She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 659 - I’m Sorry, Ms. Yvette

Chapter 659 - I’m Sorry, Ms. Yvette

Chapter 659 Im Sorry, Ms. Yvette

Charles was stunned. Then, he said excitedly, You know me? Young missy, how come you know me? How did you know my name is Charles? Haha, do you know? I was really lucky today. The bus overturned, and everyone in it was injured, but I didnt suffer even a scratch. I must have saved the world in my previous life!

For the fifty-year-old to say such things, Nora couldnt help but find it rather odd. Many older people, even if they surfed the Internet a lot, rarely said such things in real life.

She frowned. Do you know who I am?

Charles didnt seem surprised at all. It doesnt matter who you are. Isnt what matters the fact that I dodged the bullet today? Do you know how dangerous it was? The bus brakes had suddenly failed and it was rushing straight toward a mountain in front of us, you know! The woman in front of me was screaming the whole time in fear, and even I thought that I was dead meat. But unexpectedly, even though the bus overturned, I turned out fine!

Nora frowned upon hearing his description of what had happened. How are you okay?

Charles replied, I dont know. I was just very fortunate. The bus overturned and quite a few people died on the spot. Did you see? You dont even have to try saving a few of those people who were pushed in just now Sigh, do you know?

His expression turned a little nostalgic. I am actually not a good person. Of course, I am not a bad person either. I just did some bad things back in the day and helped some bad people in the past. Over the years, I have been devoting myself to God. And look! Results are showing! God must have been watching over me this time, thats why I managed to escape.

The more he talked, the more excited he became. He actually looked a little like he was going to cry bitterly. He said, After I go back, I must be even more pious. I shall donate all my money to the church!

None of the other nurses were paying attention to him. In addition, seemingly because he had met Nora, someone who was willing to listen, he was very excited.

Nora looked at him in silence.

No wonder Jessica had said he was a lunatic. There was indeed something wrong with his mental health, and he seemed crazy.

She lowered her eyes and slowly asked, How much money do you have?

The man suddenly lowered his voice, but it seemed like he couldnt quite control his volume. Thus, even though he had lowered his voice, he was actually still very loud. He said, Dont be fooled by my ordinary clothes. I am no ordinary man! I have a lot of money! I used to work for a very impressive person. More than twenty years ago, she even paid me up to $15,000 a month!

$15,000 a month, you know! Do you know how much $15,000 was worth over twenty years ago? It was worth even more than $150,000 today! I was really basking in the limelight back then!

Charles seemed caught in his memories. He said, After that, I earned a whole lotta money, but I didnt dare to spend it. I wouldve felt guilty if I were to spend that money

He burst into tears and said, I have five million dollars, but I hid the cash at home. I didnt dare to spend it, you know? But after this accident, Ive sorted out my thoughts. You know how a person would have epiphanies at near-death moments? Why didnt I dare to spend that money? All that money belongs to me!

Nora frowned.

Even if her mother had given him $15,000 a month, that would only amount to $180,000 a year. For him to have five million dollars, he would have had to work for thirty years! Yet! As far as she knew, after her mother passed away, she hadnt given those three people any more money.

So, how would Charles possibly have five million dollars in cash?!

Also, why was he saying that he dared not spend the money? Where had that money come from? Were they benefit that her mother had given these people, who had worked under her for years?

But if that was the case, why didnt Old Maddy receive any?

She frowned and asked, Who gave you the money?

Charles glanced at her and then chuckled. I cant tell you that, young missy, I cant. I went against my conscience for that money, so I cant tell you Sigh!

He went against his conscience for that money

Nora narrowed her eyes.

At this moment, the family members of the victims had all reached the hospital. Some rushed over to the operating rooms while some rushed over to the bodies of the people, who had been pronounced dead, and started to cry bitterly.

All of a sudden, the hospital became a mess again.

When Nora was about to ask Charles about something, a voice came over. Charles, are you okay?

She turned to see a fifty-year-old man approaching them. He was standing in front of Charles and looking him up and down. You dont have any family, so they called me instead!

Charles replied, What can happen to me? Im fine, Im totally fine! Bro, let me tell you, I was really very lucky today Charles then started to recount in detail again what had happened that day.


The man was seriously neurotic.

She rolled her eyes and walked up to the two of them. Just when she was about to ask something, Charless friend suddenly said, Okay, okay, I get it. I know you went through life and death today, you are soooo lucky. But why are you suddenly so chatty?

Nora paused and looked at the two men abruptly.

Charles was still babbling on and on neurotically. Because Im agitated and excited. I thought I could only be a stevedore for the rest of my life. Did you know? I thought that I didnt deserve happiness anymore. I thought I could only be like you for the rest of my life, only be a laborer!

