in danger, can you drive as fast? Yanci can escape from the danger, but can you?

Nora: ?????

Old Maddy went on. They are all experts in a single type of technical skill. Theres also one thing more absolutein this world exists the most powerful organization, the Imperial League. Have you even heard of it? There are only a dozen or so people in the organization, and every single one of them is a big figure who can cause chaos with a flip of their hand! The global economic crisis in the 1970s was caused by none other than the Imperial League! Its only when you join the Imperial League that you will truly be able to confront the mysterious organization, but Ms. Nora, can you do that?


If one didnt go into detail, she wouldnt even realize that she had so many secret identities.

Old Maddy was still going on. There will always be someone better. Ms. Yvette was too arrogant, which led to her fall in the end. If you can achieve those things I just mentioned, then I will admit that you are strong enough, in which case, I will then tell you the truth.