His friends expression changed. What do you mean by that? Who are you looking down


Charles was still babbling. In fact, he had even started crying, as if the emotions that he had kept suppressed for a long time were finally erupting. He said, Stevedores, of course! Not only is the work tiring, but the pay is also so low! You guys may be uncultured, but do you know who I am? I graduated from Hamlin School of Medicine, you know!

The Hamlin School of Medicine?!

Nora narrowed her eyes.

His colleague, however, had never heard of the school. What are you going crazy for? You must have hit your head, right? Why are you acting so weird today? Never mind being chatty, but youre even suddenly talking about a medical school? If you were a high-achieving student, would you have been working as a laborer with us?

Charles waved dismissively and said, Yeah, Im different from you people. So you see, God still cares for me. Even when I was in a traffic accident, I didnt get hurt at all

Noras heart suddenly sank as she listened to their conversation.

She took a big step forward and suddenly asked, Excuse me, is he usually very quiet?

Charless colleague nodded. Yeah. Ramsey talks very little. Its rare for him to be this excited. It must have gone to his head!

As soon as he said that, Nora grabbed Charless hand. She suddenly shouted at the doctor beside them, Arrange a CT scan for him immediately!

The doctor was stunned. What?

The man looked at Charles carefully. But he doesnt seem injured!

Charles also said, Yeah, I am not injured. Im not doing a CT scan. Are you a doctor? You just want my money, right?!

As soon as he said that, Nora looked at him seriously with an awful look on her face. She said, You graduated from medical school, right? Then let me ask you this: What are the symptoms of intracerebral hemorrhage?

Intracerebral hemorrhage

Charles subconsciously answered, Excessive secretion of adrenaline, causing people to become overly excited. After that, they will bleed from their seven orifices

At this point, he suddenly realized something.

Noras expression became even more serious.

Yes, thats right!

If there was too great a change in Charless personality, then he must be suffering a hemorrhage in the brain!

Internal bleeding was a very serious condition. There was a high chance that it would block blood vessels and form congestions. By the time it was discovered, it would be too late for diagnosis and treatment!!

Nora hadnt immediately discovered Charless abnormal behavior because shed thought that he was a madman. After all, according to Jessicas description, Charles was a madman. But through the chat with his colleague, one would know that he was usually not like this. It was only with his colleagues description of him as a taciturn man that it fit the personality of the man who had called her. That was how she had suddenly realized Charless abnormal behavior.

The doctor next to them, however, frowned. Who are you? Why should I arrange a brain CT for him? Dont you know that people who undergo CT scans are exposed to radiation? Its best that healthy people not do it

After he said that, Nora immediately said, I am Anti!

The doctor shut up at once and looked at Charles. Then, he suddenly picked up his cell phone and called the CT department upstairs to make arrangements for the man to jump the line.

Nora looked at Charles again.

Charles was dumbfounded. He touched his head. At this point, he could faintly feel something warm trickling out of his nose.

He touched it and found that it was blood.

Only then did he realize something.

His eyes widened at once and he suddenly said, I get it, I get it now. Its them. They are here to silence me

Nora clutched his wrist tightly. Tell me, who is trying to silence you? The mysterious organization?

Upon hearing the words mysterious organization, at last, Charles focused and looked at Nora. In his state of excitement just now, after grabbing Nora, he had immediately started chatting with her. He hadnt noticed Noras looks at all.

But in this very instant, he saw Noras face clearly.

Her face was 90% similar to Yvettes back then!

His eyes widened suddenly. Ms. Yvette?

Noras eyes flickered faintly with a sharp glint. I am Nora Smith.

Nora Smith!

The name made Charless pupils shrink.

He subconsciously said, You look so much like Ms. Yvette now that youve lost weight.

After she lost weight

This meant that Charles had definitely seen her a few years ago.

Was it when she was pregnant?

Had her mother gotten him to set up her pregnancy?

The thoughts flooded into her mind.

However, Nora found that Charless pupils were starting to dilate. There was no time for her to ask all the questions she wanted to ask. She could only ask one of them: Tell me, did I have twins or triplets back then?!

Charless eyes were starting to lose focus, as though he could no longer think straight.

He stared at Nora blankly.

Twins or triplets

His eyes suddenly reddened and he said, Ms. Nora, Ive let you down. I betrayed you back then, and also betrayed Ms. Yvette For so many years, I have felt guilty about this

But that was not what Nora wanted to hear.

She asked again, Tell me, was I pregnant with twins or triplets?

Charless eyes were red. He suddenly smiled and said, Yeah, the mysterious organization threatened me and bribed me. They gave me five million dollars, but because I betrayed Ms. Yvette, I have never spent that money all these years. Im sorry, I plotted against you. I am going to repay your kindness now! They wanted to silence me, but they didnt expect that I would meet you before my death

However, what he said next made Noras eyes widen in disbelief, yet also with enlightenment.